Monday, July 1, 2019


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The Umatuna Newspaper has covered extensively for several weeks the Pallium attribution by Pope Francis to the 31 new Metropolitan Archbishops.
Archbishop Byrnes, as Archbishop of Agana, is the Metropolitan Archbishop of the archdiocese of Agana, and Archbishop to the suffragans of the diocese of Chalan Kanoa, the diocese of the Caroline Islands and of the Apostolic Prefecture of the Marshall Islands.

The official celebration took place this past Saturday, which marks the feast day of both 
St Peter (the patron Saint of Rome) and St Paul. (known as the two pillars of the Church)
It is therefore becoming that this highly symbolical handing down of the Papal authority should take place on that most special feast day.

If you want more explanation on the pallium, its history and significance Read Here
for an excellent article from Vatican News.

The story was widely covered worldwide, and somewhat noticed here on Guam.
The Guam Post doing a better job at the coverage that either the PDN or KUAM.

For those of you who could not make the trip to Rome, or did not see the coverage, you can follow it ,

Now, if you have caught up with all the news of this important event, let see why it is very important for the Catholics of Guam's Church.

Since the arrival of Archbishop Byrnes on island, he has faced a stiff opposition from the Neocatechumenal Way, some would even say an open resistance and defiance, where the Neocatecumenal's presbyters refused to recognize him as the real Archbishop of Guam.

This is why, it is extremely important that Archbishop Byrnes is now totally and officialy vested in his post and responsibilities .

From here on, the Catholics of the island, must unite behing our Archbishop, and tell the Neos, that their little cabal is not acceptable.
Now is the time to set the clocks to real time.

The Neos need to chose, if they are going to obey their Bishop or Not.


  1. What ever happened to that monkey Waldo and Adrian? Are they still in denial that archbishop byrnes is Guam’s official archbishop? Are they on mission at Guam’s expense?

  2. Excellent question anon at 6.09, this is what we know:
    there are officially seven (7) priests that are listed as "OFF ISLAND". They are as follow:
    Fr Luis Camacho (on the run after his sexual escapade in Agat, found refuge in Qatar with Bishop Balin, yet is still encardinated on Guam). Fr Ken Carriveau. Fr. Miguel Angel Cervantes. Fr Adrian Cristobal.(on the run since he was sued by several individuals for sexual abuse, apparently is not answering communication from the Archbishop and/or the Chancery) Fr. Edivaldo Da Silva Oliveira. Fr Pedro Durango. Fr Julio Cesar Sanchez Malagan.
    It is to be noted that several people on this list have asked to be allowed to find a new Bishop. (we are checking to see what the Canon law says about this)
    Three (3) priests are listed as "on Mission": Fr Santiago Flor-Gavaria, Fr Jason Granado, Fr Aurelius Stoia. (there is no information as to where they are on mission)
    Three (3) priests are listed as "on leave of absence": Msgr David Quitagua,Fr Efren adversario, Fr Vito San Andres. (Apparently Fr Vito passed away over the weekend while in long term treatment, back in the Philippines)
    (Los Angeles child abuser) Fr Wadeson is officially listed as retired, so is Dcn Tenorio.

  3. I saw a video of the monkey Waldo in Florida. Apparently he’s still preaching masses. What’s to say all these other priests on the run aren’t doing the same? Shouldn’t they still be required to come back and face archbishop Byrnes before they can request another bishop?

    1. Well anon at 4.01, this is an essential issue regarding all these so called traveling "missionaries". They basically do not abide by the rules. More often than not, they bounced from one community to the other. Most of the time, the persons in that community have no clue who they are dealing with. This was made abundantly clear in the cases of both Fr Luis and Fr Wadeson. When the parishioners in Qatar found out about Fr Luis, there was a small revolution, but since he is protected by Bishop Balin (please refer to our archives)he was able to remain there. In the case of Wadeson, he stayed in San Francisco thanks to the coverup by Apuron and Cristobal,until the Archbishop there found out about it. Then he wondered, to New Jersey and Boston, lead a few pilgrimages to the Holy Land, and finally showed up in Alabama, not far from the studios of EWTN, where he was protected by the Genarinni gang, until the parishioners found out about him. There is a sentiment of impunity and a total lack of accountability with the presbyters of the NCW, that is re-enforced by their continued sense of secrecy and reaction of wagon circling around their own, that is very very troubling.

    2. Would it be wise for Rome and our archdiocese to send out a worldwide memo restricting these runaway priests so that every diocese is aware of these priests defiance? I mean there has to be some way to control them and force them to return to their assigned diocese, right?

    3. Well Anon at 8.50, It does not look like Archbishop Byrnes was willing to engage in a war, over than issue while the sexual abuse lawsuits had not been settled, and we were out of the Bankruptcy proceedings.
      As far as the Vicar General (Fr Jeff) he is everything but someone to take the bull by the horn on the subject. In fact he is more of a fence sitter than anything. Do not forget that Jeff was very friendly with the Neos for years. He is not going to force the issue on the subject, if he does not have to. Unfortunately this issue is a clicking time bomb, and it has the potential to create a lot of upheaval.
      Finally Rome, and the Prefect for the Evangelization of People (which we answer to) is following Cdl Filoni, the biggest backer of the Neos in Rome. Hence the silence on that issue. I am afraid, that like with Apuron, it will take the laity to start shaking things up, before anything of consequence, takes place.