Friday, August 4, 2023


 By Tim Rohr

In response to Tuesday's 9th Circuit slap-down of our District Court enjoining the enforcement of the in-person mandate relative to informed consent for abortion (here and here), yesterday, Senator Will Parkinson introduced a bill that would functionally get rid of informed consent for abortion altogether. 

A key finding in the 9th Circuit's Opinion is this:

"Guam can require an in-person consultation for abortions— but not for other medical procedures—because abortion is different, as it involves what Dobbs described as the “States’ interest in protecting fetal life."

It is clear that Parkinson has no interest in protecting fetal life. 

Such blatant disregard for the unborn has many pro-lifers shaking their heads, wringing their hands, and shouting "murder." But this doesn't get to the core of people like Parkinson. 

The real issue is not about fetal life or state's interest or anything of the sort. The real issue is sex without consequences, and especially when contraceptives fail, which they often do. (According to the CDC, the failure rate of condoms, the most common contraceptive device, is 13%, or 1 out of 8 times.)

So a man cheating on his wife or helping himself to the victims of sex-trafficking, needs quick, easy, and silent access to abortion to cover his filthy tracks. Parkinson's bill aims to ensure that. 


Bob Klitzkie, on yesterday's Tall Tales, engages Parkinson's bill beginning here

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