Tuesday, April 8, 2014


On my post AT THE HEART OF OUR DIVISIONS wherein I point out two major departures of Kiko's teaching from Catholicism, the following comments ensue:

Anonymous: The Jesuits were accused of heresies. The LAW crucified Christ.

Me: The Jesuits were accused of heresies by who? The law did not crucify Christ. Our sins did. But thanks for letting us know what they teach you in the NCW.

Anonymous: When the Jesuit mixed science and Christianity Timmy. The Gallileo affair. I taught you know everything since your starting your own church. Pope Rohr. LOL!

Another display of the type of neo-defender intelligence that we have become all too used to on this blog: can't spell, can't construct sentences, no clue about anything, and of course, the usual anonymous personal attack. Again, these comments are more useful in discrediting the Neocatechumenal Way than anything I can post. We do appreciate them.

Here's another fun one:

"...if we are so wrong wouldn't the Pope have realized it already? Unless you are implying that our Pope is blind and can not notice it. and that you are smarter and wiser than him."

We see this kind of thing a lot. What a way to live: "We're getting away with it so we must be right." In the real world this would be seen as the epitome of immaturity, yet they are constructing an entire life on it. 

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