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Most people with a little knowledge of American History, have heard about the "Underground Railroad" operated by abolitionists, before and during the civil war, in order to allow escaped slaves from the south to reach the safer environment of the northern states or even Canada.

History books are full, not of pictures, since photography was barely on its first steps, but epic drawings such as the one above, lauding the brave souls who risked life and limbs to save slaves.

The images are so strong that they are still used today by some nefarious groups who advocate the dangerous no borders agenda, which in turn have led to modern human trafficking and new forms of slavery, more pernicious that its predecessors.
As the saying goes: "the road to hell is paved with good intentions".

In the case of the NCW the road to hell is clearly marked with bad intentions.

Four cases from Guam

We are going to review four cases from Guam of  Sexual predators, who have been extracted from Guam, to continue a well protected life among communities of the NCW.

  1. The case of Wadeson
  2. The case of Luis Camacho
  3. The case of Apuron
  4. The case of Adrian Cristobal  

We shall stay with these four specific cases, since this website is mostly geared at the issues related to the Archdiocese of Agatna.
It is to be noted that we are aware of many other cases, all around the world. From Australia to Singapore and Malaysia. From Europe and South America.
Yet it is not our primary concern. We would encourage Catholics from these regions to pursue their own crusade, to rid themselves of the malignant growth that affect their Church.

The Case of Wadeson
Wadeson was born in Australia, he did all of his studies there, and also went to the Seminary in Australia as well,before joining the Divine Word Missionaries.
In 1971 he suddenly appears in Los Angeles, (far away from the traditional territory of his order).
He then serves in several parishes around  Los Angeles, before being accused of sexual abuse.
Finding the accusations believable, the Archdiocese removes his faculties.
He then embark in a nomadic exile . New York, Trenton,  Portland where he is basically hiding in plain sight in Neos communities.
He is persona non gratta around the US, but he finally finds a permanent home here on Guam, when upon the recommendations of  Pius, Cristobal and Gennarini, Apuron incardinates him in the Archdiocese of Agatna.
Following the blow back against Apuron and his abuses here on Guam, Wadeson past catches up to him. Under pressure Apuron removes him on 07-23-2014.
 After a very strange ballet of communiques, between LA, San Francisco and Agatna, Cristobal decrees that the accusations are not believable, and Apuron re-instates him on 04-14-2015, just one month before he himself runs away from the island, after facing sexual accusations.
(birds of a feather stick together)
Wadeson who had gone back to his old stomping grounds after being thrown out of San Francisco, was then spotted in Trenton, New-York and finally Boston, where he found temporary refuge under the wing of Cardinal Sean. (a very active Neo apologist)
He was spotted  playing tourist Guide in Domus Galilae, before disappearing again.
Finally he was found hiding in plain sight in Alabama, near the offices of Gennarini's son, and daughter in law .
Having been reinstated by Apuron, and having remained under wrap during the Hon Administration, he was discreetly asked to retire by the New Archbishop, which he did last spring.
It is very clear that the NCW used the network of their secretive communities, to hide someone that they knew was indebted to them and their agenda, and would do whatever they requested him to do.
The mark of Gennarini's organization is everywhere Wadeson is.
Deeply, deeply troubling. 

The Case of Luis Camacho

Luis Camacho is a son of the very influential Camacho Clan, with his uncle being the former Bishop of the Northern Marianas, and good friend of Apuron.
It is to be noted that the Camacho family joined the NCW on Guam fairly early on, and produced several sons to attend the now disgraced and closed Redemptoris Mater Seminary on Guam.
Luis and his brother Gabe were famous for bragging about their drinking and sexual conquests,while they were at the seminary. (See Janet B latest post)
Being under pressure to produce local priests, the Chancery incardinated Luis and gave him the responsibility of two parishes in the south of the island.
Barely a year in his assignment, Luis was caught in flagrante delicto engaging in oral sex with a minor female, at a remote beach in Agat, by local police investigating a suspicious vehicle.
A comedy of poorly organized cover up ensued with Cristobal, and Deacon "for sure, for sure" trying to influence the local police, and the parents of the minor to file lesser charges.
Finally the pressure being too great, because of Apuron's situation becoming more and more precarious, Father Luis tendered his resignation, which Apuron accepted.
While Cristobal and Deacon Claros pretended that an investigation was pending, Father Luis was spirited away to destination unknown.
Fortunately the readership of this website and "a thoughtful Catholic" was in full blast, and it was not long before correspondents were sending pictures of Luis at the Gift Shop of Domus Galilae.
Having been found in the most revered spot of the NCW, Luis disappeared once more.
Several weeks later, his trace showed up again, when parishioners in Qatar recognized their new "youth pastor"as being our fugitive.
A series of letters between Bishop Ballin (his new patron), parishioners, Chuck White, and yours truly were exchanged, to warn the parishioners of the threat to their youth, and put Ballin in front of his responsibilities as a shepperd.
To this day Luis Camacho is still in the Vicariate of Northern Arabia, despite a strong blow back against Bishop Ballin.
Again the NCW covered up, and hid one of its own, despite the risk its poses to the children of their communities, and other parishioners.

