Tuesday, August 29, 2023


By Tim Rohr

The movie, The Pope's Exorcist, is a little too fantastic for me, but there are several very good lines in the script such as:

"Prayer has more power in Latin." 

However, this is probably the best one:

Pope: "Cardinal Sullivan (a bad guy) has taken a sabbatical in the isle of Guam."

Fr. Amorth: "I shall pray for Guam. "

A Note:

I think it may be a little more than a coincidence. The movie started filming in 2020. Apuron's case was at the forefront of the pope's mind as he had just done something unprecedented in 2018-19: bypassed the normal Vatican apparatus for appeals and took on Apuron's appeal personally. Thus it was generally "fresh" Vatican news at the time The Pope's Exorcist began filming. 

It's a very long story and has been detailed many times in this blog (the most recent of which is linked here). In short, Guam, in 2018-2019, was the most evil place in the world - given that our clergy sex abuse crisis was, by then, per capita 14x the size of Boston's (which led to the movie "Spotlight"), but also because Guam's own archbishop was accused of molesting and raping young men, one of whom was his own nephew and in the archbishop's bathroom while his nephew's family was visiting in the living room.

Apuron's personal trial remains pending and his attorney has said that Apuron intends to prove his innocence at trial. Meanwhile, what we do know is that Apuron ran away after the first public allegation in May 2016, and to this day remains in hiding. 


  1. Oh I don’t know what to say about it as I heard through the grapevine I’m not part of the crowd. A lot of these uppity people were such party party types socializing anyway and I heard them gossiping about me when they didn’t know I was standing there anyway so what I am saying they were all off somewhere and not all humble people. Fake friends who turned on each other so I tease mocking what’s wrong Apuron told you that you aren’t cute!? There was something very wrong from the start with even the entire because the good people and bad and the iffy are all over inside and outside the church and the advisors and laity I would question too. There was something wrong with the total picture from the start in my opinion but that’s just my opinion

    1. And you are certainly welcome to an opinion, which is why at JW "opinions" are unquestioningly posted from even Anonymous and Unknown. Meanwhile, Apuron could have made everything "smell" better from the start by simply and calmly responding to the allegations. But he didn't. He ran. And he's still running. And that's what really smells. Not the "uppity people."