Tuesday, November 24, 2020


Program Notes

The card begins with “some” suggesting that SHPO Patrick Lujan has a conflict of interest. Who is “some?” Therese Terlaje again revises the history of the Chamorro Land Trust Act. Janela adds to the Bill 312 saga. De Laval, Inc. takes issue with the milkmaid, Lou LG. Kentucky’s AG contrasts with ours. Tucker Carlson calls the bet on Sidney Powell. Democrats are slamming law firms that represent Trump. Justice Alito incurs the wrath of Tall Tales. BLM v. Antifa—Aunt Florence always said not to expect an honest partner in a dishonest deal.

Today’s Card

  • A Journalistic Cheap Shot v. The SHPO
  • Therese Terlaje v. History (again)
  • Mary Torres’ Bill 312 v. the Merit System (update)
  • Dairy Farmers & GOP v. The GovernorKentucky’s AG v. Leevin Camacho
  • Tucker Carlson v. Sidney Powell
  • Democrats v. Big Law
  • Tall Tales v. Justice Alito
  • BLM v. Antifa!

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