Thursday, July 3, 2014


Church finances questioned: Group wants annual audit of archdiocese

Guam's Catholic Church leadership is being challenged to disclose its finances, as other Catholic churches in the United States have done.

My NOTE: It says that the Chancery will respond today. Wondering what response they could give other than "yes". They will probably say though that this archdiocese is not apart of the U.S. conference and doesn't have to subscribe to its policies. That would be a pretty poor excuse. Dioceses worldwide, including the Vatican  - which is trying to clean up its scandals - are promoting not just transparency, but STEWARDSHIP of the gifts received from the people. Why this archdiocese thinks it doesn't have to do this is just another example of what we have sadly become used to: silence and arrogance.  

P.S. I've already heard that they are trying to "blame" this on me. Really?

Also: The article says that this blog is about church issues. However, while church issues have come to dominate the discussion here, the blog "watches" many issues in the "jungle". 

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