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  1. Dear Anonymous at 12:14 p.m,

    I do not agree with the label of "Quaker" since the Quakers are a religious group also known as the "Society of friends." As for the jungle doing a good public service.....have you read the comments recently? Considering the comments, the jungle might as well change their post and tell victims of abuse to simply report to the civil authorities. The jungle still does what it always do......put down the Archbishop.
TIM: Apparently Diana believes victims of abuse should NOT go to the civil authorities??

Dear Anonymous at 1:19 p.m., 

Liturgies do not fall under the teachings and doctrines of the Church. Why? Because over time, liturgies have changed, but it is the TEACHINGS AND DOCTRINES of the Church that has NEVER changed. Teachings and doctrines such as the Immaculate Conception, Purgatory, no divorce, no adultery, and OBEDIENCE to the Pope and bishops has never changed. That described Tim Rohr and his followers. In fact, all three is a fair description of Tim Rohr and his followers. .


Dear Anonymous at 11:27 a.m., 

Tim Rohr and his followers are not Quakers. They are still our Catholic brothers (although the Pope calls them Half-hearted Catholics). They are still the "other sheep" whom Christ wants to bring together as one flock. Do not stoop to Tim Rohr's level of depraved name-calling.

TIM: Actually Fr. A..., er I mean "Diana", it is your side calling us "nut huggers" and "dingleberrys". But we don't fault you for that given the intelligence level of your blog. Hang in there.

  1. Half-hearted Catholics are unable to see, understand and do what is good for the Church. Uniformists hate Vatican II and the New Spirit that came about it. They hate communities as a framework of living out your Catholic faith among your sisters and brothers. They are complacent with repeating mechanical procedures without heart and soul, without ever opening new doors, without ever being joyful while discovering the Lord's face of encouragement, love and compassion.

    When we read the incoherent rants of half-hearted Catholics attacking the Way, we should understand their depravity caused by their inability to see the true face of Jesus. Led by anger and jealousy, they abandon all human control and moral standard in order to destroy the faith and joy of others. They recycle the same old stuff over and over again. Just check the page info on the links they provide and you will see WEB-pages frozen many years ago, without exception. Still, these people copy and paste relentlessly in the belief that we never notice. But we see and recognize their desperation.

    Half-hearted Catholics also hate Church officials who call on them to grow in faith. Who, me? -- they ask and get seriously offended because of their complacency. Then they jump on the Archbishop, for example, employing all wickedness of the deceptions of secret anti-church societies we have seen in Catholic history. Illegal documents, lies and pretended comments, including role playing with an army of anonymous trolls, we see all these things at JungleWatch as promoted forms of warfare approved and encouraged by the owner. Can anyone go still lower than this?!

    Businessist Catholics fake their zeal in the church where everyone can see them, but in fact they look for the opportunity of profit making all the time. Nobody walking in the Neocatechumenal Way has ever said anything bad about Fr Paul on these blogs. Still, there is the intention to use the misery of his situation for personal gain and business profit. This is morally deplorable. If I would be Fr Paul I surely would not look for advocacy and support from half-hearted Catholics who lost their moral sense altogether.

    Pope Francis is right to say that half-hearted Catholics don't know and don't care about what is good for the Church and what is good for people of faith.

TIM: LOL! Living rent free inside Zoltan's head. Get some sleep Zoltan. 

Dear Anonymous at 7:18 p.m.,

How do you or anyone else know for certain that it did not come from Arrieta?
People in Junglewatch are even claiming that I am Father Adrian, and some of them appear to be 100% certain about it. 


Dear Anonymous at 11:16 a.m., 

It was the Holy See who told us how to celebrate it the way we do it in the NCW. So, we follow those directions because we were told that it came from the Holy See. The way we received Holy Communion is universal in all the communities of the NCW regardless of what country they are from.

Dear Anonymous at 2:2 p.m.,

I trust God, and it was God who put the Pope in charge. He did not put YOU in charge. I trust the people whom God put in charge. All five Popes supported the Way and the Pope is the Vicar of Christ. I am not going to reject what all five Popes have supported and endorsed. Are you going to tell me that all five Popes are wrong in supporting the Way?


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