Thursday, December 19, 2013


Before I post my second letter to Edwin Cardinal O'Brien, Grand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, of which I am a member, I want to repost his letter to me, which was prompted by a visit from Archbishop Apuron in an effort to bully me into silence. Of course, the Archbishop could have just invited me to have a personal talk, but the pastoral approach is not his way, as we have seen all too often. People are bullied. I am just one. Here is the letter from Cardinal O'Brien and I will provide a link after the letter to my first reply, already posted.

Read my first reply here. The second will be published tomorrow. 



    Dear Tim, you preach about obedience, and accuse the NCW of disobedience.
    But you are not obeying to your superiors. Are you sure that you are seeking the truth? I think the letter is very clear...but at this point even the Pope can tell you that you are wrong but you might say that the Catholic Church it is all a human organization.
    I think you should ask God if this blog is the right thing to do. You can push people to apostasy,,,

  2. Are you seriously comparing neo liturgical disobedience to this letter?! It is apparent that the Neo do not take the Eucharist as seriously as they claim. To easily distort the issue as a mere matter of opinion is troubling!

  3. Dear Friend, I supplied evidence to the Cardinal that the Archbishop was lying about me (as he is with Fr. Paul). Obviously the Cardinal did his own investigation and found me to be right, otherwise he would have removed me from the order as the Archbishop wished, or at least sent another letter asking me to cease and desist. He has not. We are not called to obey liars.

  4. What can be said? Just wanted to help you. it is ok. If in front of God you feel in peace of what you are doing just go ahead.
    I hope that this is done out of love of Jesus Christ and the universal Church.

    1. How interesting it is that none of the Neo leadership stands up to correct Tim or any of the other commentators who voice great concern over the state of our Church in Guam. Instead they leave it up to the sacrificial lambs. But your arguments always fail to hit the nail on the head.
      Zoltan dismisses what the Archbishop said to disrespect the Church and its hierarchy simply because it was 8 years ago and lots of fools were speaking nonsense. Yet he offers no evidence that the Archbishop now feels differently, or that he now conforms to the magisterium. (Almost as if God has a statute of limitations on these matters) But Tim and others have pointed out that the Archbishop to this very day condones this disobedience with Rome and that he himself, as the shepherd of all in Guam, partakes in the disobedience.
      Have your leaders actually convinced you that this disobedience by the Neo worldwide is acceptable? Apparently so, because your only response is that Rome hasn't done anything yet, so it MUST be ok.

      Rome - do you concur with this? If so, then change the guidelines if you see fit. If not, then for the salvation of souls we the people of Guam urge you to take control of a group that is out of control. You can now see how these people are being formed by the very people you have put in place. Until you change the leadership at the top, (not just Guam but throughout the Neo world) people will just assume that it is ok to do what they want as long as Rome doesn't correct it.

      Isn't that the same problem we have with certain religious orders (none of them on Guam) and Catholic universities who lead people away from the Church rather than toward it?
      To "A Friend" - obedience has to be more than blindly following a person. Otherwise, those in the Charles Manson cult did nothing wrong. Nor did the followers of Jimmy Jones. In the case of the Church it is about following the institution. If the Archbishop is not following the institution, you have no obligation to be obedient merely because he is the Archbishop. Follow the office and not the person. In fact, now that you have clear knowledge that what you are doing is contrary to the guidelines of the CHURCH, even if the Neo says it is OK, you have an obligation to be obedient to the Church. If you still have doubts and think it is perfectly ok, then demand that the Archbishop provide you a letter clearly stating that Rome accepts your practice on how communion is received. It's easy for a liar to say one thing and then deny it later, claiming it is your word against his. But ask your leaders to put it in writing, and let's see what they do. This is something that we would all like to see. Ignorance cannot be used as an excuse. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DRINK THE KOOL-AID JUST BECAUSE KIKO SAYS SO!
      to be continued

    2. Re Fr Paul and the way he was removed. I cannot say without a doubt that it has anything to do with a hidden agenda for the Neo. Hopefully, this can be resolved one way or the other as to motive. But regardless of why it was done, the fact that it was handled in the brutish fashion that is evident says something about the office of the bishop. The Archbishop is supposed to be paternal. If that was paternal, I thank God the Archbishop is not allowed to have kids of his own, and I pray for all the Monsignors, Priests, and Deacons entrusted to his fatherly care.
      Not only did he fail the paternal test, but he violated canon law in many areas. He probably has Monsignor David and Fr Adrian to blame for this horrible advice, but ultimately, it was his decision, and his name on the letters. If Fr Paul had CSC protection he would be placed back one second after the hearing was completed. I hope Rome does the same. Fr Paul is a good priest and even you would agree that it is a shame to lose a good priest...right?
      Lastly, regarding Tim being disobedient to Cardinal O'Brien? Well, the Cardinal did ask him to stop. This was based strictly on one side of the issue that was relayed to the Cardinal by Archbishop Apuron, and you already know that he will lie and misrepresent when it suits his purpose. However, Tim did respond back to advise the Cardinal of his side of the issue, and from what we know the Cardinal has not followed up with a response. Does that mean he has tacitly allowed Tim to He may come back after some time and further state his reasons why he believes Tim should stop. That is a reasonable way to handle issues. Too bad our leadership at the Chancery doesn't practice this style.
      Now if the Cardinal does come back and tell Tim to stop, then Tim has a decision to make...stay in the Knights Order and stop, or continue and be "de-knighted". He would be deemed unworthy of knighthood, but not disobedient. Because the Church cannot demand silence from people.
      Ask yourself one question...has Kiko or anyone in the Neo appealed to Rome on the years old order to have the Neo conform to Church liturgical norms? If they say yes, ASK THEM FOR A COPY!

  5. It seems rather clear that what Tim does here.....IS out of love for Christ and His Church. He may make statements that make others feel uncomfortable, but, one thing is certain....he provides evidence for his statements and even calls on the powers that be in this Archdiocese to correct him if he is in error. To date, he is still a member of KHS. If anyone knows the way Rome works.......silence could mean an even larger investigation has begun. The ultimate test of obedience will come with Rome's decision.

    1. Oh Yeah, I did not know that Christ told us to seek justice with the sword and insults. Tim looks more like a Muslim than a Christian.
      Let us kill the unfaithful, let us get rid of these neos, these heretics.
      Tim are you converting to Islam?

    2. They are all over the place: ad hominem and arguments that have nothing to do with the topic.
      The best thing that Tim has done for this blog is to allow these comments from the Anonymous Neo to go unmoderated. An unraveling is occurring.

  6. Please explain to me why the Neocatechumenal Way is still in existence if, according to the World of Tim, that they are not complying with the Catholic Church's laws.

  7. There are other instances of disobedience in our Church and indeed take time to investigate and sort through the evidence. I am certain that in the "World of Tim" he is not the sole inhabitant.
    Oh, and yes, Virginia, there is a Magisterium.