Tuesday, March 4, 2014


In this past Sunday's U Matuna, in the centerfold ad 2014 Archdiocesan Annual Appeal, the question is asked in Section 7:
In the past, seminarians were sent off island for studies and formation, is this still being done today? 
Here's the chancery's answer:

In case you can't read it, it says:
"The Archdiocese has at its means the necessary philosophical and theological faculties to provide the formation of seminarians. Our Archbishop is taking the opportunity to utilize the faculties and formation centers we have on island to provide for the formation of future priests. Therefore, at this time, it is not necessary to send seminarians to another country or state for formation."
Hmmmm. But here's the answer the Archbishop gave to Aaron when he requested to be sent to an off-island seminary:
"The first time we met on Sept 04, 2013, you informed me that our Archdiocese no longer has the financial resources to send seminarians to study abroad, which is the purpose this new seminary is being started."  - Aaron Quitugua, email to Fr. Cristobal, Nov. 7, 2013
So on Sept 04, 2013, Fr. Cristobal (speaking for Archbishop Apuron, since the article tells us it is the Archbishop's decision to make) tells Aaron Quitugua that the reason men who wish to study for the priesthood can no longer be sent to off-island seminaries is because the "Archdiocese no longer has the financial resources.

However, in the U Matuna, the rest of us are told that the reason men who wish to study for the priesthood can no longer be sent to off-island seminaries is because the "Archdiocese has at its means the necessary philosophical and theological faculties to provide the formation of seminarians."

So which is it, Archbishop/Fr. Adrian? Which is it? Another LIE for us stupid people to swallow?

What's amazing is that you can find ONE MILLION DOLLARS a year to educate your neos in a multi-million dollar palace, but you can't even provide sponsorship to a native son of Guam who was willing to pay his own way. 

But that isn't the reason. IS IT?


  1. "Our Archbishop" shows that someone else wrote it. If there are RMS opened in many countries, then the seminarians should stay put in their countries until they are ordained. From there they can be sent off as missionaries.

    I guess when they decided to open up the RMS here did they no look ahead at the financial situ ion on island. Times are hard now. With the Obama are act, things are going to rise. People need to take care themselves too. Is the AAA going to pay for my medical premium once it rises? No! I am sure that this AAA covers the insurance for these seminarians.

    As a single mother, I struggle to make ends meet. I cannot afford to support the seminarians and leave my children out in the cold. Every penny is accounted for to include my tithing to to church. Aside from my own, make sure that each of my children drop at least a quarter into the collection box.

    The Archbishop needs to reflect on things and quit thinking of only the seminarians and their education. We as a parish community as well as individuals need to survive too.

    In other words, he needs to see the picture as a whole and not in fractions.

  2. Janet B - MangilaoMarch 4, 2014 at 7:57 PM

    Whenever the three amigos at the top of Cuesta San Ramon open their mouths, or pens, lies just seem to come spilling out. These are the three highest leaders of our Church and that is the example they sent for all the faithful. How disgusting is that?
    Tony boasts that the "Archdiocese has at its means the necessary philosophical and theological faculties to provide the formation of seminarians." [LIE NUMBER 1] Yet Tony/Adrian then recant when young Aaron (who WILL one day make a fine and HONEST priest) finds a way to pay for it on his own. [LIE NUMBER 2]

    [LIE NUMBER 1] We have no such capability. That is as ridiculous as Mt Carmel School saying they are the Harvard of Guam. If Mt Carmel is Harvard, maybe RMS Yona is MIT! But the reality is that RMS Yona is a hollow institute in a $75 Million shell. We have to import professors from throughout the NeoKiko world to come to Guam and teach these guys in a Neo only way. And they must be really good professors who can teach a full semester course in three weeks because that is all the time the visiting professor can spend on Guam. How much of that cram-learn info can the students retain? It doesn't matter because everyone else is 'stupider" than them so they think they can get away with it. As soon as the population catches on that they are wiser than the priests, the Archbishop will ship them off to a land of "stupider" people. Lord help those people! RMS Yona is the "matchbook-college diploma institute" from the 70s.It doesn't matter what they learn, as long as Tony can show how many priests he is churning out from the Kiko-factory in Guam.

