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Following the belated, but well deserved fall from grace of Cardinal Mc Carrick, Emeritus Archbishop of Washington DC  and hypocrite extraordinaire, we have seen all the rats starting running in every which way possible. We have noted particularly the attempts by Cdl O'Malley to capitalize on the mess, to push an image of champion of the victims and voice for justice for them. Both of which he is not.

Yesterday, McCarrick replacement in DC, Cdl Wuerl was the target of coordinated attacks, both in the Catholic and the secular media. This falls on the heels of revelations about sexual abuses by the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, which have been very damaging for the American Church hierarchy.

The O'Malley actions are very interesting, in the sense that as Gennarini goes, so does Cdl O'money.

Since O'Malley is one of the most pre-eminent member of Pope Francis's pontifical commission for the protection of minors; and has made his reputation as a sexual abuse trouble shooters, from early on in his career, it is well worth watching what he is doing to take advantage of the developing scandal.

When we realized here on Guam the depth of the sexual scandal we uncovered after the 1st complaints against Apuron were brought forth by the courageous four, following the earth shattering visit by John the typhoon Toves six months earlier; one thing which was painfully obvious,was the sham  Apuron, Cristobal and Quitagua had put in place with their cosmetic sexual abuse policy.

One could have thought that after the Cepeda cases, and what they knew  about other complaints prior to this, that they would have at least covered their substantial rears, with better administrative gimmicks.

That was without counting on the huge egos of both Apuron and Cristobal, added to the necessity for Pius and Gennarini to keep their operations under the radar, and things under wrap, perhaps prepare for the eventuality of being able to spin their story to give what is called "plausible deniability". 

Of course both Apuron and Cristobal knew, that once the gates of the Dam were opened wide enough, the flow of revelations would become unstoppable. This is the reason they tried to browbeat the courageous four, and threatened Tim with a lawsuit. Those were the actions of desperate men, who knew their checkered past, was finally catching up to them.

When Archbishop Byrnes finally arrived to clear up the mess, he implemented the USCCB sexual abuse policy, which in itself was a huge improvement for Guam.
Upon reviewing said guidelines, one thing which came to light was that the said rules had been written specifically to discipline priests and other religious personnel who might have strayed, but it conveniently did not address how to deal with Bishops and brought no solutions whatsoever to the issue where and when Bishops were involved in misdeed themselves.

In hindsight, one can easily understand why, when you realize that Mc Carrick himself was the one that drove that agenda, drafted the resolution and had it passed. This was a great communication piece, in the sense that it seemed to address the evils perpetuated while actually providing cover for the bishops. (and therefore Mc Carrick himself)

This is most likely why the Vatican chose to investigate the Apuron growing scandal the way it did.
This was a premiere, and a novel situation. It gave us a confusing ruling at best which avoided to give clear answer, despite the damning findings by the tribunal. We showed how the kikos worked really hard in the shadows to mitigate the results as much as they could.

In a way the Guam case, which is still developing, became a litmus case for the people who are defending the rights of the victims (survivors) but also for the people who have knowingly kept a lead on this issue for decades.
This includes many Bishops, but also organizations like the NCW, which has for years had murky and deliberate attitude towards abusers (most often than not, using them to their advantage)

Cardinal Mc Carrick being a perfect manifestation of such ambiguous and incestuous relations with the kikos.
Mc Carrick in particular was very instrumental in the development of RMS in the USA, but also was
very collaborative with the NCW narrative, as well as in their network of influence both in the USA and inside the Vatican.
He even originally retired at the Maryland RMS outside of DC where they actually constructed a suite from scratch to take care of his needs.

Here comes Cdl Sean, like he prefers to be called.
I mentioned earlier that O'Malley is the head of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors. He was appointed as such by Pope Francis, who was eager to get recommendation on how to handle sexual abuse issues, in particular the thorny issue of coverup by Bishops.
After a slow start in 2015, there were several recommendations, which were not followed up by concrete actions. The Commission which originally was granted an "Ad experimentem" 3 years status, was renewed in 2018, despite the theatrical resignation of its only victim on the board, and a very mediatic butting of horns between O'Malley and Francis regarding the handling of the Chilean scandal.
During that same period, we should note that our "knight in shining armor" gave access to some of his best collaborators to defend Apuron in his own trial.

If one thing is certain, it is that O'Malley was part of that wave of American prelates who advocated an agenda of "social justice", with Mc Carrick, Chaput, Wuerl and others. Yet at the same time, he and Chaput have posed as beacons of conservatism for the gallery.
Chaput and Mc Carrick like O'Malley are in very close connection with the NCW, through Gennarini and directly with Kiko. Perhaps, this explain that.

So why so much activiy on O'Malley's part, grand standing in the US press, demanding for clarity, advising on the seminary scandal in Boston, and suddenly not participating in the Papal visit to Ireland, despite being the Cardinal Archbishop of the largest Irish Catholic community in the USA and being the Official "visitor" to the Archdiocese of Dublin in 2010, as well as the Dioceses of  Ferns, Ossory, Kildare and Leighlin?

Perhaps the former Papabile to succeed Benedict, has a score to settle with Francis......

More to come this week.... 

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