Friday, May 16, 2014


Saint Margaret of Cortona, T.O.S.F., (1247 – February 22, 1297) was an Italian penitent of the Third Order of St. Francis ("T.O.S.F.")

She was born in Laviano, near Perugia, and died in Cortona. She was canonized in 1728. She is the patron saint of the falsely accused.

On several occasions, St. Margaret participated in public affairs. Twice following Divine command, she challenged the Bishop of Arezzo, Guglielmo Ubertini Pazzi, in whose diocese Cortona lay, because he lived like a prince. Read more.

The body of St. Margaret of Cortona


  1. Thank you Tim for this post.

  2. For priests and past seminarians of Guam who have suffered at the hands of vocations directors and the archbishop. For this, for fr. Paul, we pray.

  3. For Francisco Arguello and the Neocathecumenal community in Guam who is persecuted on this blog. If today, you listen his voice, harden not your heart. Ahmen.

    1. Let's see now. Kiko has a million members, a whole brigade of bishops and cardinals, 70 seminaries pumping out presbyters, control of untold millions, his globe trotting totally paid for, a Sea of Galilee hill top pad, the Archbishop of Agana, and control over this diocese' most valuable property asset, and all we have is this little blog, and WHO is being persecuted???


    2. What you have in your heart is definitely not love.

    3. May 17, 10:30AM Such arrogance and presumptuousness of the kikos to see themselves as being "persecuted".

      Our Holy Mother Church, the One, True, Catholic and Apostolic Church is The Persecuted!

      It is the Fullness of the Truth of Jesus' Teachings as promulgated for over 2000 years by The Magisterium, our present Holy Father Pope Francis I that is being attacked, NOT THE KIKO WAY! How sad -- your self-professed loftiness you proclaim about yourselves!

    4. @1:38pm
      Well, let's see now. In the Catholic Church I belong to we believe that only God knows the heart. So let me guess…..umm, you're God! Oh, no, no, no. You're just a kiko. That explains it.

      But aside from that, your side has called me, among other things, a hater, a nut-hugger, and a guam turd. Your side has threatened me with physical harm and threatened the safety of my family. And your side - as per Zotlan's quote above - believes that I must be stopped "one way or another."

      And I'm the one with the lack of love in my heart??

    5. It’s a shame how Tim presents actual facts, testimonies, documentation and recorded events; but the only response from NCW (Non Catholic Way) supporters and the Kikobots are personal attacks against Tim and those with an open mind and intelligence enough to understand the truth. To the good people with good intentions, who are part of the NCW; actions speak louder than words. That applies to the Archbishop and the Kikomaniacs of the NCW. You decide…be objective. You may choose to ignore the facts, but ignoring the facts won’t make them go away.
      I also noticed how many of the NCW supporters on this blog present themselves in such a self-righteous way, and place judgment on those not part of the NCW; as if they have been appointed as judge by God.

    6. For the catholic church on Guam facing grave problems of disunity caused by the archbishop. For this we pray for peace and healing, we pray for unity to be restored and justice to the oppressed . For this we pray to the lord.

    7. With the disunity now in our local church It is no longer a happy experience to attend mass on a Sunday morning. We come to this blog to learn what is happening in our community and thank God Tim Rohr does report the truth . If not for Tim Rohr the Archbishop would have us believe his thinking which is simply not honest.
      Today even priests are beginning to leave comments which are are disturbing to say the least.