Thursday, July 3, 2014


Maria has left a new comment on your post "PACIFIC DAILY NEWS - JULY 3, 2014": 

It really no longer matters to us, concerned Catholics, whether our Archdiocese falls under any rules or polices that require or do not require our Church to comply with financial reporting; rather at this point and time, we Catholics, are simply and plainly requesting Archbishop Apuron to publicly present a financial report and statement on an annual basis for financial transparency.

It is not out of the Archbishop’s need to comply with any sort of civil regulation nor of a Church ruling that concerned Catholics are posing this request to the Archbishop; rather it is the matter of the Archbishop’s simple moral and ethical responsibility; the matter of Christian decency and it is the matter of his plain consideration and regard for the Catholic congregation of this Archdiocese -- the families, individuals, youth, young adults, ministry and apostolate group members, the businesses and community members -- who have contributed and made numerous sacrifices to be able to financially support, donate toward and sustain OUR CATHOLIC CHURCH on Guam because we love our Catholic Faith and Church!

To refuse this request and to resort to ANY excuse, or reason not to address and grant our request for an annual financial report and statement would be an outright arrogant disregard for and an affront to the Catholic congregation of our island of Guam.

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