Friday, June 27, 2014


  1. Dear Anonymous at 12:00 a.m., 

    There will always be problems because that's part of life. Obedience comes with faith just as I wrote. When God told Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, Abraham did not question God. When the Angel Gabriel told Mary that she will have a child, her only response was "Let thy will be done." 

    You are met with silence because you belittle and mock. You have no interest in a dialogue. You speak about the KOLG tape that the Archbishop did not want to hear?? Was it not Father Mike who said not to air the tape in the BEST INTEREST of the Catholic Church?? That is what Tim Rohr said in his blogsite. Father Mike said not to air the tape in the best interest of the Catholic Church, and he was correct. Tim Rohr published the tape. So, what happened to the best interest of the Catholic Church??? Talk about hostility toward the entire Catholic Church. No respect for the Catholic Church.

No, Fr. Mike did not say not to air the tape in the best interest of the Catholic Church. Fr. Mike suggested that this be said after the Archbishop, again by his silence, agreed to a LIE to cover up his public transgression AGAINST the legitimate authority of the Catholic Church. In addition it was a LIE that targeted my son, the technician, as the one to blame. 

Eight years ago, I agreed to Fr. Mike's suggestion. At least it wasn't a lie. However, it apparently was NOT in the best interest of the Catholic Church not to air it. Had the problem with lying and coverups been confronted then, perhaps we would not be where we are now. I will not put Fr. Mike on the spot by publicly asking him, but I think, given his statements on this blog, that he would be in agreement with me that it is NOW in the best interest of the Catholic Church to air it and that his suggestion eight years ago was a mistake. 

Oh and by the way Fr. I mean "Diana", did you see mY comment about mY being called to the chancery in 2010 to participate in another cover up? A cover up to throw B.J. Cruz and SNAP off the trail? You didn't? Go ahead, keep blogging, "girl"!

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