Thursday, January 9, 2014


We will be deleting comments that accuse priests by name of sexual misconduct. If you have proof, feel free to provide and we will discern how to use it from there. 

We also discourage unsupported comments which attack the personal character of any member of the clergy by name. We will discern removal of those comments carefully. 

If there is anything you want to send us privately you may send to 

In general, the credibility of this blog depends largely on the fact that our posts are thoroughly documented and only the demonstrated actions of individual persons are called into question. 

If in some cases we have not posted the actual documents to support our story, be assured that we have access to them. We encourage commenters to reflect in their comments the standards of our posts.

Thank you.

NOTE: We have removed all of the comments on WE WILL PRAY. BUT WE WILL RESIST.  Let's try again. This blog is being read by key persons in the church hierarchy. It is important that commenters refrain from name calling and unsupported personal accusations. 


  1. Its about time Tim! Thank you so much for taking this action into consideration. However, what is your definition of "unsupported personal accusations"? Is this for you alone to decide what is a worthy source or not? Just asking, because although I continue to remain anonymous, this is what I have been requesting from you since the start. Since the start of this blog you have been allowing commenter's to submit entries with no substantial proof of their accusations. Your accusations to the Neocatechumenate that according to you are fact and clear disobedience to the Church continue to be the only issue that you have against the Neocatechumenal Way. As you have mentioned, there are key individuals in church hierarchy that are viewing this blog closely, I hope they see the truth. Not the truth according to your views or the views of a select few. I hope they see how some who claim to be Roman Catholics are taking time out to choose their words wisely in regards to the accusations towards the Neocatechumenal way. I hope they see how members of the Necatechumenal Way have requested for an end to these attacks and have really tried hard to maintain an environment of peace.

    Its hard not to wonder that if you had known early on about the key profiles of some of your viewers, would you have issued this statement early on? Well, thats for them to decide. Since this is your blog, you also have the power to control the content and allow it to swing in your favor.

    Im glad that you finally realize that the letter sent to you by the Grand Master of the Holy Sepulcher does have bearing and truth.

    1. I have only committed to removing comments alleging sexual misconduct against clergy which are not supported. I will also judge what is inappropriate when there are personal attacks on clergy by name. I can do this because this is my blog. Start your own if you don't like it.

      There is not "truth according to my views". There is only fact.
      Fact 1: you regularly celebrate the Eucharist apart from a consecrated space.
      Fact 2: your distribution of Holy Communion is not in compliance with the liturgical books as your statute requires.

      Those are not views. If permission exists for you to do these two things, supply it, and I will post it for all to see so that you are no longer seen as standing in opposition to Rome.

      These are not issue that I have against the Neocatechumenal Way. It has nothing to do with me, though people like you are trying hard to make it so.

      Simply prove that these observations are incorrect. Your turn.

    2. Tim! and all you 'Mary Lou(s), and Timothy followers, ENOUGH!... your issues with the Neocatechumenate and the Archbishop and all those who are in the NCW is getting to a point that I believe you are not truly Christ's sheep. Catholics vs Catholics?

      This is a hot topic, Tim. More so than your fight against Abortion. Sad! Sad! Sad!

      I've read your issues concerning the NCW, the complaints against the Archbishop.

      Resolve this once and for all. Take it up with the formators of the NCW. Write, call, or email POPE FRANCIS, DO SOMETHING and STOP THIS CHARADE of wanting things to go right. Go to the source. If and when the Pope "disbands" the NCW, then we will rest assured that the Mass is back to what you all think it should be.

      Come on Tim... DO IT!


      Take these issues

    3. Anonymous (January 9, 2014 at 2:17 PM): I don’t know if we’re reading the same blog or if you are understanding the contents this particular post, “Moderation of Comments,” which, it appears to me, is designed to protect the reputation of members of the clergy based on the opening sentence “We will be deleting comments that accuse priests by name of sexual misconduct.” The post also states comments that accuse priests by name of sexual misconduct will be deleted. The phrase that you focus on — “unsupported personal accusations” — appears after the words “It is important that commenters refrain from name calling AND …” You seem to apply “unsupported personal accusations” to issues that many have expressed with the goings-on in the NCW, completing ignoring the fact that Tim did not want unsupported personal accusations against the clergy. Really? Did you totally miss the introductory statements?

