Thursday, December 10, 2020


 Following is a copy of an article posted on 12/8/2020 by Kandit News titled: Mediation linked to Catholic Church rape cover up case begins Thursday. JW's notes are in red.

By Jacob Nakamura 

Attorneys for the Archdiocese of Agana and those representing the interests of rape victims and other creditors of the church will begin another round of mediation Thursday. The goal? To discover the church's true assets and determine which may be liquidated to pay damages to more than 200 former alter boys and girls, students, and other children whose rape was covered up by the Archdiocese since the 1950s.

JW suggests that including the words "rape victims" in the Kandit headline, while an eye-catcher, is not a credit to Kandit news. Pursuant to what is publicly known, there are perhaps two "rape victims" out of hundreds of other victims who were sexually molested, abused, or otherwise damaged in a variety of ways by certain members of the Guam clergy over the course of many decades - decades which actually preceded Apuron's personal "reign of terror."

These other victims should not be characterized as "creditors." These real people suffered privately for many years, and, pursuant to what JW knows, many of these said victims are not interested in being "creditors." They only want JUSTICE. 

In fact, when the brave first accusers came forward (i.e. Roy Quintanilla, "+Sonny" Quinata - via his mother, Walter Denton, and Roland Sondia), there was no law on the books which could protect them from the Wrath of Apuron or enable these four to sue for monetary damages. 

JW has in its possession the original declarations of those first four victims that they only wanted to confront their abuser and beg his acknowledgement of what he did to them and receive his contrition. 

Instead, not only did Apuron publicly deny their allegations, Apuron also publicly threatened to sue them to the ends of the earth, both civilly and canonically, and also publicly threatened to sue Tim Rohr, the originator of JW which laid the foundation for these accusations to come forward.

The mediation itself is closed to the public and is part of ongoing bankruptcy proceedings that must be concluded before settlements can be made in the civil litigation. Federal court transcripts in the bankruptcy case reveal an admission by financial officers of the Archdiocese that insurance policies dating back to the 1960s are missing.

JW suggests that A LOT OF THINGS ARE MISSING! Whatever happened to Adrian Cristobal, the Chancellor who oversaw the cover-up after Apuron "ran to papa" after Roy's first allegation and has never returned. Whatever happened to thousands of copies of the Umatuna published on... and which were hurriedly withdrawn and/or confiscated after a certain lawyer questioned the allegations by Apuron on the front page of the Umatuna against Msgr. James Benavente. Whatever happened to "Apuron's local boy," i.e. the fabled Fr. Luis Camacho who not only disappeared from Guam after Guam police found his head in a place it should not have been and later showed up (i.e. Camacho) in the middle-east diocese which was under the control of a close friend of Feloni - the arch-neocat-operative in the Vatican, aka "the Red Pope." And whatever happened to David the Tall, aka David the Younger, aka David C. Quitugua, a vaunted "Monsignor" who was the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Agana at the time all these "insurance policies dating back to the 1960s are missing?' And BTW, whatever happened to Apuron? After being found by a private investigator hiding in the home reportedly owned by the vice-president of the Bank of Guam, perhaps the largest financier of Apuron's fiefdom, aka "Archdiocese of Agana," in February 2017, under the miserable cloak of pathetic facial hair, Apuron seems to have completely disappeared. JW recommends that the current Ordinary of the Archdiocese of Agana doesn't have to look very far. Via a semi-competent canon lawyer, the aforereferenced Ordinary could easily roust Apuron out of hiding in any number of his neocat buddies hiding places. JW suggests that it start with the "Vatican" equivalent of neocat headquarters which is also where Apuron's pal, Camacho, may also be hiding. 

Rape victims and their attorneys believe these policies and other assets the church owns on Guam and around the world have been hidden from creditors and the federal court.

Previous rounds of mediation failed.

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