Thursday, July 11, 2019



The entire controversy would go away if the NCW Catechist(s) for Guam would simply submit the NCW Catechetical Directory to Archbishop Byrnes for his review and approval. As the Ordinary of this Archdiocese, his is canonically the sole authority to approve or disapprove of its doctrine and practice, as was Apuron before him (though Apuron never bothered to ask for it). 

The fact that after more than two years of asking for the Directory, the local NCW "authorities" continue to deny Archbishop Byrnes this simple request, is WHY the controversy continues. 

The entire Catholic Church has made its "directory" (i.e. the Catechism of the Catholic Church) universally available in every possible format, but the local NCW "authorities" continue to deny this very kind Archbishop even a glimpse of what the NCW "catechists" officially teach. In fact, they abuse him, telling him if he wants a copy, he has to ask Rome. (Note to NCW "authorities": HE IS ROME.)

That the NCW continues to exist at all in thIS Archdiocese is a testament to the great kindness and mercy of OUR NEW ARCHBISHOP. 

I put that in CAPS because now, with the final demise of Apuron and the elevation of Archbishop Byrnes to the "cathedra" (i.e. "the chair") by Pope Francis, Archbishop Byrnes is now OUR BISHOP. 

And I put "OUR BISHOP" in CAPS because the main argument by the NCW "authorities" has always been "Byrnes is NOT our bishop. Apuron is our bishop." But now, with Byrnes reception of the Pallium, to continue to hold this position is to place oneself OUTSIDE the Catholic Church (i.e. Latae sententiae - automatically excommunicated).

Now that Archbishop Byrnes is certainly, canonically, and officially OUR ARCHBISHOP, will the NCW "authorities" humbly present the NCW Catechetical Directory to a true descendant of the Apostles or will they continue to follow Martin Luther out of the one true Church?

The Pope will hand over the Pallium to 31 Metropolitan Archbishops, 13 of whom are Ordinaries from territories entrusted to the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, from Africa (8), Asia (4) and Oceania (1). Their names, in order of appointment...Mgr. Michael Jude BYRNES, Archbishop of Agaña (Guam)...

Note: I refer to NCW "authorities" because these are the true "responsibles." Most "members" of the NCW are truly good people who have found solace in what, sadly, their "traditional" pastors and priests never offered them, because, as we are now seeing, they were too busy pursuing pervetred sexual pleasures. Still, despite the gross sinfulness of these "Judases", WE HAVE JESUS AND HIS CHURCH. And because "the gates of Hell will NOT prevail," we have NO excuse NOT to follow HIM. 

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