      From the start of this blog, Tim has allowed both sides — Neo and non-Neo alike — to post their comments. Granted, most people prefer to remain anonymous (like you). Many do so because they fear they will face the same fate as Fr. Paul Gofigan, who the Archbishop tried to bully and whose reputation members of the Chancery have tried to trash (I’m sure with the full approval of said Archbishop). What I — and others — couldn’t understand is why supporters of the NCW also chose to remain anonymous. After all, having the Archbishop in their corner — not an “unsupported personal accusation” since I myself heard him on the radio waxing eloquent about The Way — should have given them the courage to use their own names. (Of course, there WAS Zoltan who did use his name, but he was quite the exception.) Why do you — clearly a supporter of the NCW — refuse to identify yourself?

      Be that as it may, I’m glad that there are members of the Church hierarchy who are following this blog. I hope that they, too, see how the NCW leadership is promoting a heresy by claiming that the Church had essentially apostatized after Constantine and restored by Vatican II. This information, which was shared by Tim in another post, can be verified by reading the writings of the late Fr. Enrico Zoffoli. The belief of the NCW leaders is quite similar to the belief of the Jehovah’s Witnesses who consider themselves to be restoration of first-century Christianity, don’t you think? I hope they see how our Archbishop, by hosting NCW services — I hesitate to refer to them as Masses! — is violating Canon Law and the General Instruction of the Roman Missal. Instead of being the spiritual leader of our local Catholics, Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron has chosen to align himself with a quasi-Protestant movement within the Roman Catholic Church on Guam. Truly a sad situation!

      BTW: Are you serious about the letter from the Grand Master of the Holy Sepulcher having “bearing and truth”? It is clear that the letter purported to be from Cardinal Edwin O’Brien was merely signed by him. That letter was clearly written by someone for whom English is a SECOND LANGUAGE, which I doubt describes the Cardinal’s proficiency with the English language.

    4. This is in response to Virginia who is challenging Mr. Rohr "to stop all this chaos." I am not sure how Mr. Rohr can since is just a distiller of information and facts. Mr. Rohr is not the cause of the chaos that such information and facts engender. Look at the Source, and he resides on top of San Ramon hill. The archbishop can easily take steps to unite the Catholic Church in Guam which will stop all this chaos. Mr. Rohr obviously does not have much influence over the archbishop but you seem to have. So, CHALLENGE THE ARCHBISHOP TO STOP ALL THIS CHAOS.

    5. I agree!!! Virginia_AH you seem to get your information all confused. This may be Tim's blog and people may chose to post their concerns or their dislikes for one another. But the fact of the matter is that If we want answers, if we want chaos to end then shouldn't we go to the source? Why don't you challenge the Archbishop - the head of the church also known as brother in the NEO community. Why don't you go plead to him to fix the problem he created.
      This is Tim's blog but Tim did not create the problem. He just gave us laypeople an outlet to let our voices be heard.

      So I challenge you Virginia_AH to speak to the archbishop on behalf of ALL Catholics ...NEO and non NEOs to give us answers to all the problems!

  2. Why is the NEO getting so much attention? There are other groups with in the church that do evangelization. I don't hear anyone saying you have the call to be part of the voluntas dei a group under the pontificate of Rome. They do evangelizations. This organization if founded by a priest, not a lay person. If the NCW was said to have been established by the priest who was with KIko I may lean to accept it. But for the NCW to be founded by a lay person, who insists that his songs be sung, his painting be used, his dictation of how the liturgy is to be performed is unacceptable. It is as if Kiko is truly the head of this movement and his words are the absolute truth. God help and guide us through all this fiasco.

  3. Thank you. Mr. Rohr s blog is so highly respected by so many priests and people now. We have decided that in continued support of Mr.Rohr and his service to the church of Guam and beyond. Our comments now will be supported by names and documents to the office of mr. Rohr. We will also post direct state,emts from archbishops apurons past letters, and forward them to mr Rohr . They will be forwarded to the congregations in Rome.