    [LIE NUMBER 2] We cannot send you off because we don't have the money. I looked it up, and the tuition in a real seminary in the states runs from $20,000 to $35,000. Tony wants us to pay $65,000 for one seminarian in Malojloj because he won't play the Neo game. If the Archbishop wanted to save money he should send Junee to St Patrick's. At least Junee could be with his own species, learn real theology, and come back after 4 years having saved Tony $120,000. Aaron could do the same, but actually save Tony $260,000 by his generous offer to fund his own way (that's $65,000/year times 4). I sure wish the seminarians in Yona had such a desire as to offer to pay their own way. Our Archdiocese could save $1,000,000 per year. LIE NUMBER 2 about money is that there never was a question of money, but a question of slant. Tony wants a Neo slant to every vocation from this point forward. He sees very clearly that Fr Richard Kidd is a threat to every Neo priest because of his superior formation. In order to alleviate that threat he has only two choices. He can kill Fr Richard Kidd, or he can make sure no other men are allowed to receive a true and complete formation. Thankfully he has not chosen the former yet. That is why will never again send a man with a real calling off island for formation. They will come back and make the poor priests from Yona feel bad about themselves.

    To be continued...

    1. Dear Janet,
      thank you for making these points in a well articulated way.
      What is funny is that the Archbishop had a priest that indeed graduated from Harvard!!!! Fr Paul and he let him go. Shows you the twisted way of thinking of our brother Tony

    2. AMEN. We have many educated and bright local young men who want to make a difference on our island. Father Paul has much to offer with great ideas that will spark up the "faith" in our young generation. I am beginning to think that Fr. Paul is a threat to the men who make the decisions for our catholic followers. Can someone make sense of this whole situation?

  3. Janet B - MangilaoMarch 4, 2014 at 8:00 PM

    continuation of my rantings...

    What is so funny is that even though the three amigos have so much experience in telling lies, they are still horrible at it. Take money as an example.

    Tony says we just don't have enough of it. Yet a few years back every seminarian for Guam went to Hawaii to visit the site of Blessed Damien of Molokai. Oops, all except one. I bet Tony forgot to invite the closest seminarian to Hawaii...Seminarian Richard Kidd in California, at St Patrick's. Guess who got stuck for the airfares for 30 some seminarians, Tony, and seminary staff from Guam to Hawaii? Could it have been the people of Guam? Hmmmm.
    We don't have the money to send Aaron to the States for free, but we do have the money for Tony to buy a top of the line $80,000 Hyundai Equus. Just had to trade that 3 year Genesis in as soon as Hyundai came out with a better car/more expensive. We have enough to pay for all his utilities at his private mansion in Mangilao. Hmmmm
    We don't have the money to send Aaron to the States for free, but we do have the money to send Fr Edivaldo and Fr Miguel to Rome for several years right after their ordination. They needed to go and get the degrees they couldn't get from our well qualified and fully equipped institute in Yona? Hmmmmm

    Archbishop Krebbs - I hope now you will realize why the people of Guam no longer want to be spiritually led by Tony, David, and Adrian. They are not trustworthy, they kill vocations not developed through the NCW, they treat non-NCW priests unjustly and refuse incardination unless they join the Way, and they have done immeasurable damage to the Church on Guam. They will never step down voluntarily because life is too comfortable for them. They are missionary priests in the NCW. Please send them on mission to Asia where they can be revered and please find us a good bishop to rebuild this Church.

    This is my daily lenten prayer. Amen.

  4. Someone in a previous post commented that the seminary doesn't need our funds because their sourcing is off-island. He is probably correct.

    Based on my Church's annual financial report, we barely break even so I can't believe all the island's churches can collectively funnel that much into RMS. Our 10% goes to pay the Chancery staff so maybe the other collections like Peter'Pence and Mission Sunday Collections are diverted to the seminary. There is a lot of speculation without accountability.

    As for the sending of men to real seminaries, I believe this is no longer happening because of control. The Arch wants lemmings not learned men like Fr. Paul. He does not want challenges to be in the way of establishing neos in every parish.

    Or another reason may be that the Arch doesn't call the shots anymore for this Archdiocese. Just like Grima Wormtongue who manipulated Theoden in LOTR, the Arch is possessed by PP and can't break free. All joking aside, maybe Archbishop Tony has to answer to someone and will be in trouble for sending men to a non-neo seminary.

    R. Camacho

    1. The archbishop is GUILTY of misusing church funds by starting a seminary with one candidate. That's like building a 500-room hotel to house one customer, and a non-paying one at that. This is fiscal insanity, and grounds for removal.

    2. Ask anyone associated with the RMS if the seminary awards the equivalent of a college degree. It does not. It is woefully inadequate in academically forming seminarians to be priests. The proper formation of a priest is to have them first secure a bachelor's degree from any accredited university and then a master's in Divinity from a seminary such as St. Patrick's in Menlo Park, California. None of these requirements or conditions exist at the RMS in Yona. THIS IS A SHAM!

    3. Home run statement R. Camacho. Nice sharing thanks. Sincerely.

      guy from Mangilao Parish

      Biba Archbishop Anthony Apuron. BIBA!

