Saturday, August 30, 2014


We need to examine further what Archbishop Apuron said at the beginning of his remarks to the students of Father Duenas High School. Keep in mind that the students are standing, waiting for the final blessing at the end of Mass as he launches into the full speech that we have already detailed. 

At the beginning of his remarks he says: 

...the issue was that he had an alleged sex offender working in the parish (___) then as a volunteer, and he saw nothing wrong with that. In the meantime, because there’s a school next door that had children and there’s always a danger that they can be at risk. 

We have dealt with this on several occasions, and it is fully detailed and documented in my book, Target equals Priest, which you can access in the right sidebar. But let's review the basics. 

In 2008, a certain man was hired as a maintenance man at Santa Barbara Parish in Dededo. Fr. Paul Gofgian was the pastor and it was he who hired him. Like most in the parish, Fr. Paul was aware of the man's past. He had committed a serious crime in 1981, had gone to prison, and after many years, was released. The man married, had two children, and sought reconciliation with the Catholic Church. As his pastor, Fr. Paul assisted him in that reconciliation and befriended him.

All was well for at least two years. However, in 2010, the Guam Legislature passed P.L. 30-223, requiring "all those convicted of criminal sexual conduct or of a crime against a victim who is a minor, to register with the Guam Sex Offender Registry." 

Because the man had been convicted of "criminal sexual conduct" in a crime INVOLVING AN ADULT NOT A MINOR,  he was required to register, even though the crime had been committed over 30 years ago, he had gone to prison, had been released, had never been determined a threat since, and had even obtained a police clearance to work at Santa Barbara. 

In October of 2011, Archbishop Apuron ordered Fr. Paul to terminate the man's employment at Santa Barbara. Fr. Paul immediately complied. 

It is at this point that we need to understand Archbishop Apuron's motivation for ordering Fr. Paul to terminate the man's employment. 

Obviously there are probably many people who have committed crimes, served their time, and sought reconciliation with their faith later in life, and of course it is the church's duty to bring them back to the Lord. However, none of those crimes have a public registry. 

We must understand that the word "sex offender" had particular meaning to Archbishop Apuron. In 2010, a representative from SNAP (Survivors Network for the Abused by Priests) was on Guam and was asking lots of questions. Archbishop Apuron had some unfinished business in that regard and he hurriedly laicized a certain priest. SNAP was also hot on the trail with some other leads but in the end, couldn't get anyone here to talk. 

Though SNAP left empty handed, it was a close call for Archbishop Apuron and he was newly motivated to be seen as the champion of protecting against sex crimes, especially since Senator B.J. Cruz had introduced two bills earlier that year that were aimed directly at the Archbishop: one, involving "window legislation" and the other, an attempt to specifically require the Archbishop to be a "mandated reporter". 

After Fr. Paul terminated the employment of the subject person in 2011, all again appeared to be well. Since the man's employment had never been an issue at Santa Barbara prior to his being required to register ex post facto on the sex offender registry, the man continued to assist Fr. Paul as any other normal parishioner would. 

However, out of the blue, two years later, on July 16, 2013, Fr. Paul was ordered by Archbishop Apuron to resign as pastor of Santa Barbara Parish or "face an arduous and painful closure" to his assignment. While meeting with Fr. Paul, the Archbishop had arranged for the locks on Fr. Paul's parish office to be changed, had arranged for him to be replaced as pastor with a parish administrator, had arranged for him to be advised by the administrator to vacate the rectory, and had arranged for him to be stripped from the schedule of presiders. 

(To understand this further, we need to understand who Giuseppe Gennarini is, and that he was in town and breathing down Archbishop Apuron's neck. But we'll have to come back to that.)

Fr. Paul's alleged crime? He had continued to let the man volunteer at the parish after he had terminated his employment. Fr. Paul's real crime? He had obstinately refused to allow the Neocatechumenal Way into the parish unless they complied with canonical and liturgical norms relative to the celebration of their eucharists. 

Archbishop Apuron, knowing he could not fire Fr. Paul for refusing to do his job as pastor and making said requirements of the Neocatechumenal Way, needed another reason. So Archbishop Apuron (probably at Gennarini's order) latched on to the volunteer presence of the man who had already been fired as of his order, and cast him as a "danger to children", knowing that this would cause alarm and bolster support for his actions. 

But there was only one problem. The man's crime had not involved children, he had never been a danger to children, and was not now a danger to children. That didn't matter to Archbishop Apuron. He needed Fr. Paul out so he ramped up the "danger to children" rhetoric in the media, going to the press with a statement about this false danger on July 22, 2013. 

