Sunday, March 9, 2014


Anonymous March 9, 2014 at 2:53 PM
Did I say, 
"she entered the confessional on a wrong note"? it
I did mention,
"could it be that she entered the confessional on a wrong note".

You attach your own interpretation to every thing, which is good, but you tend to jump the gun in doing so. But yes, this is the inefficiency of any blog. Instead of encouraging letters to the nuncio, you should just go ahead and give him a call. Better yet, Call the Pope. It will all be an account of your definition of liturgical abuse. Which is heavily infected by your own desires and iterests, your personal preferences.

Your jungle needs a wild fire. To come and burn down the old trees that serve no purpose. Rid the jungle of the vines that are choking the new sprouts that want to shoot up from the ground. Yes, I gave it to you Tim.
I am a regular Roman Catholic who for years admired your willingness to defend our church. I now realize, you are not defending the church, but your own church. Atleast your own definition of church.
Get over it, your pride is killing you. I am keeping tabs of every word that you post. Every comment that you have posted that goes against what God would want you to say or do. You are Catholic by Book and you fail to be Catholic by Heart. Just as the recent Gospel encourages to do. To do things from the Heart. That inner room is where God wants to meet us. Not in the street corners or roof tops, which by the way, your acceptance of being a "spokesperson" for Aaron and Father Paul sort of fits this description.

Im tired of seeing you and many others on this blog extend so much hate towards the members of the NCW. They are reacting/defending to something that has helped them. You do the same. 
You will tell me, if I dont like it then dont come to the jungle, stay away. Well, today I thank God for this Jungle, because it has exposed the true colors of people whom I thought to be examples of true faith. Foreigners who I appreciated so much because they have come to Guam to make it their home and to become witnesses to the Faith, this was you. It aint no longer.

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