Monday, July 15, 2019


(Posted by Frenchie)

While lawsuits are starting to pile up against the former Chancellor, and former Apuron's Whip, the Archdiocese has to finally take some action against the man, whom the Seminary had advised Apuron against making him a priest. (only one of two at the time, but the other was for subpar studies, while Cristobal was for serious moral and ethical reasons).

Once again, the Archdiocese has to clean up after another mess Apuron and the Neos left us with.

So we learned about another victim, suing the Archdiocese, because of Adrian.

This lawsuit falls within the sick and manipulating modus operandi Cristobal is famous for: intimidation, black mail, threats. The run of the mill for this truly corrupt individual.

Following the refusal by Adrian to obey Archbishop Byrnes, and return to Guam to face the complaints, the Archbishop had no other choice but to strip him from his priest faculties, (wearing the collar, celebrating mass, and other restrictions)

This is what the canon law, recommends as first steps in this kind of cases. Unfortunately we have ample evidence that the NCW leaders seldom obey such command, and usually hide and shelter the presbyters who have been accused. Giving them time to besmirch the victims and circle the proverbial wagons against their proteges. Often these runaways keep on celebrating within their communities despite the restrictions imposed upon them by the lawful Ecclesiastical authority.

The fact that the "responsible" use these kinds of tactics, and in the process put in danger the children of their honest followers, says more about their lack of ethics, that anything else.

This left little options to the Chancery, but to up the antes a little bit.

 So here we are, faced with the continued disobedience of Cristobal, the Archdiocese of Guam, could only go to the next step, which is to stop payment to Cristobal.

Of course this shall not impact Adrian, since he is  one of the few accused, that could actually pay a multi million settlement. Adrian is independently filthy rich. So we are not going to shed crocodile tears on his financial situation.

We know, here that he is at the center of the plot to destroy Tim Rohr.

So far, none of the normal measures taken by the chancery, shall have much impact on Adrian and the evil people who abetted his crimes.

Two questions remain:

Where is Adrian?

How long is it going to take to defrock the SOB?

In the meantime, if you are the parent of a child in close proximity to Adrian, keep a watchful eye.


  1. Where is Msgr. Arroyo these days?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Dear Anon @ 10.47, sorry for the previous answer, which address Fr Rudy rather than Msgr Bibi. I guess I should know better than to answer after a night without sleep.
      The last we heard about Msgr Bibi, he was listed as the Pastor Emeritus at St Anthony, St Victor parish.
      Strangely enough he is listed at all on the Clergy list, from the Archdiocese.
      Perhaps it is an oversight. We know how poorly the communication office is run.
      But others are either listed as retired, off island, or on mission.
      Even if the list is obviously not up to date with the most recent moves.
      The chemistry regarding job assignments is a strange one at the Chancery, between a Vicar for the Clergy and the Vicar General/director of human resources who are more worried about getting popular rather than running an efficient administration. God knows the Archbishop needs all the help he can get to extinguish all the back fires left by his predecessor.

  2. It’s good that Adrian is running scared because he’s intention of being a priest was always fake. His true colors continue to show the devil in him.

    1. I do not know if he is running scared, he always lived by a different set of rules. But you are right his true colors are showing more and more. The least they should do is to defrock him and hang his name in shame. Personally I believe he refuses to come back to Guam, because he probably still has a victim or two that could land him into criminal trouble. He is going to wait for the expiration dates on his crimes.