The Archbishop has continued to bring up this "danger to children" in a variety of forums, but fast forward to his address at FD this week (and we are told he made the same remarks at Notre Dame High School). 

The man Archbishop Apuron continues to humiliate and shame in public and cast as a child molester is a married man with two daughters, one of whom is a teenager. These children have been constantly drug out and publicly abused by Archbishop Apuron's insistence that their father is a "danger to children". These children may even attend the schools at which the Archbishop is making these continued allegations. 

This is calumny at its worst. The only person who is a danger to children is Archbishop Apuron. He is a danger to THESE CHILDREN. Their lives, once quiet, have been ripped apart and spilled onto the pages of newspapers, media reports, and now they are publicly humiliated by their own Archbishop in front of student bodies across the island. 

This is simply SICK! And if Rome will not act, then it is time for this poor family to sue the Archbishop Apuron for every dime he has and silence his incessant attack on their family. 

But regardless, ROME MUST ACT. Not to act is to condone and participate in this great evil that Archbishop Apuron continues to perpetrate on this poor family. 

Since his return from Korea and his reported visit with the Pope, Archbishop Apuron has been telling people that Pope Francis has expressed his support for his actions against Fr. Paul and Msgr. James and has told him to "keep doing" what he's doing. 

Well, Pope Francis, if that's true, then THIS is what Archbishop Apuron is doing: wreaking hell on a man, his wife, and his two daughters by spreading lies AT MASS to Catholic student bodies across the island of Guam, AND DOING IT IN YOUR NAME.


  1. He's a coming to the lower grades...yikes

  2. Since the Arch-Deceiver gave his comments unsolicited to the students of FD, and also did not give them a chance to ask him questions, perhaps the FD students could invite him to come back for a face-to-face question and answer session. Too, the concerned parents, through the FD PTO could do the same. For that matter, all the different schools and PTOs could do the same.

    If the Arch-Deceiver has truth on his side, he has nothing to fear.

    I honestly doubt he will say yes to this request (prove me wrong, Arch-Deceiver!). But, by his excuses for no-show, it will show to everyone once more what he really is.

  3. I have lost trust with the archbishop . He is man who is suppose to support his church ,Minot support his favourite group. I am extremely upset .

  4. As a parishoner of the Agana Cathedral and a teacher at one of Catholic Schools on Guam it just sickens me how our supposed leader thinks he is acting like a shepherd, but instead looks more like a disturbed man.

    1. The treatment of Father Paul by AAA is not only hypocritical but outright evil. It is like the Germans who knew what Hitler was doing but chose not to do anything is as guilty of his crimes as AAA is of incardinating Father Wadeson . Molesting children is one of those evils that would make everyone's top 5 of EVILS. I think AAA turning a blind eye is as evil and as guilty as Father Wadeson's committing those unspeakable crime(s).Who is the dangerous ones for our children?

  5. So in reality, he - the archbishop, is the one preying on our children. Instead of addressing the adult practicing catholics and those that are taking issue with his actions, he tries to appeal to our children. In the hopes of what - dividing our families, pitting father against son? What kind of cowardice is this! Is this the neo way?

    And why does he always surround himself in public with his neo brethren? Is their job to come to his aide and defense if he starts to flounder in pushing the neo agenda? Or more likely, has pius assigned them to the archbishop as his handlers to insulate him from the Truth.

    Regardless, the archbishop best take heed - our children are our own. We may send them out into the world but so long as they are children, we have every right to insist that he ceases this campaign in our schools. If you wish to defend yourself, do it with dignity in an appropriate place at an appropriate time with the appropriate audience.


    1. Children are not safe given the outburst of aaa at FD school. Catholic school is failing students because of the archbishop.

    2. So, what will Arch A Bishop have to say when he visits Saint Thomas Aquianas? Tell all the improprieties of that institution to the student body? That one should be a doozy! LIke to see some of those smart Lawyer wannabees there cross examine in a MOCK TRIAL of His Foolishness. Might be good dry run for the future in a courtroom, Archie. Compose yourself and take deep breaths before you begin your speech right before the Final Blessing at Holy Mass. Perhaps he will change the locks that morning and close the school before lunch. As in Closed for Good.

  6. "For 28 years as the Archbishop I only sought to do the will of God and to follow whatever commands I receive from Rome. And I’m trying to be obedient."

