Tuesday, June 24, 2014


As you can see, the Kiko's have gone nuts over the prospect of my profiting from my work (imagine that)! All this madness directed at me when their own personal demigod makes millions by requiring neocatechumenal communities to purchase from him, everything from sacred vessels to underwear with "Love Kiko" stitched in the crotch. 

You may want to revisit Chuck White's post KIKO, INC. for evidence of Kiko's financial empire, an empire he deftly employs to buy bishops.

But aside from the madness, allow me to use this occasion to thank those who have quietly contributed to the support of this blog and/or have purchased my book (an essay really) WHY I'M CATHOLIC. 

I believe you can see that maintaining this blog and documenting my assertions to a point beyond reproach involves massive amounts of time. I consider it a labor of love for my Church and for all our priests who are suffering under this ugly reign of terror. 

But of course it takes much time away from the other necessities of life, so any contribution or purchase is appreciated, though at this point all monies received are used to pay for professional services to design and format my published or soon to be published materials. 

Thank you. 


  1. Zoltan thinks otherwise! Half hearted Catholics! The,real,problem is the NCW think that salvation is through walking the WAY! They really need to get of their high horse!

    1) Money-is evil, yet we are asked to,fork out,for the education of seminarians, who are not permanent here because they are missionaries. Some of these seminarians needs to,go,back home and,do their mission in their own homeland. Meaning Clean out your house before you clean mine. Your countries are in bad shapes and need your ministry!

    2) Proclamation- yes, we need to,spread the Gospel and yes, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the highest form of,prayer. The,problem is the NCW are fanatics. Wonder if you all pray to other saints to intercede for you!

    3). Followers-There is a difference when someone follows a blog. It's like following a story. The NCW on the other hand say "We are members of the NCW". You become initiated into a group by joining. You become followers of the statues of Kiko! You proclaim all the Kiko does! When Father Pius comes out the NCW members become hysterical and just about knock him over to touch and kiss him! Do you folks do this for the Archbishop? I can imagine if Kiko came out..all the screaming that would occur as if going to a concert with a bunch of screaming fans!

    3) Steps- what steps does one need to climb to get to heaven? What makes a person in the NCW different from other members that certain things or songs cannot be afforded to them..it's Oh Kiko I am not worthy, instead of Oh Lord, I am not worthy.

    4) Admittance- age of 13 is when one is considered allowed to walk into the way! This is where the true catechizing starts! Why? The true indoctrination begins! The pre years are just the molding form!

    5) Community- here they control you! The set up dates between a man and a woman. Marry within the community we need to keep the family together. Keep within your own group as teenagers. Others are not of your kind! Sounds like a community of Mormons who have many wives...keep it within the family.

    You are a cult!

    1. Actually, in defense of the Mormons, they dropped that plural marriage thing awhile ago. But you're pretty much spot on with everything else.

    2. Was in Sinajana the other night bringing a meal to a very poor lonely person. (Yes, even tho I'm considered outside of the Church) I try to do some good. As it got dark I saw two Mormon guys with shirt and tie and back pack winding down their day. Just made me wonder if we neo and unsalted had this kind of determination how the Church might burst into flames of love! Biba Guam and Pizza be with you ALL.

  2. Shame on you, Tim! Don't you know that the Kikos/Kikobots are grievously offended that you would even think of trying to make money? After all you are only an Unsalted JUDAS, and only their demigod, wannabe pope Kiko Argüello has the right to profit from his enterprises!

    You, on the other hand, aren't fit to stand in the shadow of the almighty Kiko!

  3. Tim is correct. Junglewatch must take so much time and resources. It is a work of love for every priest on Guam who cannot speak because of fear. Tim Rohr is the voice of the oppressed Tim's writings bring justice to an archdiocese which has lost its spiritual and moral life under the leadership of archbishop Apuron. Let the truth prevail. Justice is very slow but when it begins to grind it grinds exceedingly well like fine gold. Know what I mean Tim?