Friday, October 25, 2013


"This video game is better than sex."
Local business magnate, Mark Baldyga, was on the radio the other day. It was interesting to hear him comment on the Japanese population implosion from a purely economic perspective. 

In case you don't know, Japan, is already the oldest nation on earth. Having embraced two generations of abortion and contraception in the name of material progress, its material progress is now in jeopardy with no "next" generation. This is the real reason for the Japanese economic crash that we in Guam began feeling in the mid-90's. 

Japan is also Guam's largest market for its largest economic activity: tourism. And Japan's birth dearth translates into a loss of dollars and cents to our local economy as well as theirs. Thus Baldyga and other dollar and cent guys, seeing the writing on the wall, have been looking to other markets. 

Russia is one of those markets. However, that's temporary too. Russia is right behind Japan in the birth dearth and has long since led the world in abortions. It's so desperate now that Putin is paying Russian mothers to have babies and reforming Russia's abortion laws.

Of course there's also China with its billion-plus population. But 30 years of forced abortions and its infamous one-child policy have already began to create an economic quake which some economists say will take China down as an economic giant. Also, expect mass exterminations of old people since there is an exponentially smaller "next" generation compared to the rapidly aging largest group of people in the world. 

Relative to the birth dearth of Asian countries, particularly Japan, are several news stories about Japan's "celibacy syndrome". Not only are the Japanese no longer having babies, they are no longer having least not as much. It's really just natural law. Sex makes babies. And when you quit having babies you'll quit having sex. Japan is proving it.

It's funny, because the pill and abortion on demand began as the great panacea of sexual liberation: freedom to have sex without consequences. It was all about being able to have more sex! It's not nice to fool Mother Nature. Or as Archbishop Fulton Sheen once said: "God forgives. Man forgives. Nature never forgives."

Japan’s Hottest New Sex Trend Is Not Having Sex

Everybody's (not) doing it

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