Sunday, May 14, 2023


Posted by Frenchie 

For anyone familiar with Guam, we are acutely aware of the re-occurring  problem of invasive species.

These unwanted guests, who arrived on Guam by different means, and often totally by accident are often responsible for great damages, and even painful discomfort.

If you ask anyone on our beautiful island about it, people could cite without hesitation, the African toad, the Brown tree snake, the red ants and more recently the Rhino beetle.

All of them have brought destruction and problems in their own way. Gov Guam even runs ads on social media, and on TV to make the public aware of the dangers of introducing invasive species on the island.

Unfortunately, it is always too late, before we are made aware of the infestation and its consequences.

I am very sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it is now official: we have been invaded by the latest pest to hit our island the RINO (republican in name only) Lawyer.

This is a particularly dangerous infestation, since it moves under cover of deceit and pretense.

Senator Fisher (Republican)

ran a sophisticated and well planned campaign to be elected as a conservative voice of reason and moderation. Instead we ended up with a double face Scheister. A radical infanticide advocate, an ill tempered and manipulative individual, who would never have been elected as a republican, had the electors known his true nature, and the radical face of his agenda.

Among the new senators that were elected, there were several anti-life candidates, but at least they had the honesty of their beliefs. Governor Lou Leon Guerrero  was re-elected despite being the most extremist anti-life and eugenist advocate. This should make us reflect on the moral value of the electors.

Senator Fisher, like the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, was all sweet and convincing, but his true nature is out for everyone to see. He is betting that in 3 years, he can be re-elected because so much water would have flowed under the bridge.

I am taking the pledge to remind people what a double face, low life we have put in power, at every step of the way.

As the adage say: "fool me once......"


  1. Elections on Guam are basically a popularity contest. Common sense and intellect elude the majority of the voters.🙄

    1. True, but it is not something that should continued per se. Educating the voters should be the work of the parties. For conservative, this work is basically no where to be found. Activist groups, mostly on the left, if not the extreme left are not waiting for someone to do the work for them. There is a need for non profit organizations to promote their views and engage people. On Guam they are all on the side of the far left.