Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Pope Francis concludes with an exhortation: to look at the “icons of today's fools,” adding, “there are foolish Christians and even foolish shepherds,” in this day. “Saint Augustine,” he recalled, “takes the stick to them, with gusto,” because “the folly of the shepherds hurts the flock.”


  1. What a relief! Our Pope sees exactly what is going on and is showing true compassion to those who have been mislead by ideology. If the cap fits wear it! It seems that the cap fits the ncw well! Wake up you sleepers! Convert! Jesus is waiting for you in His church! RETURN!

  2. Don't worry Brother Tony. We know that the Holy Father was talking about you when he referenced foolish shepherds. But we plan on doing something about it. At this very moment the Red Pope, Cardinal Baloney is amassing huge support for you. Your innocence or your guilt is not the issue. You have been a faithful puppet for the NCW leadership and you should be rewarded. Maybe even a red cap!.
    We will never let the Pope take a stick to you and your misdeeds.
    Dr Eusebio will be re-doubling his efforts to put you in a good light in Guam, and the underground NCW network will be putting out all the positive stuff about you (even if we have to stretch the truth a little) throughout all of Kikodom.
    We shall prevail, even if you have failed. We have Baloney and Diana on our side!