Monday, May 7, 2018


  1. The event was not a Church-wide event, but specifically an event put on by the Neocatechumenal Way to celebrate itself. 
  2. The event was the usual annual event the NCW operators stage every year in Rome (aka "ad gentes"), though this year it doubled as a 50th birthday party.
  3. The pope is invited ever year and he usually accepts.
  4. The popes have used the occasion to say what they say to almost every group: a mixture of encouragement, blessing, and caution.
  5. The annual event is the centerpiece of NCW propaganda since it is staged to make it look like the pope is personally sending forth the NCW "missionaries." 
  6. The pope is NOT sending forth the NCW "missionaries," he is only blessing them as he does everyone else.
  7. It is Kiko and the neocat operatives who are sending for the NCW "missionaries."
  8. The NCW "missionaries" are not "missionaries," but usually parasites who suck off already well-established Catholic dioceses. 
  9. Here in Guam, so-called "missionaries" have even applied for and received WIC and other social welfare benefits.
  10. This year's event was NOT at the Vatican, but another venue in Rome.
  11. The event is usually held at the Vatican.
  12. The fact that it was not held at the Vatican is worthy of note, especially since this was the big NCW 50th birthday party. 
  13. The presence of Apuron on the same stage as the pope is typical NCW propaganda.
  14. The presence of Apuron at the NCW event is evidence of what we have alleged all along: that Apuron made a deal with the NCW to take care of him when the $*&% hit the fan.
  15. Apuron did not look near death in the pictures and in fact looked quite healthy.
  16. The pope probably had no knowledge that Apuron was there, just as he had no knowledge that Apuron was going to crash two recent papal receiving lines which Apuron used for a photo-op. 
  17. REMINDER: It was the pope who removed Apuron from office and banned him from Guam as only the pope had the authority to do so. 
  18. It is telling that Apuron was not introduced as he has been at previous NCW events.
  19. As far as JungleWatchNation is concerned, we don't care what Apuron does or where he goes as long as he never comes back here.
  20. As for his victims, we know for sure that at least one of them is looking forward to facing him down in court and seeing him palling around Rome with Edivaldo and the Neocats will only serve to harden his resolve.
  21. It is telling that the Pope did NOT celebrate Mass with the NCW.
  22. If Pope Francis had celebrated Mass with the NCW, we would already be seeing the pictures.
  23. Pope Francis most likely refused to celebrate "the Eucharist" with the neocats because he saw the garbage propaganda the neocats made out of the very few times other popes had made that mistake.
  24. Vatican authorities had better wake up to the fact that Apuron, Kiko, and the neocat operators intend to continue to play all of us for fools. 
  25. But while the Vatican might get played...there is one man who will have the last word, or should we say, "two words:" WALTER DENTON.


PDN: Apuron on same stage with pope during Neocatechumenal Way event
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