Wednesday, September 21, 2022


 Letter to the editor

Nurse can satisfy abortion requirement

The published letter is copied below with links added for references. 

The ACLU’s argument in its suit against the Government of Guam is that in-person consultation relative to Guam’s law requiring informed consent for abortion prevents the administration of “medication abortion through telemedicine.” (Guam Daily Post, Sept. 19, 2022)

The law requires that certain information be provided to a woman seeking an abortion, and be provided in person by the attending physician or by another qualified person.

The only reason telemedicine is necessary, and thus the suit, is because no doctor on Guam, including those who publicly support abortion access, are willing to provide the required information to women.

But the law says by a physician “or another qualified person.” So why not a nurse? In fact, why not Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero, a registered nurse?

This is a perfect campaign opportunity for the governor.

There is no other issue that she is more publicly passionate about. And given no physician or other qualified person is willing to do it, by providing this service to women, she will lead by example and save the government many thousands of dollars by avoiding a lawsuit.

Recently obtained reports show that there have been approximately 3 abortions per month via telemedicine. The governor could easily fit in 3 hours per month to meet with the women she says she cares about.

Tim Rohr is a resident of Hågat.

  • Link to the Attorney General's Defendant-Appellant Opening Brief
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  • The Esperansa Project site

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