Thursday, October 19, 2017


This article in the Umatuna is dated October 16, 2017, which means it will appear in this weekend's print version. The picture shows Deacon Frank Tenorio front and center. 

However, Deacon Tenorio was removed several months ago from his position at Kamalen Karidat. Sadly, Deacon Tenorio tarnished the image of Kamalin Karidat when he appeared in the infamous Edivaldo-produced "fist pump" video:

The Puppeteers with their puppet! from Undercover Neo on Vimeo.

According to our information, Tenorio is NOT involved with Kamalen Karidat in any capacity so apparently someone at the Umatuna wanted to make a statement by using this picture. 

It's a bad move

Faith and confidence in our archdiocesan leadership had just turned a corner with the announcement of the closure of RMS, with improved donations from the faithful on the horizon. 

We hope, Fr. Mike Crisostomo, the new director of Kamalen Karidat, will soon clear this up. And we hope as well that someone will start looking into the "deep state" that still exists at the chancery, especially at the Umatuna.

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