Thursday, May 1, 2014


Well the Anonymous Coward who challenged me to substantiate my contentions is now twisting in the wind. Let's see what he has to say. (I'm taking out his mention of other people since I'm the target.)
While your page views on blogspot have risen, people viewing your posts on the jw facebook group has dwindled more and more.....just thought you might want to take notice of this fact. 

Wow. That's brilliant. And that proves? Let me tell you what it proves. As should be terribly obvious to you since you use it yourself, people prefer to stay anonymous in this conversation and they can't do that on Facebook, so they come here. Plus all the action is in the comments and they can't view those on Facebook. The group and the page were created to notify those on FB of new posts. And as an FYI, because you seem incapable of comprehending, joining an FB group or "liking" a Page does not mean that one supports what is said in the group or on the Page. There are intelligent people who simply join or "like" because they want to follow. But then you're trying to prove something, aren't you? BTW, what are you doing stalking my FB group? Don't you have a parish to take care of?

I was awe struck when I came across this initial post..."It was suggested that I create a JungleWatch Facebook Group. Here it is. It is open for now. We'll ban jerks." What sad attitude shines through this comment. 
Ummm, yah. I was being called some pretty nasty names and was receiving personal threats and threats to my family, all from your Peace & Joy brothers. So yah, I banned jerks. But as you can see from my posting of your comments, I allow them here. 
(Deleted reference to other people.) I only say this because even though we try our hardest to turn this into something positive, and as you have threatened, you will never run out of nonsense. 
Yes, we all can see how hard you are trying to turn this into something positive. And yes, I will never run out of nonsense because people like you keep handing it to me. Thanks. I see that your comment was made at 1:06 AM this morning. Can't sleep?
You continue to post up gossip. 
Anyone who is not trying to cover for something can see the inanity of this inanity. But let's say that it is. In the words of Zoltan, "SO WHAT?" It's my blog. If I want to run a gossip column, it's my business. But the very fact that you spend so much time here is evidence that it is not gossip, isn't it? You're afraid of me. And why are you afraid? Why are you up at 1AM reading JungleWatch and sweating? 
I say gossip because you dont have any factual evidence. You have copies of letters that prove everything besides.  
Ah, there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Not only do the letters from the archbishop not prove anything, they apparently prove the opposite. Ummm, you forgot something. You forgot to show us just how they do that. But, oh yah. You can't. Classic Kiko-bot.
The assumptions against the NCW have no standpoint.
You really shouldn't try to use such big words. ["Standpoint": 1. the point or place at which a person stands to view something.] 2. the mental position, attitude, etc., from which a person views and judges things.] I'd say I have one. 
Everytime you are confronted with facts, you go way off track,, with another whole subject.
Ummm, let's see, what facts would those be? That you have been getting away with your liturgical abuses? That your hands haven't been slapped? As I told David G. earlier the reason you haven't had your hands slapped is because it is NOT the pope's job to guard the liturgy in a diocese, IT IS THE BISHOP'S. Do you see the problem? 

But as to my "assumptions" about the NCW...really? My "assumptions"? Okay, let's give this a try with you. Let's see if you can provide some facts. 1) Do you or do you not consume the consecrated bread "as soon as" it is placed in your hand? 2) Does the celebrant or does he not consume the consecrated species prior to distributing it to the communicants? Can't wait to hear your non-answer.
This is the timeline according to how I have kept tabs...
Wow. You're keeping tabs on "gossip". Don't you have a life? Oh, that's right. It's not gossip and you know it. That's why you're keeping tabs at 1AM, isn't it? 
1. Dialogue began about the Removal of Fr. Paul as Pastor of Sta Barbara.

2. Speculation arose that the removal was a front for the NCW to infiltrate Sta Barbara.
3. NCW members denied this speculation
4. Heresies and other theological untruths were questioned in regards to the NCW.
5.Tim requested for documentation indicating the permission the NCW had to distribute communion in the manner that they do.
6. NCW members informed Tim that the document he is requesting is not available.
7. Pro and Anti NCW debates, arguments ensued.
8. Tim continues to expose untruths of practices within the NCW
Go ahead, list the "untruths". I've been waiting for many years. 
9. Tim threatens the NCW, Archdiocese officials to "shut up or else" he threatened to reveal an archive of "secrets".
Ummm, no. I have been asking them, begging them, pleading with them TO TALK as everyone with a non-Kiko brain can see.
10. Anti and Pro NCW arguments continue.

11. Tim does not deliver on his promise to release his "secret" archive.
I "promised"? This seems to really bother you, doesn't it? By the way, one of the things I have, probably the most damning, has been sequestered by an attorney who is currently preparing a civil case. He can't stop me from using it, but it now has a more important use. It's too bad this has had to go that far. Fr. Paul was willing to forgive and forget the day the archbishop asked him to meet at a secret location. Instead, the archbishop told him to cool it. It's not cooling. Thanks for the opportunity to let everyone know. You're the archbishop's best friend, aren't you? I bet he appreciates your challenge so that this could be drug out all over again in all its ugly and damning detail. But have it your way. BTW, that's why I (and many others) think this is Fr. Adrian. Everyone knows he/you want to be the next bishop. What better way to speed things up, right?
12. Anti and Pro NCW arguments continue.

13. Tim begins to draw attention to numerous "gossip" about financial, land disputes within the archdiocese.
This is a great segue into the upcoming episodes. Thanks for bringing it up. Most people don't care about the theological and liturgical discussion. But they DO care about their money, don't they? Do you even know why Rome ordered an audit on the archdiocese? 
How did we start off at San Ramon Hill and end up at route 16? Joy!
Ummm, you got hungry? Get some sleep. You're gonna need it. 

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