Saturday, August 5, 2023


If there is one thing that the 9th Circuit Opinion made clear in Raidoo v Moylan, it's that abortion is NOT "healthcare." And the second thing the Opinion makes clear is that there is no such thing as "my body my choice."

Quoting from the Opinion (emphases added):

Even assuming that doctors who perform abortions are otherwise similarly situated to doctors who perform other medical services, it was rational for the Guam legislature to treat them differently because abortion presents different considerations than other medical procedures. Unlike other medical procedures, abortion implicates fetal life in addition to the patient’s health. See Dobbs, 142 S. Ct. at 2277 (“‘[A]bortion is a unique act’ because it terminates ‘life or potential life.’”); Harris v. McRae, 448 U.S. 297, 325 (1980) (“Abortion is inherently different from other medical procedures, because no other procedure involves the purposeful termination of a potential life.”).  

Clearly the Court, specifically quoting Dobbs, recognizes that abortion is "different" and that it is different because there is another life involved.

So the next time the Governor or Jayne (or their ilk) uses such terms, we need to respond with "why are you misrepresenting (lying to us about) "the law of the land." 

For 50 years we have had the "law of the land" (Roe) stuffed down our throats and told to shut up and sit down. We now have the "law of the land" on our side. 

Memorize the above paragraph - the highlighted parts, and have them at the ready. The pro-aborts are so used to our being on defense. This Opinion gives us a clear opportunity to go on offense. And it's time. 

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