Friday, March 7, 2014


In the wake of all the questions about the educational worthiness of the Blessed Diego Institute which is supposed to provide the academic formation for our seminarians, and which we are asked to financially sustain, it might be wise for the Institute to update its list of professors.

While perusing the list, I came across the name of a friend who has not taught at the Institute since 2003. Yet, even after more than a decade since his last class, he is listed as one of the "Visiting Professors." Also, I came across the name of Dan Bradley, who the Institute recently fired because, according to Bradley, he wouldn't give the seminarians a passing grade in Latin if they didn't deserve one. 

Hmmm, you're asking us to believe that this institute "has at its means the necessary philosophical and theological faculties to provide the formation of seminarians" (U Matuna), but it can't even keep a list of its faculty current. One must wonder whether or not if even the posted curriculum is current. Seriously. Who's minding the store? 

P.S. Our friend Giuseppe Gennarini is listed as a permanent member of the faculty. Man, that guy is everywhere. By the way, check out the list, perhaps you'll recognize people you haven't seen in years. 

P.P.S. Isn't it a shame that all of this has happened just because the Archbishop couldn't call Fr. Paul in and have a talk with him? But of course remedying the situation was never an option. Getting rid of Fr. Paul was the only outcome the Archbishop was interested in, as well as anyone else who stands in the way of the Maltese Mafia. 

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