Tuesday, June 24, 2014


As you can see, the Kiko's have gone nuts over the prospect of my profiting from my work (imagine that)! All this madness directed at me when their own personal demigod makes millions by requiring neocatechumenal communities to purchase from him, everything from sacred vessels to underwear with "Love Kiko" stitched in the crotch. 

You may want to revisit Chuck White's post KIKO, INC. for evidence of Kiko's financial empire, an empire he deftly employs to buy bishops.

But aside from the madness, allow me to use this occasion to thank those who have quietly contributed to the support of this blog and/or have purchased my book (an essay really) WHY I'M CATHOLIC. 

I believe you can see that maintaining this blog and documenting my assertions to a point beyond reproach involves massive amounts of time. I consider it a labor of love for my Church and for all our priests who are suffering under this ugly reign of terror. 

But of course it takes much time away from the other necessities of life, so any contribution or purchase is appreciated, though at this point all monies received are used to pay for professional services to design and format my published or soon to be published materials. 

Thank you. 

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