Thursday, July 3, 2014


Archbishop Apuron to anonymous group: Let's meet

The leader of Guam's Catholic church, Archbishop Anthony Apuron, wants to meet with the group that's calling for the Archdiocese of Agana to publicly disclose the church's finances.

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Here's my reply on the comments to the PDN article:
Ummmmm, really? Why not just do the right thing, Archbishop? What is there to hide? Why can't you just publish the financial statements like every other U.S. diocese?

So there's your answer people. Now it's your turn. 


NOTE: It's an interesting reply. In fact it was the same reply that I posed to the secret committee that asked me to read a prepared statement to the Media when you were trying to throw S.N.A.P. off your trail in 2010. Shall I name the people at that meeting, Archbishop? Shall I tell you about the stunned response when I suggested that we should just meet with S.N.A.P. and call their bluff because we had nothing to hide? Or so I thought! Yah. Let's meet. Right. 

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