Sunday, August 31, 2014


It  happened just about midnight. Well we now know that the counter doesn't reset to zero. New goal: that this is over by 1,500,000.  Also a small thank you for the recent donations. Good night.


  1. Congratulations and Thank you Tim

  2. Actually that 1,000,000 milestone came before 11PM on 30 August. When I came into the Jungle around 10:30 PM, the count was 999,996 so I grabbed a screenshot! I refreshed 4 minutes later and the count was at 1,000,051!

    You had established a goal to reach 500,000 Pageviews by 16 July 2014, the First Anniversary of the Archbishop's Public Persecution of Fr. Paul Gofigan. That goal was reached ahead of time, on the EVE of that First Anniversary. Incredibly, while it took almost year to reach the 500,000 goal, in just 47 days, the blog recorded 500,000 more Pageviews to hit 1,000,000!

    I pray that, as with the previous one, your new goal — "that this is over by 1,500,000" — will be realized ahead of time.

    Congratulations and thank you, Tim!

  3. Hi Tim! It happened at 10:37 pm, I took a screen shot showing 1,000,000 page views. 500,000 views in 3 months, AMAZING!!! More importantly, thank you for keeping their feet to the fire. It is because of your courage to speak the truth and expose their lies, that the snowball you started is turning into an avalanche. I know that this has come at a great cost to you and your family.

  4. WOW! WOW! WOW! AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! Congratulations. You have given your time, talent and skills unconditionally for a needed and worthy cause. It must be super time consuming for you. Tim I do know you can not out give our God our true Father that is so Good. I have the utmost faith that you will be greatly rewarded with avalanches of blessings beyond measure. God is Right Where You Are. Thank You and God Bless You

  5. Junglewatch is a trusted and informative site many peoplel use to gets the scoop on issues within our Catholic Church. Keep up the good work and we will all be reading and taking a stand against injustice to our Church. Thank you for all that you do.

  6. Good morning

    I am a parishioner of St. Joseph church and that the 730am mass after the final blessing a gentleman approached yhe alter asking the congregation to join their catechesis. He was boasting about how he had afairs, abused drugs and alcohol and strayed from the mother church until he found his way!!
    During this time all you hear was whispering amongst the parishioner, some of them even walked out.
    The passed out flyers at the end which said they they will be holding their catechesis starting Sept. 1 Mondays and Fridays and FREE BABYSITTING SERVICES!!
    This is a outrage, STAY OUT OF OUR CHURCH, St. JOSEPH Parishioners WE NEED TO START A PETITION!

  7. Congratulations, and THANK YOU Tim! Your time and effort in keeping JungleWatch informative and objective in presenting and discussing issues that affects our Catholic community is greatly appreciated. God bless you!

  8. It is a jungle out there alright! Thanks, however, Tim and Chuck -- for looking out for the unsuspecting faithful; for keeping an eye out for and pointing out blatant and subtle liturgical abuses; for referencing and directing us toward authentic catechesis and for your tenacity with sticking to the truth, even in the face of adversity.

    Jungle Watch does all that (above), and we're truly grateful because it serves not only as an outlet for us, but also an opportunity for many more of us to build up our own confidence and finally find the courage to shed a long-entrenched fear of openly speaking out against wrong doings and for standing up firmly and steadfastly for authentic Faith teachings, traditions, practices and beliefs of our Catholic Faith in our local Church -- introduced long ago on our island, held by our families for generations, and today, continues to be cherished by the faithful of our local Catholic Church. Thanks and congratulations!

  9. Bwahahahahaha! Keep convincing yourself that people are losing interest, that it is "dying" out, Archbishop.
    Keep sticking your foot in your mouth. Time to make a decision...

  10. So, I visited Junglewatch a short time ago on my mobile device, while watching the live traffic feed, and it appears that my visit was not registered by Feedjit Live. This may mean that the total pageviews are, in fact, far in excess of the million or so actually recorded.


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