Tuesday, June 24, 2014


The post about my upcoming book on Fr. Paul quickly produced the "wailing and gnashing" of teeth I had expected it to. So thank you to the haters for giving it a ratings bump within minutes of the announcement. 

But to answer some questions. The book is already written and publicly available on this blog. Its core is the 16 "chapters" that I have already posted under the title THE ILLEGITIMATE REMOVAL OF FR. PAUL. And you can pretty much read the guts of the thing by clicking on the tab above with the same title. 

The final version will be streamlined and thoroughly footnoted and will at first be made available as a download in various formats. As with my other book WHY I'M CATHOLIC "buyers" will be allowed to set the price even if it's 0.00. The money generated from the sales will be given to Fr. Paul. If buyers want to support my work, a separate contribution may be made at the DONATE button in the right side bar.

There will also be (hopefully) two versions. The first will be the affair as documented on this blog. The second will include, if possible, a second part about Fr. Paul personally and will include pictures and personal entries about his priestly life amongst us. I'm going to need some assistance from someone who is close to him to do this, so please contact me if you are able to help.

The reason we're doing this in two parts is because the facts of the case need to get into people's hands as soon as possible as I understand his case will soon be heard in Rome. So that part is pretty much ready now and should be available in a week or so.

We are also currently working on a hard copy of the book that we hope will go to print soon. This is going to take some financing so if you can help, let me know or you can make a donation as described above with a note that you'd like your contribution to go towards the printing of the book. 


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