Thursday, August 28, 2014


Click on the hyperlinked date and time if you want to enter the conversation. (I haven't a clue about why this person thinks this discussion has anything to do with the election. But then these people don't need anything rational.)

  1. Another small issue to make an even bigger issue.. Minus well since tim is on a roll before election. How many more people are you going to persuade to go against the bishop and priests?

Marilu D. MartinezAugust 28, 2014 at 2:53 AM
Aug 27 at 9:11pm you say: "Another small issue to make an even bigger issue." You're actually admitting that here is yet another lie, but, it's just "another small lie" so why make it a bigger lie than the lie that it already is! ... and that is ok?

You go on to question: "How many more people are you going to persuade to go against the bishop and priests?" Here you point and bring our attention to the fact and reality that this "small lie" comes from our shepherd and priests -- the neo clergy who are under the shepherd and who are the hierarchy of our Catholic Church, at that! ... but how dare that Tim blows the whistle!

You realize don't you, how so loud and clear is your message about the model of Catholic morality and ethics which you point out the shepherd and the hierarchy of this Catholic Church of our island imparts to the EMPLOYEES of the Chancery and the Archdiocese; to our Island's Catholic CONGREGATION, and most especially to our Catholic YOUTH and the NON-CATHOLICS of our island? ... and that is ok?

... but woe to those who point out such scandals that are openly shoved under; after all, deciphering the shepherd's and the hierarchy's actions and motives would be beyond our intellectual abilities and capabilities -- us, the Faithful Catholic simpletons!

To my fellow Catholic Faithful: are all these goings on at the level of the hierarchy of our local Catholic Church on our island ok with you?!!


  1. Logic is not a strong point of some neos.
    Eileen Benavente-Blas

  2. RE: Election Connection …

    Over the weekend a friend told me how different this 2014 Election Season has been so far. Instead of asking "Are you voting Republican or Democrat?" more people have been asking, "Are you Catholic or Neo?"

    As Eileen at 4:39 PM pointed out, "Logic is not a strong point for some neos" which leads me to think that perhaps "Minus well Anonymous" overheard the "Catholic or Neo" question and made the "election connection" in which he/she perceives the blog as conducting a campaign against the Archbishop and his cadre of Neo Presbyters.

  3. "Minus well"?

    And they complain about negativity?

  4. Most of all and as always, it is the world turned around on its head for the Kikos.
    Tim and his "followers" (but then they see the world through kiko shades) are against the Archbishop and the priests ( I guess we are talking about the Neo priests), whoa!!!!! how illuminating.
    That poor soul still has not understood that it is the Archbishop and the Neo priests who are against the Faithful Catholics.
    They demonstrate it on a daily basis....They proclaim it on a daily basis, and they sign their names on .... "This minus issue".
    This being the latest one of a long serie of lies and deceit.