Monday, June 23, 2014


Chuck White, our investigative reporter, turns up another Kiko doozie. Seems like the neocats get to skip right on into heaven. What a deal. Enjoy. It's a great read!

Kiko's Last Judgement
by Chuck White

P.S. Apologies to the kiko's for that long word in the title.


  1. This old stuff you got from the internet at the Catholic Hate Blog. SMH at Quaker Rohr. The Vatican got the new one.

    1. Well, since the "new one" is not available and this the only source documentation, can anyone in the NCW refute Chuck's write-up? Please exclude "my catechist said so" and kindly present your rebuttal in a clear logical sense for all to understand.

      Thank you,

  2. Janet B - MangilaoJune 23, 2014 at 7:50 PM

    How about you 5:49Pm .Do you have the new one or is it based solely on what kiko has told you? If you have a copy then supply it to Chuck so he can update his article. If you don't have a copy then you are a pathetic fool who takes kikos word for it, even after all the times you have seen in the jungle proof that kikos word is as valuable as sand to a bedouin.
    If you do not have a copy you are nothing more than a clanging gong.
    Now leave in silence and don't bother us anymore until you have something substantial.

  3. Janet B - MangilaoJune 23, 2014 at 8:10 PM

    Brilliant work Chuck. Laid out very methodically, using Kikos own words and sacred scripture.
    I only wish the kikos could logically lay out an argument like you have done so we could see the thinking behind their words. Instead, all we get from kikos are illogical, confused, and random thoughts merely to try and contradict anything said which is critical of kiko-heresy.
    Thanks for your time spent on this to enrich our understand of the errant Way.

    1. Janet B ooozzing with nut hugging with the Quaker Rohr.

    2. Janet B - MangilaoJune 24, 2014 at 2:11 PM

      Dear Anonymous Ivan at June 23, 2014 at 8:52 PM:
      I urge you to get professional help for your mental and sexual illnesses. As it is, you undoubtedly pose quite a risk to your fellow NCW brothers and sisters. If the Archbishop were to find out who you are, you may suffer a more painful and arduous closure to your missionary.
      Pizza be with you.
      And with your pepperoni!

    3. Archbishop is my friend Janet. Can do what ever I want.
      Pizza be with you.

  4. Janet B - if you get a hold of the new one, God only know's and the rest of the Quaker Rohr's intent is mockery. The Vatican prevent it from all anti-Catholic such as this BLOG who is dying to get access of it because misinterpretation just like Chuck Whites empty research. Is better to be kept away from you. Janet if you are Catholic Christian you should know the Lord's teaching but unfortunately your heart is filled with tyranny and full of speculation.

    Matthew 5:22

    22  “But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother shall be guilty before athe court; and whoever says to his brother, ‘2You good-for-nothing,’ shall be 1guilty before 3bthe supreme court; and whoever says, ‘You fool,’ shall be 1guiltyenough to go into the 4cfiery hell.
    If you don't believe this then the Quaker Rohr failed you. I pray that your heart lighten up just a little.

  5. His argument does not even make any sense. Swinging in Air Chucky, Arguello has more theology and philosophy before you can understand escathological means. Phhhsh.

    1. Sounds like the same guy who accused me of "swinging at the air" before I posted Cardinal Tagle's letter. But aside from that, Mr. Swinging in Air, feel free to show us where Kiko teaches other than what Chuck proposes. You see, it is so easy to discredit us. Just show us where we are wrong with the same level of documentation we say you are wrong. This is what intelligent people do. Chuck proposed and documented a position, you responded with name calling. While we are quite used to this from your side, one would think that with all those brilliant professors over at the seminary at least one of you should be able to present a cogent document argument to at least one of our claims. But nope. Nothing but name calling. What a wonderful witness to the Kiko's fruit.

    2. Based on his/her comments, this person has a below average I.Q. That's why he cannot make sense of the argument; obviously he's also bias.

  6. Outside of insults and "swinging nut huggers" there are very little argument coming from the psycho-kikos.
    Of course I apologize in advance for the unreadable attempts, made by our dear Seminarians, who again, should spend more time learning how to write and develop a frame of thoughts, before trying to make a point.
    It is so difficult to understand the logic of the babbling, that it is lost on most of us.
    As for the copy and paste of their preferred passage of the scriptures, usually chosen out of context, and posted in haste to substantiate their untenable position...well enough said.

