Tuesday, August 5, 2014


On "her" other blog, the one she talks to herself with, "Diana" has posted a tired old swipe at Fr. Matthew Blockley, an APB to the bishops "brotherhood" to flush out Blockley. "She" posted it of course because Archbishop Apuron is desperate to discredit Blockley because Blockley has "the goods". 

Fr. Blockley was AWOL for a very good reason. In fact, if it had happened to you, you'd go AWOL too. And THAT my friends is the "rest of the story" which will now soon follow...and in which you will soon learn why Saipan has no bishop several years after Bishop Camacho's retirement. (There's a reason Rome did not ask him to stay on.)

In fact, this is the story that I think Dan Brown may eventually pick up. (Okay. I took out the part about the suggested title. It was just a bit of a warning to the other side not to mess with stuff they know nothing about. Blockley was supposed to be dead, remember?)

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