    So let me get this straight. When Pope Francis supposedly told AAA to continue what we was doing, this is the reason why he continues to bash Father Paul and the poor man? Because he's following the commands of Rome and only trying to be obedient?? If what AAA is doing is truly at the direction of Rome, all I can say is we really are in deep trouble.


    1. Hitler proclaimed he was carrying out the will of God. When good men stand by and do nothing it allows the bad guys to create an evil and corrupt society. In this case it has entered the catholic church on Guam and the catholic community must stop this evil.


      I highly doubt the Holy Father even knows what is going on in Guam...he has the entire world and Guam just doesn't rise to his screen until a decision has been made to release our cad of a bishop. No, Francis wouldn't be able to speak in such a detailed way. Just another pure fabrication by the one we call Tony Baloney.

  7. Dear Mr. Rohr:

    I am ashamed to be called a Catholic in Guam.

    1. You can only be "ashamed" if you are not doing anything about it.

    2. 8.49am. To do nothing is reason to be ashamed. But if you take action against this leadership by contacting the Vatican than you have nothing to be ashamed of. Those who do nothing to better the Archdiocese are to be ashamed..

    3. Dear Mr. Rohr:

      This is "ashamed". I am doing something about it, but I am still ashamed because I am a Catholic from Guam whose archbishop not only embarrasses us, but is shameful.

  8. Why doesn't the AAA use his time to talk about issues that are impacting today's students such as bullying and suicide...instead he talks about what is bothering him and impacting his life.....he has only once a year to talk to the future of the church instead he is so wrapped up with his own life.

    1. Ha, ha his own Excellency has always been his favorite subject.

    2. The Archbishop could not help bringing up the subject of "persecution", basically telling us that we are all "persecuting" him. I was not there, and perhaps he discussed this in his homily, but I think if a bishop is going to broach the topic of persecution today, he should talk about the Christians and other non-Sunni's in Syria and Iraq. Just saying.

    3. Apuron's tirade is synonymous to someone dying over a paper cut on their finger, amidst war-amputated victims.

      The audience's limbs may be missing, with blood dripping to the floor, but MAN, Apuron's paper cut just HURTS SOOOOO BADLY! Boo hoo hoo.


  9. He is indeed a coward............why even mention this to students when they're not the once asking questions. Thank goodness, who ever took this recording. It's plain and simple proof that he is trying to find rights by having the younger generation take his side, after all that's more than likely who makes up the Neo group. Leaving the old news aside why didn't he mention anything about the Neo's. One small problem and now it has grown out of hand. Why have you not come out and speak to the Catholic Community that are throwing questions out there for you to explain. You are indeed being controlled by someone. How sad that you can still stand tall and proud when everything else is falling because of you. If anyone has divided the Catholic Community on Island it is you. Mr. Tim Rohr isn't the cause of the problem. He has just posted here on this blog things that you yourself have said, he's never put words in your mouth. You are hanging yourself because of your pride. Pride that will loose the trust of people whom at one time thought highly of you the Shepherd. If you admitted earlier on those mistakes that are rolling around, parishioners will forgive you, you know they always have.
    You had a big part of bringing in the Neo's, it was mentioned just this pass week on The Voice of the People section by Joe Barcinas. and here's how I know this:

    Joe: I am grateful for Archbishop Anthony Apuron to have brought this charism here in Guam. When he stood firm in the fight against gambling, abortion and same-sex marriages, Catholics in Guam applauded his leadership. I do not understand this vociferous campaign against him now.

    Too many things are going on that you will never be looked at the same way.
    May God bless us and May Santa Marian Kamalin watch upon us her children.

    Link to Joe Barcinas article:

    1. I wonder am I too like Apuron? I am "Trying" but I just can't get my heard around what
      1 or 1000 personal " success" stories have to do with Apuron's church administration, business management and leadership style.

      What does individual personal or family stories have to do with :
      Giving priests ultimatum to embrace NEO or leave island.
      Make false accusations to the media against priests and parishioners. (Then silence).
      Talking to school children during a Holy Mass how he is the Catholic church LEADER on Guam appointed by the Pope in Rome and how he Can't Do His Job. (leader?)
      Claiming his priests have to be punished by him. (Are they bad people?)
      Committing perjury about priests and a lay person in the church who has children.
      Threatening people and withholding pay checks
      Trying to be obedient to the Pope, but not obeying the Roman Catholic church laws.
      and on and on and on
      All the while ignoring his own unethical actions.
      Is anyone else "trying" to understand how individual personal success stories
      are related to erratic and inappropriate business practices.