    What we have left is more of the same: haters accusing the messengers of hate, utter contempt for anything not in line with their view, condescending view of the world and our Church, and that is just for starter.
    Of course "the pope is backing us" and the "Vatican sent us" should be enough for our feeble go to prison.....hate this game....LOL....Still playing in the Jungle....ummh

  7. Nut hungers, Air Chucky, Quaker a Tim, and whatever names you throw out, seems so vindictive coming from NCW members. I really do not know who you are, any I definitely wouldn't want you in my circle of friends.

    If these are the rotten apples that are part of the NCW community, then I am sure that the Responsibles and the Catechists can spot them. If they, the responsible or catechists condone this type of actions, then maybe it's time to clean house. If they entertain such actions, then walking in the Way has very little meaning.

    Let Go and Let God!

    1. Hey let Go. Guess whatever you want. Cry the rest of Quaker Rohr, I know for a fact your one em. The post gives you away. I smell fink on the tone of your post, I smell fake by a mile.

    2. 11:47 PM. Let Go Let God!

    3. 11:47,

      So How come you can't smell how fake Kiko is? Maybe because your just one of his dogs.

    4. Poor 11:47pm, doesn't know his Mother loves him so.

    5. I can just imagine Kiko chuckling when the guests he invites to Domus Galilaeae - the ones with the red hats - coo over his colorful fresco.

    6. Anonymous (June 23, 2014 at 9:55 PM)/”Let Go and Let God,” I have been following you since your first comment on 19 June in “Not a One of You.” My heart immediately went out to you because you sound like a very sincere person. You sound like someone who looked to the NCW to help you grow in your Faith and who has now discovered its Dark Side. I don’t know how long you’ve been reading JungleWatch, but Tim Rohr has separated NCW members into 2 groups: “Neo’s” and “Kiko’s.” You would be considered a “Neo” since you’re an ordinary member who joined the NCW out of a desire to learn more about the Faith and you feel free to articulate questions and/or concerns about the NCW. On the other hand, there are the more militant members, the “Kikos/Kikobots,” characterized by their inability to deal with questions, concerns and/or criticisms about the NCW; they respond with highly sexually charged comments and venomous personal insults.

      As you can see, your decision to take a “Sabbatical Leave” from your community has caught the attention of the Kikos/Kikobots. It took a lot of courage to make that decision as well as to announce it not just here in JungleWatch but also on “Diana’s” blog. I had hoped that your brother/sisters who are walking would respect your decision. But I have seen that your motives — “you came here to play dirty …” and “… your reason leaving the Way is because of this blog warfare” — as well as your character — “you don’t qualify as a NCW member” and “I smell fake by a mile” — have come under attack by the Kikos/Kikobots. I hope members of your own NCW community will be more considerate and will respect your decision in order to allow you to think things over.

      You can see for yourself some of the very rotten “fruit” that has come out of the local NCW communities and I’m sorry that you are also on the receiving end at this point. There are a number of former NCW members who post comments on this blog — one of them, “Glad to Be Back to Holy Mother Church,” responded to your original comment. I hope you were able to read it and take his/her words to heart.

      You have undertaken a difficult task in trying to discern for yourself whether or not to remain a member of the NCW. You had high expectations of the NCW and now you recognize that the actions of some of the most vocal members do not match what you have been told. You are trying to balance what you learned during your catechesis with what you are discovering in this blog.

      There is so much to learn and, as “Ex Neo Cat” wrote on 22 June in “Comment of the Day” post: “I have indeed jumped on a bandwagon … called the Catholic Church. The archbishop is NOT, I repeat, NOT the Catholic Church. … All that beating over the head when I was walking simply illuminated me and made me see things clearly. You seem to close off the possibility that one can be save outside the Neo.” Others have discovered the TRUTH outside the NCW; I pray that the same goes for you, “Let Go and Let God!”

    7. Mary Lou thank you for your comment. I am not taking sides. I am just trying to put everything that is said on Diana's blog and those in the jungle into perspective.

      I have already been accused by being a fake, a liar, a deceitful person, and labeled as cunning by a foreigner who says that my faith was still "shakable" when I said "yes".
      Being questioned as to what a tripod is, when is the next convivence, and being told " you still didn't answer the question" made me feel like I was before a judge and jury.

      I did not join the NCW because my life is in shambles. I joined because I love to pray!

      I don't know what path I will be traveling..I AM JUST LETTING GO and LETTING GOD!

      Once again thank you!

  8. For the record, 9:03pm, I think Kiko is brilliant and far surpasses me in intelligence.

  9. I want to hear more about the "old one" and the "new one" and how the "new one" fixes the "old one". But 8:47pm, are you claiming that the "Vatican" is locking up the "new one" for some reason?

