Tuesday, December 10, 2019


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Rumors had been running wild, in the Vatican for the last few weeks.
That is not really surprising in a place, where secret alliances, back stabbing and other shenanigans are held dear by a large part of some of the Princes of the Church.
Yet, the rumors became insistent  before the weekend,
and became official just over the weekend.
Cardinal Filoni, aka the red Pope was out of his job as head of the 
Congregation for the Evangelization of People.

That does not mean that Filoni is totally out of power, far from it.
He still sits on many important congregations, and has build an unparalleled 
network of patronage, and people that owe him favors.

Yet, his alliance with some of the conservatives in name only, in Rome, did not endear him to Francis or his cadre of liberation theologists.

While his former friend and temporary enemy Cardinal Pirolin suffered a 
one, two punch after the disaster of the negotiations with Beijing, where Filoni was also involved and severely criticized by Cardinal Zen, the emeritus Archbishop of Hong Kong and the de facto spiritual leader of Chinese Catholic; it put a damper on his stellar reputation of great diplomat.

There was also a long list of complaints by the Bishops of Japan about the authoritarian practices of Filoni.
We also are very well aware of the disastrous PR  that became the Scandal of Apuron, around the world, at a time when Francis did not need icing on his cake.
In fact the delaying tactics of Filoni, made several influential people very uncomfortable.

Finally his new tactic to open RMS under his direct tutelage and without really asking the local bishops, was a nail in the coffin.

The other defining factor was that Francis needed a high profile position to promote who is seen by many as an heir to the papal throne.

As you see, in Rome politics is always part of the picture.
The more it changes, the more it stays the same.

Next: what we can expect from his successor.

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  1. We can't forget how Cdl. Filoni intervened in our affairs to bar the ladies from RMS Yoña property.