      Please Note: This is not to diminish the importance of gaining healthy, happy, successful family outcomes learning how to have a personal relationship with GOD.

      Thankfully I gained that knowledge of ONENESS through the traditional Roman Catholic church's teaching and rituals. I had it reinforced through the nuns and my family when I was young. It has been up to me how I practice my faith in God ever since. But that still has nothing to do with Apuron's actions.

      Apuron's silence is somewhat reminiscent how riots continued in the US town of Fergerson recently as police remained silent about what happened and then submitted a report with nothing about the incident.


  10. So did pope Francis tell you to hide Fr. Wadeson in the archdiocese?

    1. Which benevolent Bishop is monitoring The Reverend John Wadeson? Or is he free to travel the face of the earth?


  11. Joelle, thank you for the visit to Guam in 2010. Our Island community prays one day that you will visit Guam again and set up SNAP on Island.

  12. Anyone can get close to the pope have a photo and then claim he told them detailed information. Doubt very much true. Frankly, it shows a troubled mind looking for support for the disaster he has placed this archdiocese into.

    1. What it shows is that he got no attention; so decided to break out of line and rush the Pope who had one foot in the car ...look at security, not amused. Probably tried to have a selfie taken to show Francis Approves AAA and NCW!! The Pope, who was probably exhausted, looks very patient with little Tony Apuron.

    2. like in that movie, where the psycho woman believes that the kindness shown to her by a married man was actually an invitation and his proclamation of love to her, and she stops at nothing to get rid of the wife and make the man her husband...

      Of course, the POPE will be NICE to you. You gave him gifts, you smiled your liar-of-a-smile. Certainly, he does not even know you personally Apuron! Who is delusional?

      Just because Cardinal Tagle talked to us and took pictures with us at Msgr. James' Anniversary doesn't mean he personally knows us and we are BFFs. He made us feel very special, as if we were truly friends but we know that this is part of his devotion to the people, to us.

      We all saw how green with envy you were at the substance of Cardinal Tagle and Msgr. James' friendship. Some even suggest it was the tipping point--- why you fired him, you just couldn't take it anymore.

      Surely, the green-eyed monster that you are asked yourself, at your daily one-hour prayer time (that you are so proud to boast about), "What is so great about that Jimmy anyways? Does everyone think he's Jesus? Just watch how much power I HAVE over this simple priest! You will feel my wrath.Joy. AMEN."

      These clergymen, the Pope and Cardinal, are honorable and congenial, by their way of being TRUE Shepherds and the genuine love for all Catholics. You now are taking the liberty that the POPE endorses your evil ways.

      See if he will show up for your 30th Anniversary! Do it, nai, invite him, see if he actually comes. The nerve!

  13. After I got over her cozy red bathrobe, I realize what she said is 99 percent correct. One this really stands out is that they force couples to stay together in circumstances where an annulment would surely be given by the Church. But, of course, we have to remember that is persecution for one party anyhow.

  14. Remember last July 2013 when the Fr. Paul case became public. Archbishop was welcoming snap to comment on Fr. Paul. Archbishop welcomed snap at the time.

  15. WOW is right!! Many of the Neo's comments that have been on this blog affirm what the young woman on youtube said.

  16. Let me say that when Father Paul's case finally goes through its Canon trial, the Archbishop and his lawyer better have a much better argumentation that this tired old song.
    If not, facing the real facts, they are going to be laughed out of Rome.

    1. Oh,but, Frenchie, the Arch said that the truth will come out!!

    2. to Anon at 7.57: Yes! and the truth is coming out everyday.
      In the jungle we shine the light on the truth......
      The truth shall set us free of the NCW and this evil Archbishop

    3. Yes, we must know the WHOLE TRUTH..

      1) What is the purpose of Adrian Crystal No Balls job as Vocational Director, if lay people are the ones scrutinizing the seminarians?

      2) Where are the documents that say that the "Vatican told me"?

      3) Why are all people employed under the new admi. NEOS?

      4). Why did it take AAA this long to oust Msgr. James?

      5). Why was Father Paul actually removed?

      6). Why are the seminarians on a fast track course?

      7) Why the AAA still denies the wrong doings of Msgr James when the finance council of the Cathedral had documents to present?

      So many whys and yet still no honest answer.

      D.D. = DEEP DENIAL!

  17. I would like to join the NEOs so that I can be sure that my children WILL learn how to say obscenities and name animal privates in different languages. NOT!

  18. I know quite a number of wonderful families who are "neo". I'm concerned about all the hateful comments going back and forth. I am also concerned about the children and young people who are witnessing this exchange. I pray for all of you.

