Thursday, July 25, 2019


Posted by Frenchie

Yesterday, the local media reported on the latest reflection of Archbishop Byrnes
regarding the consequences of the still growing sexual abuse scandal, not on the material side of the issue, but on the spiritual side of it.
Archbishop Byrnes also brought to the fore, the problems tied to the Abortion issue, and his analysis of the reasons and consequences of this problem, as it faces us as a community.
(both social and religious)

You can read the Archbishop comments 

His analysis being, that over the last decades on Guam, we have experienced the development of what he describe a "hardness of Heart"

His analysis, forces us to reflect on the many effects of that hardness of heart on our community, and the role, or lack of resistance we are guilty of in letting that hardness, spread throughout our island.

We should all reflect on this very troubling evaluation.
It is a welcome new approach, for our archbishop to force us to look in the mirror

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  1. This is a sign of a true shepherd. He loves his flock enough to acknowledge the flea infestation. You can't solve a problem without finding the cause or the contributing factors. God bless Archbishop Byrnes.