Monday, March 28, 2022


 Posted by Frenchie

For several years Diana, the mouthpiece by proxy and by committee for the NCW on Guam has spread her venom, about anybody that dares not agree with the cool-aid served by her cohorts.

Following last weekend official letter from Archbishop Byrnes about the likely necessity for the Catholics of this diocese to make extra efforts financially and otherwise to bring closing for the survivors of sex abuse at the hands of perverted, morally corrupt and devious clergy over the last  5 to 6 decades, Diana graced us once more with her inane logic and her usual deflecting abilities, that as always border on insanity.

Please Judge for yourself:

"Signs of Events"

"Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church in Agat is closed for now because the flooring at the altar caved in and therefore unsafe to hold Mass inside the church building.  Many people have been speculating about this disaster.  Some say the disaster happened because of the child sex abuse cases.  Some view it as God's anger toward the clergy.  Some place the blame on Father Alberto, the pastor of Mount Carmel while others, who were more logical and realistic, blame it on the old flooring. 

Nevertheless, one thing is very clear.  It is the parishioners of Agat who are suffering from the closure of their parish.  However, it is also interesting to note that everything started in the village of Agat with Tim Rohr, "the Agat Boys" along with the JungleWatch Nation.  Let us not forget that it was the entire JungleWatch nation (which includes CCoG, LFM, Silent No More and their affiliations) that initiated and worked for the passage of a bill that would close down parishes and Catholic schools.  

Many people in Guam often read signs of events.  Did it ever occur to anyone that perhaps the closure of the Agat parish is a sign of things to come?  The judge had already ruled against the Archdiocese, stating that all parishes and Catholic schools are assets of the Archdiocese of Agana.  So, perhaps, God is telling all Catholic parishioners to prepare themselves for the great suffering that is to come.  Even Archbishop Michael indicated in his letter that it will be painful for all of us.  Just remember that Bishop Anthony and the Neocatechumenal Way had nothing to do with the passage of Bill 326.  All I can say is that if this bill had never been initiated and passed, we would not be where we are today. "  

Yes ladies and gentlemen, crazy Diana is blaming the passage of bill 326 and the people who advocated for it, for the situation the Archdiocese is facing.  

Forget the sex abusers, their victims, the coverup by several bishops and their henchmen, often abusers themselves like the disgraceful and disgraced Apuron and Cristobal, both rabid neos themselves.

For Diana, it was people and legislators that refused to be silent about the great scandal done against children, that are responsible for this. Should people have remained silent, we would we not be in this predicament, posit the great mouthpiece of the NCW.

Talk about being dense!!

How can anyone calling themselves Catholic could be that self-centered? That clueless? That Heartless?

The answer is simple and right in front of our collective noses.

When you are willing to cover up evil like child abuse, in order to gain politically and financially from that coverup. When you are willing to ignore the evil done in your name by corrupt leaders, then you can easily blame others for something you were knowledgeable about, aided and abetted, (even if only partially) and you have no qualms about using it as distraction to some of the other abuses done by your sect. (like illegal building alteration perhaps?)




  1. Part 1 of 2. Greetings Frenchie. Thank you for remaining on watch. I sometimes miss the old days when we had much fun with Diana. In fact, as I’ve posted elsewhere, if not for Diana, JW would have had nothing to post about for almost two years after the Fr. Paul and Msgr. James things faded away in 2014. The survivors would not come forward until 2016. It was Diana, who singlehandedly not only kept JW alive by giving us much to comment on, but her constant references to JW, just as she does here, are the primary reason our viewership grew to over TEN MILLION page views. And it was the constant thump of the massive increase in page views which never let the bad guys sleep and eventually caused them to stumble. So we have much to be grateful for from Diana.

  2. Part 2 of 2. But to the point, the NCW, and particularly their pet cardinal in the Vatican, Filoni, were directly responsible for the law. On Feb 22 I had a letter published in the PDN which recounted the history of the law. I will copy the relevant part here:

    “The regular Catholics called for the lifting of the statute of limitations in order to hold the bad guys accountable. A lawmaker later introduced a bill to do that. But the bill did not provide for institutional liability.

    At first, the regular Catholics were OK with this (because) the goal was to oust the bad guys and not enrich anyone. However, the Vatican administrator who took over after (former Archbishop Anthony) Apuron ran away mocked the efforts of the regular Catholics, causing them to then pressure the Legislature to amend the bill to include institutional liability.”

    The Vatican administrator was Archbishop Hon, Filoni’s Secretary, and Hon was here to see to Filoni’s orders. Inside intel back then told us that Hon was on the phone a lot with Filoni and that often Hon could be heard shouting on the phone. Filoni wanted to shut down the accusations and cover for Apuron. In fact, Filoni would be exposed later when Fr. Jeff exposed a letter directly from Filoni ordering the guys at the then-seminary to kick the LFM off the property.

    Filoni’s letter exposed the wizard behind the curtain. It was Filoni and the Neocat hierarchy. This really set the regular Catholics on fire. Bill 326 was thereafter modified from personal liability, which would have just targeted the abusers individually, to institutional liability directly as a result of Filoni’s intervention in this diocese both directly and through Hon.

    And by the way, the collapse at Mt. Carmel was not due to “old flooring.” In a previous post, I quoted Atty. Mike Philipps who stated that it was the newly raised area that collapsed. The area was “newly raised” and the altar moved to the newly raised area to accommodate the NCW “eucharist.”

    1. Thank you Tim for this needed clarification. For those of us who have kept up, it is nothing new, infortunatly many good souls are still abused by the lies of Diana and the puppet masters that pull her strings. Hence the necessity to set the record straight.