Tuesday, July 15, 2014


We've never broken 5000 views before, but yesterday...

And what is everybody looking at? 


  1. I'm looking at the Pageviews which currently reads 498,991. There is no doubt in my mind that the 500k goal will be met well before the original deadline of the First Anniversary of the Archbishop's Public Persecution of Fr. Paul Gofigan tomorrow, 16 July 2014. The blog only needs 1,009 more views — which will probably happen within the hour — to reach that goal.

    The presence of two important men — Archbishop Krebs and Cardinal Tagle — on the island during this week that commemorates The Event that eventually brought JungleWatch into our lives is guaranteed to send the JungleWatch Pageviews soaring.

  2. Yes, the good Cardinal will be here, and rest assured all of you kikos, he was invited. lol.

  3. Cardinal tagles visit will sky rocket the views Tim. All over the world hits on Junglewatch.

  4. Congratulations Tim, and congratulations to all the parishioners that continue to follow the True Church. Today is a momentus cornerstone to the witnessing of the truth on this island.
    Over 500 000 hits before the 15th is over. The 16th will see greater numbers.
    This tells all the faithful on this island that they are not alone, that they should not despair.
    Most of all it tells us that united we are, and united we shall stand, against the enemies, both inside and outside of our beloved church
    Again, thank you Tim for being the vector of this change.

  5. Frenchie amen. 500,000. We stand united as one family, one Church, united under the vicar of Christ on earth. We are united against the enemies of our beloved church. The church will always be attacked from within. This is what we now experience in Guam.

  6. Congratulations Tim Rohr . 500,000 mark.

  7. Janet B - MangilaoJuly 15, 2014 at 6:20 PM

    Tim - as they say the truth will set you free. Without Jungle Watch many of us would not know about the many serious problems that face our Church on Guam recently.
    Your bold comments have awoken the majority of the faithful to the lies, mismanagement, liturgical abuses, and clergy maltreatment by our spiritual leaders. It is a painful experience for us all, but at least we care enough about the Church to expect and demand change.
    If only our leadership could pull their heads out of the sand long enough to see that they too need to demand change so our church on Guam can correct the course it has been slipping down lately.
    A neighbor recently told me I was crazy because of the postings I have made on this site. And my response to her was that I AM CRAZY FOR THE CHURCH JESUS GAVE US, and I refuse to let a small group of zealots ruin what we have on Guam. I have called Archbishop names and tried to shame him into doing the responsible thing, and that didn't work. I have tried to refrain from calling him names, but have strongly stated my concerns for his style of leadership, and that didn't work.
    Well, Archbishop Krebbs, I sincerely hope your visit will finally get our dear Archbishop Anthony to reconsider his role as our spiritual guide. In all frankness though, I fear that once you leave he will go right back to doing all the same things he has been doing, and also none of the things he should be doind, until you are ready to come back again. Please Archbishop Krebbs, do keep track of what is happening on Guam. Your help my be the only thing that keeps the Chancery moving in the right direction.
    Lastly, let us not forget to continue our prayers for Fr Paul. His abuse was what brought all this attention to light. May it not be for naught!

  8. I am afraid that Janet B is correct. Once the Nuncio departs, archbishop tony will breath a sigh of relief, and then revert back to where things were. But I disagree with Janet B on one area. I think the archbishop and his cronies will retaliate. Remember all the priests(Frs. Paul, Manny, and Jun) that he has abused and the lay volunteers(former AFC members) that he fired. That is his way. He will not change. Archbishop tony truly believe that the NCW is the salvation of the Catholic Church and he wants his legacy to be known as the one who saved the Church in Guam, even at the expense of the lives of others. He defamed Fr. Paul and that poor man in Dededo with a wife and two daughters. His ego, vanity, and arrogance have no limits, matched only by his maliciousness, brutality, and viciousness. God help us!

  9. Record breaker on the 1st anniversary of Fr Paul persecution?
    Am I reading the counter well? Are we near 7500 views today? Amazing!!!!
    Don't despair Guam, a wind of change is blowing.
    I also note a lot more people using their name.
    All good signs.