  19. Yes, and she didn't have to dress up, clean her house and be fake, to talk about the detriment that plagued her friendship, brought on by the NEO. All the Neo comments were of how she looked an how she could tidy up a bit, not really listening to what she was saying.

    The videos mirrored exactly the actions and sentiments of the NEO in this blogsite and the other one. As if this lady, in the burgundy robe, just read all their posts and put them on an amateur video.

    We all do not have to actually drink it to know that ingesting liquid toilet bowl declogger is bad, for your health, if not deadly. That is what I akin KIKO-aid to, liquid toilet bowl declogger.

    Because these people join to declog the feces from their lives, instead of calling a professional doctor, drinks this toilet declogger, Kiko-aid, they may not die literally, but they liquify their brains in the process. Even in the medical field, one who is pronounced "brain dead" IS dead.

  20. Yes, continue to pray, for all of us, even for YOURSELF. Because the true and NonNeo Catholic in me would like to believe that you are being sincere, 3:33.

    The comments above are in reference to an outsider, commenting on our island issues while calling one of us a donkey's vagina. For the Neos that have family that do not go around calling people animal body parts and obscenities, then good ON them, they are being good Catholics, so therefore, these comments are not for them. Got it?

    Pardon us for being cynical, but for the record, No-Good NEOs often coin the "I will pray for you" phrase right after maligning and wishing other people ill. But for your benefit and mine, I will think of you sincere, so, Thank you!

  21. Kiko-speak to look out for:
    1) I will pray for you.
    2) God will provide.
    3) It's my cross to bare.
    4) It's my struggle.
    5) We're being persecuted!

    1. Anon 10:33. Thank-you for this. I have heard them repeatedly.

    2. Rev. Mister Harold Colorado is a Deacon. He is assigned to Barriagada. Has anyione heard him preach yet?? Or are we open to more ummm, ummmm well, you know what I mean, ya, its just like waht I just said, ummmm, hummmm. ummmm, mmmn what I mean to say comes out just like the words I so often repeat, I AM UHM! I want to be clear about this about Jesus Christ. Ummm, Ummmm it is the same for the virgin Mary in every way, uhmm, uhmmm Jesus the Christ , He is the Christ. uhhhh, And Mary is , uhmmmm, uhm his own loving Mother. They are alike in all the ways they are alike Except for the ways that they are uhnn alike, you know what I mean? If you dont know what I mean it is uhmmmm not your problem; no one else uhmmmm, uhmmmm seems to know either. So we are together in Christ is not knowing what one is saying to the other. This is wonderful, May God Love You. Fr. Mike at the Cathedral pulpit

    3. Don't know is Harood be his name, D.D. is stationed at Barrigada for the time being? All I know is he thinks he is the so superior! The attitude just like the Archbishop!! No wonder he was chosen as the Driver. They think alike. Among all the seminarians, Harood be his name, D.D. is the strongest amongst them when it comes to being a KIKOLITIST......The I am right you are wrong!

  22. I think Apuron's handling of Dededo is because the "offender" didn't go to the WAY? Instead he went to Fr. Paul for help and guidance. Think about it. If the guy went to the WAY, probably none of this would have happened in Dededo. I think the WAY should start calling themselves, MY WAY.

    Regarding his talks to the Catholic high school students. I have always felt that Apuron isn't a supporter of Catholic education on the island. When Mount Carmel School was struggling financially years ago, he didn't lift a finger to support the school. He was standing back and allowing the school to sink. So, he doesn't see the schools as an important part of the Catholic Church's future here on the island. And now, that he is really embedded in the NEO, it's even more so, since the Catholic schools don't teach NEO catechesis. It's going to be interesting to see what he says to students of St. Thomas Aquinas, since Msgr. James was involved in establishing the school years ago. Will he bash one of its past supporters?

    On another subject...I have brought up this question to others when discussing what's been happening with the church. " Why is it disrespectful to criticize the archbishop? " We can criticize our civic leaders, like the president, governor, senators, etc... But when it comes to the archbishop, it's disrespectful? Is there a difference? Please don't tell me it's because one is secular and the other religious. Isn't the church a form of governing? I can just read the replies already.

    BTW, why is it that when there is anything regarding the NEO in the PDN, Apuron's picture is used along with it? Go figure. I guess he's one of the NEO's icons, now.

    1. Please do to forget that Harood will be also included in the pictures from now on since Wadeson. Is not here anymore!