Thursday, January 14, 2021


 Program notes for January 14

Judge Gatewood sentence Jesse Blas to the max probably diminishing the demand for the endorsement of Angel Sablan. Who better than Thomas Sowell to take on the Wokesters? In Trump v. Trump I ask, “Is Trump a tragic hero?” Racism raises its ugly head when Vogue’s cover photo of Kamala doesn’t pass muster with wokesters. Shouldn’t the heirs of Frank Perez be singing the Give The Land Back To The Original Owners song? Guam v. USA heads for the Supreme Court. Angel Sablan’s endorsement of Jesse Blas is still relevant, per the Post. Dominion gives Sidney Powell a chance to prove her claims. Simon Black complements Prager by explaining the new theocracy. Our local SJW’s, the White Coats for BLM folks, are educated (again.) Lefties used to be champions of free speech—now they oppose it.  English is a microaggression for the Left.

The card

  • Angel Sablan v. The Max
  • Thomas Sowell v. Wokesters
  • Trump v. Trump—is Trump a tragic hero?
  • Kamala v. Vogue
  • Frank and Carmen Perez v. CLTC
  • Guam v. USA
  • Democracy v. Theocracy [Dennis Prager v. Moderates
  • BLM v. Whitecoats
  • The Left v. Free Speech
  • Cornell v. English

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