The Case of Apuron

The case of Archbishop Apuron is a tragic an unique case both of sexual and moral corruption.
A local son of Guam, Anthony Sablan Apuron benefited of an unusual convergence of events.
After World War II, the Catholic Church on Guam faced a very challenging situation.
Only one of the two local priests had survived the conflict, and when Archbishop Baumgartner took over what was at the time a Vicariate from his Spanish predecessor, none of the Capuchins from Detroit who had been taken prisoner by the Japanese  occupiers was able to come back.
The Archbishop was facing destroyed buildings, no schools, a naval administration which was not very cooperative, and the task to rebuild from scratch.
After many challenges he was able to reconstruct most of what had been lost, and engaged in a strong effort to develop a channel for local vocations.
Many young men and women joined the orders, and a substantial number went to the seminary.
A minor seminary was created at Father Duenas.
From this, a small but significant cadre of local priests was created, with a substantial number of local sons joining the Capuchins.
When Vatican II occurred, the Church emphasized greatly the necessity to recruit Bishops from the local community, rather than bringing people from the outside.
(in the case of Guam, this would have catastrophic consequences)
This is how Apuron, quickly rose from a simple Capuchin posted in parishes to become the Auxiliary Bishop.
This young, friendly and very political individual was to become the Archbishop of Agatna.

Unfortunately, all was not well under our blue skies.
Archbishop Flores (the first Chamorro Bishop) did not have many candidates, to work with.
Under his administration a very large number of sexual abuses happened.
In fact most of the cases facing the Church at this time date back from the 70s, the 60s and in some cases the 50s. In these days, victims did not have the benefit of an aware population on these issues.
Actually Sexual abuses were often looked at, as simple peccadilloes,  guilty priests were moved around to other assignments, and told to pray with more fervor.
Rumors about Apuron little trysts were common knowledge. In fact I personally was made aware of it in the 1980s, when I first met seminarians from Guam in the Bay Area.
I already knew the story of John Toves's cousin, and his suicide attempts. Therefore it was not a surprise, when John the "Typhoon" Toves first publicly accused Apuron.
Indeed it would be that event which would reveal to other altar boys from Agat, that there were other victims beside themselves, and lead to the downfall of Apuron.
But there is another side to Apuron's sexual abuse. It is his moral corruption at almost all level.
His lust was not only sexual, but also financial and hedonist.
It is this weak side of him which led to his co-opting by the NCW through Cristobal and the agent of  Gennarini on Guam: Pius the Putrid.
Apuron had always been a coward, relying on blackmail, and political game to further his agenda.
As soon as he had to face the music, he fled, and hid.
The NCW and their network, helped him to do so. Propping him up in their media outlets, spinning to the max to salvage any semblance of decency. Decency that he never actually had.
This is how the man, who had ruined so many lives, so many careers, and destroyed so many families, without forgetting of course his surrendering of his office to the Neos; ended in exile from the island that gave him everything.
The Greeks could not have written a more dramatic play that this one.

Apuron always had been a pretender, this is what he remains now, while he is sheltered in the communities of California, being wheeled around by his puppet masters, pretending to be a victim.

The Case of Adrian Cristobal
Adrian Cristobal is also a son of Guam. 
The interesting thing about Adrian, is that all the warning signals, had been blinking at the red for decades. Starting from his early days at Father Duenas memorial School, to his days at St Joseph and then at St Patrick, all indicators were on, about a troubled individual, who had huge psychological issues which would dismiss him from ever being accepted in a Seminary today.
Adrian was never a very bright individual, but what he lacked in intelligence he compensated by his mean spirit, jealousy, envy and resentment.
Actually his reports on many critical subjects were so bad, that St Patrick seminary refused to endorse him for the priesthood.
A closeted gay man, addicted to pornography, he had a huge attraction for money and power.
All these feelings can be found in many individuals, but in his case, all the motivations for his lust was the need to control, hurt and assert power.
Adrian has all the markings of a deep rooted sadist.
He enjoys inflicting pain on people, either physical or psychological.
The fact that Apuron agreed to incardinate him here, and that later the NCW recognized his "qualities" and decided to recruit him for their take over of the archdiocese, raises a ton of questions.
For many years after his return from Denver, and his relentless ascension to power, Adrian felt untouchable. His arrogance only was equaled by his nasty disposition.
He became the main architect (under the guidance of Pius) of the take over attempt of the Archdiocese of Agatna. We have known for quite a while that he had abused kids under his care for years. But many of his victims are still too terrified to testify.
When Apuron's reign came to an abrupt end, Cristobal and Quitagua worked hard to rid themselves of most of the documentation which could have been used against Apuron, themselves or the Neos.
This finally led to his decision to ask for time off to go and study for that illusive Canon degree, which he apparently failed to obtain once again.
This is when he asked to continue his time off serving Neo communities in Arizona. 
He refused to come back and take his appointment in Umatac.
But while he was away, several of his numerous victims built the courage to move forward, and file a lawsuit against the Darth Vader of Agatna.
Now, it appears, that following in the footsteps of his fellow abusers, the NCW is giving shelter to him in destination unknown. The goal being that he does not get defrocked,  and find a bishop willing to take him under his wing.
Rumors are, that Gennarini is very upset about this turn of events, because he had invested so much in grooming Cristobal for a Bishop's hat.
But like Clinton: "Close but no cigars"
In the meantime Cristobal is hard at work covering his tracks, and trying to shelter his considerable financial assets from the dangers of the lawsuits.
We need to stay posted on this case, because it could grow to even bigger proportions.


