Saturday, August 30, 2014


Archbishop speaks on Benavente firing

Archbishop Anthony Apuron on Thursday, during a Mass at Father Duenas Memorial School, spoke publicly about his decision to fire Monsignor James Benavente, saying he didn't fire Benavente "to be mean."


  1. I am praying that Rome or at least New Zealand is paying attention to this blog, our letters and our prayers for relief from this man who has fallen so far from grace.

  2. "Open mouth....Insert foot......" Get out while you still can, AAA.

  3. Should be encouraged by family and friends to leave now with self respect and dignity.

  4. Apuron has double crossed family, one too many times. So his family couldn't have any influence on him. He does not even care about them.

    Friends? He has his Neo Minions. The Fake friends that surround him, encouraging him to act idiotically, then pat him on the back and say, "Oh, Tony, you did a great job, we love you"

    Sadly, he fails to see that his true friends are still in the likes of Msgr. James, Fr. Paul, Fr. Mike, Fr. Jeff and all the other Non-Neo clergy that would care for him, in the end, when the NEO has done sucking out "his juice" and leaving him to dry out after all the diabolical acts he was "steered" to do!