Tuesday, January 16, 2018


I've heard a lot lately about how I "took down Apuron." Sometimes it's a comment of thanks, sometimes admiration, and sometimes also fear. For if I took down the most powerful man on Guam...it follows.."what could he (Rohr) do to me?

More than one person has told me: "I wouldn't want to be up against you."

First, if you haven't done anything wrong, there is nothing to worry about.


The fact is that I did nothing but catalog facts which were already either in the news or soon would be. That's it.

I never did any investigation. I never researched any documents. I never interviewed anyone. I never did "nuthin'" but sit here and post what others sent me or re-post news stories. And as you know, THEY SENT ME A LOT!

And essentially, it wasn't even what I posted that was important. It was the

Ultimately it was Apuron who took out Apuron. I could have blogged forever and nothing would have come of it. But Apuron's hired monkeys decided to pick a fight with me, and in doing so drew world wide attention to the blog.

That attention eventually raised some long buried skeletons. First, a John Toves, and then a Walter Denton, then a Roy Quintanilla, then a Roland Sondia, then a Sonny Quinata in the person of his mother, Doris Concepcion, then a Mark Apuron - Apuron's own nephew, and on to over 150 victims and hundreds more in the offing whom Apuron is alleged to have raped or molested or covered for.

And then Apuron ran. Apuron ran to papa. Ran to daddy. Yes, RAN TO DADDY.  "Ooohhh that mean Tim Rohr. He's after me." In fact, per Father Paul Gofigan in a January 15, 2014 letter to Apuron, Apuron apparently told Gofigan  that "Mr. Rohr was after" him!

When I read this letter, I could NOT imagine why Apuron was afraid of me. Seriously. This was nearly a year and a half before the first allegation of sex abuse was to come forward. I had no idea where this was going to go.

At this point, it was simply the mistreatment of a particular priest that I was "outing." And as I was soon to learn, there wasn't much support for him, even from his own parish. I had no idea of the parish politics of Santa Barbara, and I wasn't interested.

However, since 2008, I had become quite aware of the Kikos' sinister strategy to rid this diocese of any and all clerics who opposed the Neocatechumenal Way. And I recognized the ugly ousting of Gofigan in July 2013 as just the beginning of the Gennarni-led Anschluss, a strategy laid down in 2002 with the annexing of the Yona Property by the Gennarini-Gestapo, and solidified in the "taking" of control of the property in 2011.

Like communist expansionism, neocat expansionism had to be contained. In fact, it had to be wiped out IMMEDIATELY! I don't make that allusion lightly. Chuck White illuminated Giuseppe Gennarini's Marxist background and tactics here:

"...the idea of cultural hegemony: that is, that to gain power, you first have to get control of the culture of society. The way to dominate a society is...by controlling its cultural institutions and ultimately their culture."

If you have endured through a neo-occupied parish, you'll immediately identify with this. Despite their best attempts to camouflage it (some of them even learn Chamorro), the neo-presbyters simply can't help themselves. They almost immediately launch an attack on religious "cultural institutions," namely cultural pietistic practices. And that's just the beginning.

I can tell you that I was recruited to engage Apuron over the Gofigan affair. But I was a willing recruit. While I was mostly disgusted with the "regular Catholic Church" on Guam (which is why I migrated with my family - for the sake of their salvation - away from my parish and refused to put my kids in Catholic schools), I was quite aware what the Kikos (as distinguished from regular members of neocat communities) were up to. And it was "no good."

I had seen the same in the 70's. A parish in the a quite LA suburb. In the 70's. Completely and forever emaciated by a certain group. I'll tell that story another day. But my encounter with this group prepared me to smell out the kikocats nearly 30 years later in a diocese on the other side of the world.