Friday, July 6, 2018


(Posted by Frenchie)

From their humble beginnings in the Madrid slums of the early 60s, Carmen and Francisco, have always pushed the same message: "Bringing back to the fold, the Catholics who had strayed away from the Church" and in doing so, protecting the family and continuing the tradition.
  Carmen, the rebellious daughter of a powerful family who backed Franco, knew well how to give all the right signals to potential powerful Catholic patrons.

Francisco, the wannabe successful artist, and fake leftist petit bourgeois, was the perfect public image for Carmen to advance her agenda.So they went on their merry way, using the powerful patronage of important prelates, first to move to Rome, then inside the Vatican walls, then close to the ears of John Paul II, capitalizing at every step, just as many flatterers and courtisans have done over the centuries in Europe.

Fast forward a few decades, and we find the amazing duo, leading the Italian movement "Family day" through their surrogate, the famous neurosurgeon, NCW member and advocate: Dr Massimo Gandolfini. At the same time Mario Pezzi the third corner of the NCW triangle, was publishing a long reflection on the family and children in the context of the Synods on the Family, where they had not been invited.

From these positions, one might infer that the NCW is another "reactionary" movement for the defense of the traditional family. Specially after the much decried ranting of Kiko at his June 20 2015  Family Day in San Giorgio  The reality is a lot more complex than this.

One could think indeed, that such a movement would have a zero tolerance towards gay clergy in their ranks. Officially at least it is their position. We have seen many example of Pius and Cristobal constantly attacking St Patrick Seminary in" San-Francisco" as a den of homosexual inequity. Then attacking all these " pervert priests" who are "against us" on Guam, because we defend the Church, Oh! and of course because the Pope sent us.

The problem being that unfortunately, there is a deliberate and well organized effort to protect and manipulate gay clergy within the Church to co-opt their name for the benefit of the NCW. It is ironic of course that Pius and Cristobal, both closet cases, and both abusers were the ones crying wolf , privately and  publicly.
We have seen, how they protected, and continue to do so, the likes of Apuron, Pius, Apuron, Wadeson, and countless others, as long as they agree to help in their plan.

Having lost a unique opportunity to seize the power through our Church on Guam, they had to go to plan B.

It started timidly, a couple of years ago, with the running for office, and subsequent win of a Neo member for the Senate: Senator Nelson.
As the Majority Whip she is a democrat. So far she has been backing up pro life issues, but has been vague on a lot of other issues. As they say: the proof is in the pudding...but so far no pudding served.
The big push, which is a lot more controversial and contradictory as well, is the strong presence among the team that supports the campaign for LOU&JOSH of a large and devoted cadre of Neos.

As we reported last week LOU&JOSH have probably the best financed campaign for the democratic ticket, in a very long time.
The contradiction for the Neos, is as follow: Lou Leon Guerrero, has been for years one of the most stringent advocate  for the "right for women to choose"  the great euphemism for women who want to commit infanticide, because they do not want the baby they are carrying. She also has been pushing for many other divisive issues based on a feminist agenda.
Josh Tenorio, has a less flagrant background, but he is noted for being the first openly gay man to run for that office.

Now, there is nothing wrong in our constitution for any individual to run for office, no matter their political and philosophical point of view. In fact it is guaranteed in said constitution.

What is confusing to say the least, is that the Neo establishment on Guam seem to have chosen to backup these candidates for office despite their strong opposition (at least officially) to Abortion and Gay rights. All the founders of the NCW are very clear on these subjects, they are dead set against them.
So what is going on here? Why are there so many Neos in their campaign, and why are the communities encouraged to back them up?

We know that Mrs Leon Guerrero is very closed to her nephew who is the Cathedral/Basilica responsible for that community, and that he works at the Bank of Guam
We know that Apuron is being sheltered by a VP of the Bank of Guam in their northern California branch.

All this is very conflicting and unexplained.
Why are the neo members of Guam backing up a political ticket whose agenda and background run in opposition to the public positions of the NCW on the Familly and reproductive rights?

Has the NCW signed a pack with the devil of sort, in order to gain access to political power, after having failed to gain the control of the Archdiocese?

The Catholics on Guam, but also outside of Guam, have the right to know.
The Voters of Guam also have the right to expect some clarity on the subject.
Are Lou & Josh betting on the Neo's support to get elected? If that is the case, what is the price to pay for that support?


  1. Frenchie, you forgot that Lou's sister-in-law, Mari Flor Herrero is a very, very strong Neo. Her son Jesus is some VP at the Bank of Guam San Francisco Branch. Neo votes regardless of their belief of "be fruitful and multiply."

    Lou has this election in the bag.

    1. So did Hillary.....Anyhow, first she has to win the primary....

    2. Lou is not as popular as she thinks. Neither is Josh

    3. Lou may have a well financed campaign but that's not going to get her elected. If the strong Catholic Faithful become united against her expressed position that Women should have reproductive rights, meaning that they should have the choice to have an abortion, then she will clearly lose as Catholics on Guam are strongly predominately pro-life. As a strong feminist, she will be advocating a feminist agenda disguised as working towards women having equal opportunity. Lou is also known for putting her financial/economic interests first and foremost before and the interest of the people. That will not change should she become governor. In closing, there are more negative than positive aspects to her covert campaign of "checking in with Lou and Josh." Lou is further strongly emphasizing the fact that historically, she will be and Guam is ready for a female governor and a local Chamorro one. Guam may have reached the maturity level of being ready for a female governor but Lou Leon Guerrero is not the one.

  2. Love the Benito Mussolini black shirt style of Kiko. Scarry or comical?

    1. Glad you noticed, that fashion statement. But not surprising, looking at his origins.

  3. "The reality is a lot more complex than this".

    In much of the world, an intellectually impoverished jobsworthery with fluffy emotionalism on the one hand, and a superficially "conservative" bunch who at least appear to be making an effort on the other, are, whether by accident or design, effectively the "Mr Nasty and Mr Nice" hand-in-glove team of the power grabbers during the period since the Council, which should have been good, got sidetracked by whoever was involved in that.

    Talk of God and salvation is by nature intense and burns as it were the soul, hence the unscrupulous saw their chance and seized it.

    Only trust deadpan Christians. Work your OWN socks off to find out the REAL meaning of Scriptures and the REAL action of the Holy Spirit.