Wednesday, November 15, 2017

PDN: Settlements possible in Apuron sex abuse cases


  1. Ironic how apurun leaves the door open to settle when he proclaims his innocence while hiding from the faithful. What ever happened to he's away trying to build his case to PROVE his innocence? What a hypocrit.

  2. I'm puzzled. Why is Apuron's lawyer involved in possible settlements if she is trying to get the cases against her client dismissed? Doesn't contemplating possible settlements imply guilt?

    1. Where the civil suits are concerned, Apuron painted himself into a corner long ago. The best his attorney can do at this point is settle without admitting guilt.

  3. As much disgrace as this scandal has brought on Guam, I have to say that the practicing bar and the bench have reflected great credit on the island. I'm impressed with the professionalism and steady devotion to the rule of law, come what may. Your judge has been a rock, IMHO. You're privileged to have her.