    4. 7:13 AM. Sounds like you know him. BIBA! Maybe you can ask him about Yolanda. He doesn't seem to be returning any calls. And Agat while you're at it.

  5. It couldn’t be more crystal clear: monies from annual “Appeals” collected throughout the past years from the backs of trusting and unsuspecting Catholic Faithful was a farce and a lie from the beginning and continues with this Appeal! This deceit was committed against the generosity and unquestioning loyalty of our Catholic Faithful under the guise and premise that funds would support a local seminary not only for the formation of new priests but ultimately, to draw and form local sons toward a vocation. Well, we know how a few of our Guam sons were treated and even denied consideration! Now, to justify this current financial appeal and be able to field questions addressing their lies and farce, they do a quick about face with how they now would handle in-coming seminarians or sending them off island? A sad and stonyhearted insult to the intelligence of this Catholic Congregation!

    I for one, (and I understand many others take the same view and stance) will not be contributing to this 2014 appeal. I will certainly not abandon the support of our Catholic Church and Faith which I dearly love, but I will look into other ways to give and support my parish and Catholic Church. We have authentic Catholic catechetical and evangelization programs; grass roots support and advocacy programs; not to mention numerous parish ministries, missions and pastoral services in our parishes and on the island that follow Catholic teachings and principles, but lack support and funds. Most of these programs could not be fully implemented or were abandoned or neglected, and again, for lack of funds. Why is that? Simple – a scandalously huge portion of Appeal money collected is funneled to not only the neo seminary but to supporting much of the neo activities and neo doings!

    Catholic Faithful, this is also about preserving AUTHENTIC CATHOLICISM! Now is the time to begin diverting our monetary contributions and support from a suspect neo seminary and suspect neo practices and teachings, to our financial support of authentic, Catholic-grounded Catechetical and evangelization programs and services!

    Our Catholic Church on our island of Guam will not fall to the neo way, but will remain standing because we will continue supporting AUTHENTIC CATHOLICISM ON GUAM, til Kingdom comes! Esta.

    1. After Jesus Christ, no one is greater than the Popes like John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis. Kiko Arguello was asked and He was sent to save the Church - and HE DID!

      The Neocatechumenal Way at the Vatican will ensure that you so-called Latin Lovers will soon go to where you belong - a footnote in the history of the Church. Maybe Abolish one day again, hahaha

      The Neocatechumenal Way at the Vatican will ensure that very soon Pope Benedict XVI will celebrate liturgy according to Our Rite - and it's not a Roman Rite but a Universal Ecumenical Rite for the selected ones.

      I honestly hope that you Latin Lovers will join us before it is too late.

      Remember that Blessed John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI have already celebrated our Rite. But your Rite has been concealed and will not re-surface. No Pope will repeat past mistakes.

      I doubt whether you Latin Lovers will show this comment. In any case, YOU WON!!! NOT

      jajajaja Un Hombre in Espana

    2. Actually we live comments like this. Makes our job easier. Peace. :)

    3. When you peel away the layers, this is what you find. That (spanish) laughter at the end is just evil.

    4. Anon 10:04am is correct, don't forget we have "pictures" with all the popes to prove it...lol

    5. The remark by 10:04 and a post from Diana's blog on the four corner slab church I cut and paste as part of my letter to the nuncio. If Diana is to entertain such comments a the Mangilao parishioner then it shows the mentality of some who walk the way and their believe in the beauty of the Blessed sacrament.

      I really tried to be positive providing the pros and cons on both sides whether it be about the NCW, the AAA or the Archbishop but not being very lengthy.

      I do not take sides. This comment takes the cake! Even if it were to be removed, I did a copy and paste into my files.

    6. Kiko was asked to SAVE the Church - and he did! Pope Benedict and the rest of us are going to celebrate the liturgy according to YOUR Rite. When I read this, all I could do was hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Thanks for the laugh! These idiotic comments are just too funny. Maybe you should think about writing a comic book. You can call it the Comedy of Kiko and his Cult.

    7. Before you criticize me why don't you go Diana's blog where they think that the beauty of the church aree murals rather than that of the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Maybe I was not clear in explaining.

      If you too think that the outside structure of a church or the beauty of the sunshine colors of Kiko are more important that the beauty of the Blessed Sacrament, then owe to you.

  6. Anon 912am. We remember the Yolanda case many many were silenced by the archbishop on that case.

  7. http://www.rcanaaa.org/subsidies.html

    Review the chart above for Newark NJ AAA appeal. Newark is a Neo paradise. Unlike Guam the AAA proposal majority (almost 50%) of Newark funds go for religious education AND 15% of the funds are channeled to their 3 seminaries.