  10. I don't see why the Vatican would lock the new documentation up. The CCC is online as well as the Bible.

    Maybe Kiko is locking it up because it was edited and does not present his true belief. Maybe what is being taught is contrary to the "new one" so hiding it away creates more ambiguity, but that's how they roll.

    So the Vatican is told, "yes, we are following the "new one"" but in actuality, the Catechist are teaching the old stuff.

    After the Father Paul and Cardinal Tagle fiasco, even after all the ugly NCW comments here, I accept that we will never have a true representation of what is truly taught. That's just as well though.

  11. Kiko's paintings...if you go to the back of an Atlantic or Popular Mechanics magazine you will find some advertisements, "Be an Author","Get Published" e.g. the old vanity press.

    Kiko's work is a work of his vanity. And it is his constant attempt to gain some sort of acceptance into the annals of the Church's compendium of art. In contrast to the church, cathedral, or religious order who commissioned the artists and sculptors of the past to create these works, Kiko creates pieces for his own organization.

    The founder paints something, the followers swallow it up. Recently, the founder pretends that he can command an orchestra, the followers swallow it up. Never mind that there is a conductor with a baton in hand, the founder goes to the conductors side and makes his own embellishments. the followers "oooh and ahhh", yet trained musicians know that the man doesn't know what he's doing.

    What is laughable is that there is no attempt at originality from the once student of Picasso and the NCW asserts that these spanish knockoffs are supposed to be the new aesthetic. The founder simply employs a classic marketing model for his works as he could sketch stick figures in charcoal of the Final Judgement and the follows will pay him dearly for a thirty foot high mural of it.

    In today's slang, Kiko is "milking it".

    1. Janet B - MangilaoJune 24, 2014 at 10:28 AM

      Yes.Kiko definitely loves to play up terms used by others and then make them sound like his idea. The New Evangelization is the first example that comes to mind. Since Vatican II this has been an emphasis of the Church. Kiko has tried to usurp this as a reference to the NCW, but it is not. It is a call to all Catholics. NCW has one way of carrying this out. A way which seems to produce some good fruits, but leaves a swath of division and heresy in its path. Other organizations carry out the New Evangelization, they accomplish the same as the NCW but there is no trail of destruction from these groups. Even Cardinal Tagle does his part to carry out the goals of the New Evangelization. The big gathering in Manila was not a NCW gathering. They had their own small pizza party for kikos. But His Eminence had a planned gathering to focus on the New Evangelization for all the people, and there was no charge for this conference, so all could attend. His Eminence has a great multi-year plan on how to focus his Archdiocese on carrying out the call to a New Evangelization.

      And what does Guam have? Nothing, unless you are a part of the NCW. Tragically left out are 99% of the Catholics that he should be tending to. His Chancery staff should be putting together similar events for all, involving all in its development. Instead, Guam has the NCW which our dear Archbishop and Kiko call the New Evangelization. Archbishop: where is your plan for the New Evangelization for the people of Guam, that we should expect from our leader?

      The answer is we have no leader, so we will continue to wander on our own, without a strong direction from an apostolic successor that Rome wants for all its faithful.

      Catholics United point out Kikos desire to imitate the arts with his own peculiar twist. Again he steals another phrase to claim as his own. He calls it the New Aesthetic.

      Well, I have a new phrase I have made up all on my own, original, and very befitting of the NCW kikos.


      That's what they are. Pizza be with you!

  12. It's quite obvious -- the "kikos" don't really know what their "grand poobah" kiko really teaches, which is why they cannot oppose nor defend their position against Chuck's documented research; instead, they resort to the only way they know to respond: childish name-calling, immature behavior and negativity.

    In fact, neo members don't even have access to "kiko's catechism"!!! Now doesn't that pose questions, suspicions and more questions and doubts as to the authenticity of kiko's secret catechism compared to the widely available and accessible, and highly encouraged public reading of the Catechism of the Catholic Church?

    1. Janet B - MangilaoJune 24, 2014 at 10:39 AM

      As the "Great and Powerful OZ" yelled when Dorothy started to question his abilities and integrity..."Pay no attention to the idiot behind the curtain!"

      Sorry little munchkins in the "Way". It's time to accept the reality. Kiko is a charlatan.

      Follow the Yellow Brick Road back to the One, True Gode, found in His one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church! We wait to welcome you back with open arms.