Sunday, August 6, 2023


 AnonymousAugust 5, 2023 at 11:24 AM

I just left the way. It’s like having withdrawals with sugar etc. especially when it made me feel like I am useless or made me guilty of not attending anymore. Last experience is at traditio. Regarding tithes it is not true that they help the ‘poor’ of the community. We experienced that first hand ourselves when it was our time who needed help. They ‘had’ the money we needed some help that time (health issues) but rather our responsibles and all of them didn’t extend help in any kind. I am not speaking out of bitterness but if they were genuine and really kind they will help out it any way. Especially if they have considered us a real brother (as to what they have said) that we are brothers (families tend to lend a hand and help in any ways including prayer) but they didn’t. This is where I had a wake up call that NO ONE is going to help us but OURSELVES. But somehow I have sadness coz they said that these tithes will be use for flowers and other needs and also to help whoever is in need and others to share it to those OUTSIDE but (us who were ‘walking with them’ we didn’t get that help. So when we left (my family) they said they prayed for us and it was the devil telling us not to come etc whatsoever. That we need the NCW community in our lives etc. But you know what? It’s so funny that we now have a better life (in all aspects and financially too) we are not poor anymore as we were when walking with them. And I thank God we were out. (Been out for almost 2yrs now) I also want to add, that we were able to fix our lives especially financially when we left the ‘way’ we came to a point that we have to attend almost everyday like 4-5x a week for fee hrs or some almost full days. Now we are in a much happier place we give what we can give help those in need with all our heart with no reservations etc that’s how it should be. Rather than saying all these hearsays like we give to the poor or help brothers in need but really they just keep it to themselves (though until today I wonder where it still goes) but definitely not to the poor brothers or the brothers ‘in need’ LOL. (By the way our responsibles whenever we have a convivence booked SUITE HOTEL room :) charged from tithes or from other brothers. And (when we needed help) real help we were turned down even if they just collected a tithe!

Also another thing I noticed is when there are brothers who left the way or gets cut out from
The step they tend not to speak or INCLUDE them anymore (like for gatherings like bdays etc) which I find weird. Coz what I fee as a person like its still okay to invite those who were cut out etc as if the relationship has been cut out completely

And they said coz we are walkng on our own to God etc

But isn’t it being kind is part of walking our way to heaven?

Sometimes it’s so confusing too

But one thing is for sure they do have the cult symptoms and is really manipulative

Took us 2 yrs to fix ourlives and glad we are out now. They even told us ‘what are we teaching our children without them? That what is the shield of the children without them? Etc as if we are bad parents. We are still catholic and ill go to my regular parish but definitely not the way. So if you are reading this and you need to be out don’t be guilty that you are leaving you are doing yourself a favor. and as i told above, there will be ‘withdrawals’ where u feel u need it etc that you are wrong etc but be strong fight it. It’s like coming out of a toxic relationship

You can do it too.

Sorry I said a lot I have more to say buy this is the main one


  1. You are one of the lucky ones. But then, it is the work of the Holy Spirit that the log was removed from your eyes and gave you the courage and strength to break away from their evil clutch. Happy that you and your family are in a much better situation and are free to continue knowing, loving, and serving God.

    1. God bless you and your family! You have seen the Light! Amen.

  2. Courage Brother. Just know that you are loved by God and that He has saved you from NC control. You are now free as God created you. Been there for 26 years and survived 10 years after! Pray for the poor sheep deceived by their magic! Pray that they will see the light. Pray that they will not submit to the evil vax and depopulation agenda!