Sunday, March 9, 2014


Anonymous March 9, 2014 at 2:53 PM
Did I say, 
"she entered the confessional on a wrong note"? it
I did mention,
"could it be that she entered the confessional on a wrong note".

You attach your own interpretation to every thing, which is good, but you tend to jump the gun in doing so. But yes, this is the inefficiency of any blog. Instead of encouraging letters to the nuncio, you should just go ahead and give him a call. Better yet, Call the Pope. It will all be an account of your definition of liturgical abuse. Which is heavily infected by your own desires and iterests, your personal preferences.

Your jungle needs a wild fire. To come and burn down the old trees that serve no purpose. Rid the jungle of the vines that are choking the new sprouts that want to shoot up from the ground. Yes, I gave it to you Tim.
I am a regular Roman Catholic who for years admired your willingness to defend our church. I now realize, you are not defending the church, but your own church. Atleast your own definition of church.
Get over it, your pride is killing you. I am keeping tabs of every word that you post. Every comment that you have posted that goes against what God would want you to say or do. You are Catholic by Book and you fail to be Catholic by Heart. Just as the recent Gospel encourages to do. To do things from the Heart. That inner room is where God wants to meet us. Not in the street corners or roof tops, which by the way, your acceptance of being a "spokesperson" for Aaron and Father Paul sort of fits this description.

Im tired of seeing you and many others on this blog extend so much hate towards the members of the NCW. They are reacting/defending to something that has helped them. You do the same. 
You will tell me, if I dont like it then dont come to the jungle, stay away. Well, today I thank God for this Jungle, because it has exposed the true colors of people whom I thought to be examples of true faith. Foreigners who I appreciated so much because they have come to Guam to make it their home and to become witnesses to the Faith, this was you. It aint no longer.


  1. Ooh, somebody's very angry, Tim. You foreigner, you!

  2. "Just as the recent Gospel encourages to do. To do things from the Heart." SAY WHAT??? Are there now 5 Gospels? What is this about?

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  4. John from Chalan PagoMarch 9, 2014 at 5:12 PM

    Again, we have someone attacking Mr. Rohr personally instead of answering the propositions that Mr. Rohr have made. Aristotle will be aghast at these illogical and irrelevant responses. What does it matter what Mr. Rohr's personal preferences are? It has no relevancy to the propositions being put forth, as his preference for the style of underwear he wears! Come on. I want your answers to the propositions presented, not your cheap, illogical, and irrelevant responses. Perhaps you don't have answers, and if you don't, then let's start a dialogue on how we can correct the problems exposed by Mr. Rohr. Isn't that the mature, honest, and rational thing to do?

  5. We are horrible people Tim. We work woth satan and pave the floors of hell for him.

  6. So, the neo are allowed to defend and react irregardless, however when we defend the true liturgy, it's hate? Got it! You just keep affirming it with every comment.
    Every time you attack Tim, you demonstrate how desperate your allegiance has become. We ask for simple adherence to the Church, and you continue to defend the blatant disregard that now two Popes had admonished the Neo for.

  7. So Coward Anon is tired? Well so are we! There is nothing but tired, stinky rhetoric from your blow-hole. What counter-points do you offer? Where are your facts? There is nothing of substance in your comment, just the attacks of a desperate, cornered animal.

    Regular Catholic huh? I highly doubt that. You are so bold to say:
    "Every comment that you have posted that goes against what God would want you to say or do."

    Excuse me but are you some Anonymous Prophet who has come to the jungle to evangelize us heathens? You speak for God? I highly doubt it Cowardly Anon or you would have put your name on it. You have no conviction plain and simple.

    This sounds very neo to me: "You are Catholic by Book and you fail to be Catholic by Heart" The audacity of you to judge what is in Tim's heart! GOD ALONE is Tim's judge not you Cowardly Anon!

    R. Camacho

  8. Interesting!
    Sounds like somebody from the Chancery. From the verbiage, the choice of words, the manipulative attempts and the condescending approach, probably somebody that is not used to contradiction of any kind.
    Sly but not smart, manipulative but not intuitive, definitely angry and barely holding to a semblance of composure, barely......ummh
    The falsely humble tone has difficulty masking, the wrath that shows up at the end.
    I guess Tim has really rattled the cage of the high and mighty!!!!
    The ride will be interesting from here. Has I said in a recent post, we should expect more personal attacks, maybe even a series of slanders and lies to shoot the messengers.
    Since they are really out of real arguments that could hold water, the personal attacks are all they have left. Plus I would guess that the more precise the scrutiny of what they are doing, and what they have done, the more revelations and finds will appear.
    We better all put our seat belts's gonna be a wild ride.
    The true side of the "chosen" will appear in the way they strike back. This is just a sample.
    The Jersey Mob will be coming to the rescue soon.....but they might be busy over there as well, since apparently a wind of revolt and freedom is blowing on the Jersey shores.
    Wishing you all a great week.
    Pax Dominum

    1. Excellent insight, Frenchie. Yes, smells like the chancery. I've already been told that they are "monitoring my movements." I expect them to come up with all manner of slander against me soon." But as you point out, every personal attack on me, lie or otherwise, is an admission that everything I have asserted is true. Pray for me.

  9. Hmmm... most of the Anons write like "mr" rohr...

    1. You mean because they can spell use complete sentences?

    2. I guess when you're a neo, it's easy to kid yourself into denial. Good luck with your silly assumption that Tim is any of the Anonymous commentators.

      "Hmmm . . . " - is that what passes for deep thought?

    3. I am the ex-neocat who posted a long comment a few months ago and I can assure you, Mr. Rohr is not me. Perhaps he would like to be since I am young, debonair, handsome, and suave, but me, not! So, can we just focus on the arguments presented and try and refute them, if you can? You can't, and as a ex neocat, I know you can't. Why? Because the points raised in the blog are true based on what I saw, heard, and experienced.

  10. You know, Mr. Coward. I let this go for a few days. But I was thinking. I've been looking for a reason to start exposing the really nasty stuff, and I think you just gave it to me. But I am going to give you a chance. Go to the Archbishop and say these three things:
    1. FLB
    2. $6,600
    3. Minnesota
    And then ask him if you should keep saying this nasty stuff about me. If it's okay with him, then I'll tell you what those three items mean. If not, then I suggest you go away and forget you were ever here.