Saturday, March 15, 2014


The amazing liberties taken by the leaders of the Neocatechumenal Way with the liturgy, theology, catechism, etc., are not unique to Guam and certainly did not start with me or JungleWatch. Other Catholic peoples and dioceses have been battling this outrage for decades. Here's a sample story from an Italian group which understands the Neocatechumenal Way far more than me:

An arbitrary and blasphemous use of a Sacred Image

This image seems blasphemous to us or at least it shows that, while the Church of Christ is based on the Holy Trinity, Kiko’s conception of the Trinity is a human construction based on three distinct, not equal, persons. We cannot help highlighting the excess of liberty—which turns into desecration—in Kiko’s defacing the stupendous artwork of Rublëv, substituting the three Angels representing the three divine Persons with the images of the three leaders of the NCW, ignoring and erasing even the rest of the wonderful symbolism of Rublëv’s painting. (Read more)

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