Tuesday, October 17, 2023


By Tim Rohr

Catholic patriarch of Jerusalem offers to be exchanged for hostages held by Hamas


I doubt Hamas will take him on his offer. Slaughtering children is much more useful for terrorists than holding or even killing a bishop.

But still. It's an awesome step for a Catholic prelate to offer himself up in a world of Catholic prelates who not only mostly run for cover, but party at synods while their Church collapses. 

Meanwhile, if there ever was a time for Francis to step up, it is now. 

Imagine a pope, this pope, Pope Francis, offering to do what this obscure bishop is offering to do. The benefits are fantastic.

First, should Francis lose his life in this "trade," he would certainly and immediately go to Heaven as a Martyr and would thereafter be immediately proclaimed a Saint.

Second, Francis is near the end of his earthly life anyway. 

Third, Nothing would turn "the world" more against Hamas, and terrorism generally, than the killing of a pope by terrorists.

Fourth, it is heavily rumored, that ISIS, if not Hamas, has already targeted Rome and the Pope.

Fifth, God will exact his vengeance - which I believe Hamas knows - and, which is why Hamas would never take such a deal. They would rather slaughter children on social media. 


  1. I believe, like every other wars in the past, that the Hamas group is infiltrated by usa/israeli govt to provoke an anger towards Palestinians and justify the killing of more Palestinians and conquer more of their land.
    I also believe that if God is going to take revenge, He will do so against Jews, the same ones who crucified Him and still reject Him up to this day.
    Palestinians are the innocents here, but the media is manipulating the story to make them appear like the bad guys.

    1. Assuredly there are innocent Palestinians, but there are no Innocent members of Hamas.

    2. 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  2. Anonimo: you're a troll.

  3. A. Texas: It’s the opposite of what you say. I will respond no further.

  4. I care about Israel because Jesus was Jewish but this ongoing conflict continues because Jewish people have abused Palestinians for decades and forced them off their land. I was distressed to hear/watch CNN news anchors, mostly Jewish, emphasize Jewish pain as if Palestinian pain and suffering doesn't matter. Fortunately, more people are protesting the horrible atrocities now being done against Palestinian civilians. If Jesus were in the flesh today, I believe he would condemn Hamas atrocities and compassionately serve and minister to all the innocent Palestinian victims.
    Melinda Burke

  5. I have seen too many times the media lie about wars... same with 9/11 which was staged by the USA as an excuse to start a war.
    Israelis/zionists control the central banks around the world, they use the USA military money and power to fight their wars against palestinians to conquer their "promised land" back. But Jesus condemned the jews himself when he said in Matthew 21, 43: 43:
    'I tell you, then, that the kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit.'

    We catholics are His chosen who produce fruits.
    The modern day jews/zionist are satanists who commit atrocities in the name of a fake god.

  6. I actually expected comments like the foregoing to happen on my previous post "Israel v Gaza" which deals more directly with the conflict. This post is just about the goodness of a Catholic bishop who would do what Jesus would do...and to wonder if the pope would do the same. However, since the issue of Zionism has been raised, I would recommend this rather well-done talk on the subject on YouTube by a certain Brother Andre. Zionism, particularly Christian Zionism is something both sides need to understand.


  7. Modern thinkers believe that the idea for the return of the Jews to Palestine began after World War II, and thus the creation of the state of Israel. However, the idea began with the Protestant Reformation. Wiki has a good entry about it.


    1. And the "return of the Jews to Palestine" was not only a not a Jewish idea, it was also opposed by most European Jews whose "home" was not Palestine, but Poland, or England, or France, or wherever they had already lived since the Diaspora. They just wanted to go home after the war. The "return of the Jews to Palestine" was a white, protestant, mostly anglican idea based on a completely new interpretation of certain scriptures - made possible by the protestant revolution and sola scriptura.

  8. Pizzaballa big supporter of NCW

    1. No surprise. Kiko owns bishops and cardinals everywhere.