In all four cases, the NCW recognized failed priests, and used their failures to control them.
They have been willing and able to protect these abusers. 
They have been able to deflect away, most of the nasty consequences of their actions, while spinning fairy tales, to portray them as victim of persecution for being backers of the "Way"
We know this is only the tip of the proverbial Iceberg.
The Church as an institution needs to wake up to this situation, because it has all the markings of a scandal ten times larger than the legionnaires for Christ.


  1. Frenchie you are full of yourself.
    Wadeson was cleared. Luis was never charged. Archbishop Anthony is innocent and he will prove it.

    1. Dear Anon, if someone is full of himself, it is not I.
      Wadeson was not cleared, except by Cristobal and Apuron, his partners in crime.
      LA could not find the victims after 30 years, and some of the paperwork was "lost". Therefore they could not give more info to Agatna. The original finding was the abuse assertions were believable. Hence the removal of his faculties, which they never lifted.
      Luis was never charged, because Cristobal scared the family (NCW members, into not filling the complaint)while the NCW was spiriting Luis out.
      The Archbishop was found guilty.His appeal is a sham. He will prove nothing. He is waiting another year, to be able to retire, still a bishop.
      If you want to be delusional, it is your privilege. Hopefully you don't have children that could fall pray to these sexual abusers.

    2. Frenchie, are you indicating that if Anon, has children that they do become a prey for sexual abusers? I remember some time ago, a person came out and accused Fr. Randy Nowak (Capuchin) as their abuser.

    3. Don't know what you are inferring . I was remarking that if you are willing to close your eyes on people in your mist that you know are predators, specially if you are a father or a mother, you should not act surprise, if something happens to one of them. You would end up being partially responsible.

    4. You said you thought Father Adrian would not be accepted into a seminary these days. However, I think he would be. I’ve been reading about the Cardinal Theodore McCarrick scandal. He has been known for years by church leaders to have relationships with seminarians and priests. Going on trips and weeeknds at the beach. It’s truly disgusting. I think if Fr. Adrian leans to the homosexual persuasion he would be welcomed to join this underground brotherhood that is within our Church. They can have secrets to hold against one another and control younger priests and seminarians; make them live in fear for their lives and careers, etc. I can only imagine what some of the seminarians at the RMS experienced! It’s all about money and sex! I hope I don’t regret posting this but I am so sick of the leaders of our Church right now. This crap goes all the way to the top. I pray that AB Byrnes is a holy man. May the Lord bless him and keep him.

    5. Good morning Lori,
      a piece on Cdl Mc Carrick is due soon. It is true that there are certain networks that do have a tendency to watch out for each other. The "gay lobby" for lack of better terms exist in some archdiocese. There are also other groups, they all have different agendas and priorities.
      The point I was making about Adrian, not making it nowadays, is a different one.
      For better or for worse,(mostly for better) many adjustments have been implemented in most countries, in regards to the selection process of seminarians. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops, in particular has been very proactive in putting clear guidelines to "weed out" nefarious characters and unstable individuals. My point was that Adrian would be set aside from the get go.

      In fact, the only reason he was able to go through in the 1980s was the type of relations you describe, that he nurtured and used to advance his career. Unfortunately we still see examples of that system that are still in place. IE: Mc Carrick and others.
      Fortunately they are all aging, and their minions are in their 50s.
      The environment has greatly changed for the better.
      Yet, one must remain vigilant and demand openness and clarity from our leaders.
      The exception to this rule is the NCW, who uses their knowledge of the secret life of some individual to co-opt their cooperation. Mc Carrick and Apuron are two glowing example of that system of corruption.