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Fr.Matthew Blockley has left a new comment on your post "NEW FACTS FOR "NO DOUBT ABOUT IT"": 

Dear Mr. Rohr.

Further to reading the post today on Filipino priests and in particular Father Efren Adversario, please allow me to comment.

My personal staff and I were present at the time when Fr. Efren Adversaio was admitted to the Makati Medical center. Unknown to many, Fr. Efren was not well for some time and I had opened up the guest rooms in my private residence for him. I had also asked the household staff to take care of him, as I would do for any priest who was not well. 

As some informed people know I had also offered to take in a Guam deacon who was sick here in Manila and avail of the same help. As a priest who had experienced difficult situations in the past I did not wish to see any ordained priest without medical aid. I remember the event regarding Fr. Efren very well. 

The staff entered his room to bring dinner and found him laying on the floor in serious condition. Immediately, the staff and I rushed him to Makati Medical Center. It is true that at that point in time he had no medical coverage here in Philippines. He had been in contact with Dominic Kim who seemed to have no interest in assisting him to place him on the insurance of the Archdiocese of Agana, Guam. 

As you can imagine the medical bills were substantial, at least in our money of the Philippine peso. To the archdiocese it would only have been a small cost had he have been on the insurance of the archdiocese. In all,honesty, I paid for those hospital bills. I did so because I believe when you help a priest who is down you ultimately serve Our Lord Jesus Christ in that priest. 

I never expect anything in life, just the Blessings of the Lord are enough for me. On January 7th this year on Father Efren's 25th anniversary, in thanksgiving for helping him, he donated a small altar to my prayer room. 

After Fr. Efren was taken out of hospital for aortic complications, it was Monsignor James Benavente in October 2013 who immediately called Mr. Jerry Calvo to have Fr. Efren placed on the insurance of the Archdiocese of Agana. Msgr. James achieved something in two days which Archbishop Apuron and Dominic Kim were unable to achieve in nine months. 

To further give the facts Tim, I would never accept money from any priest and so Fr. Efren was able to stay here at some ease. But in my quiet times, I would often ask myself what kind of an archbishop leaves a priest with no money, no health insurance, and now very sick? Is this what a bishop does to the priests he has ordained? 

On a further note and in reference to what is true, I also know that Fr. Mike Crisostomo had also given financial help to Fr. Efren. Efren never asked. Fr. Mike just did that because he saw the need. 

No one wants thanks or praise, but God who sees these small acts, rewards in his time. But it seems sometimes, for the common good of all, we do have to let facts be known. So your post is correct.

Providing that a person in need has honesty, trust, and integrity, my staff and I would willingly assist any priest who found himself in the situation Fr. Efren did. 

Sincerely, Matthew


  1. Thank you so much, Fr. Matthew, for sharing this. None of the generous people you mention would have wanted you to publicize their acts of kindness, but it was very important that you did. For the sake of truth, and to put Archbishop Apuron's filthy, filthy calumnies in their proper light.

    1. Thank you, Fr. Matthew for taking care of Fr. Efren who is now the Chaplain of Father Duenas Memorial School. We, the parents of FDMS students are happy to have him together with Fr. Jeff San Nicolas (School Principal) to guide our children in their spiritual journey. God bless you, Fr. Matthew.

  2. My head spins every time I hear more treachery committed by the archbishop of Agana!!! Shame on him--such despicable behavior...
    Eileen Benavente-Blas

  3. And we think what is happening in Syria is atrocity incarnate? We need not look farther than the hill and the three billy goats doing their bah, bah, bah song and dance. Spin? More magic, illusion, distrust, and just outright lack of care for his TRUE BROTHERS in Christ.


    I am really just taken aback as to how AAA can sleep at all. I am having a lot of trouble sleeping when our One and Only True Church is in such a state of chaos. I am doing something about it to make sure it does not happen in our Parish and so is our Pastor. Such tragedy to hear of what Fr. Efran went through. I am sure we all had our trials but to not even lift a finger for one of your Priest that you ordained?, you are beyond description AAA.

  4. Fr. Efren AdversarioSeptember 4, 2014 at 8:55 PM

    It looks like my name made it to your blog again. As usual, allow me to use my name to make a point. I confirm what you and Father Blockley mentioned recently. There are indeed people behind the scenes who helped me with acts of kindness in time of need without the flourish of bells and whistles. Although seemingly miniscule, they are huge to me, and my gratitude to these people will remain a part of me for a long time. I had no desire to broadcast the personal struggles I endured because I see myself as a survivor. As any Veteran would testify, experiences of war leave you scarred for life, both physically and mentally, yet spiritually provide clarity on the important things and weed out the extraneous ones. I pray I never forget.

    Some people prefer to see themselves as victims and take their feelings of persecution public and towards unknowing captive audiences. Some people who have had things handed over to them whether deservedly or undeservedly can start to feel entitled to what they think are owed them. They start to demand that "you owe me this or that" without considering more urgent needs of others. I see this happening in the current conflict whether the Archbishop has the wisdom to discern this or not due to his tunnel vision and his desire to ingratiate himself to his own drummer. The mandate is that we have to be good stewards of what is entrusted to us. The ordinary parishioner who gives to the Sunday collection must be going through the financial crunch of family obligations: sending children to school, health insurance, mortgages, so on and so forth. I surmise that most are trying to make ends meet but they give to the Church because they want to further the work of God on earth. They believe they are doing this for God. Meanwhile many of us who are in religious life never had it so good, even as seminarians.

    How dare we squander that trust with wanton disregard for the donors' intent? Who pays for the VIP transport all over the globe? How dare we muddle the disconnect with suspect rationalizations? Who are we kidding with the ability to "sleep well at night"? How dare we cling to power and insist on our authority by ignoring the growing discontent and calls for transparency? Whose lives do we crush by piling lies after lies?

    The Church is the people, it is to them we are accountable, and not to questionable personal needs that have ballooned into ginormous caprices and quixotic projects. The Church is the people, and it is to you, the people we are sent to serve, that I humbly apologize, for we are not being good stewards by any stretch of imagination. Kool Aid or not.

    Fr Efren Adversario

    In Arduis Fideli

    1. Well said Father Efren. More priests need to come out and share their sentiments on this issue. Thank you for sharing yours. You have my deepest respect.

    2. Father Efren, you have nothing to apologize for, except for the fact that your amazing gift of prose makes me break the 10th Commandment. I pray that you are now doing better, and that your resolve in continuing your fight for the Church and her people,will not falter in the battle ahead.

      Thank you for being a light in the darkness. I continue to admire your humble, yet lively, spirit.

    3. Thank you, Father Efren. God bless you. Your two sharings in this blog, I keep nor only for its eloquence but more importantly, for its truthfulness.

    4. Maria Anita P. -YigoSeptember 5, 2014 at 1:29 PM

      Very well said, Fr. Efren. Your humility is a true testimony of God's servant. Please continue to guide our young generations in their spiritual lives. I really pray that our religious leaders will be good stewards and role models especially to our young seminarians. As a mother of one (my oldest son just joined), the current situation in our Archdiocese breaks my heart. That's why I just pray for their (the seminarians) strenght of faith so they can continue their spiritual journey and become a true and humble servant of God. We need prayer warriors for them.

      Mabuhay po kayo, Fr. Efren!


      This is a direct block quote from Diana's blog responding to this post by Fr. Efren.

      Dear Father Efren, Apparently, you forgot that God provides, and He uses people as His instrument to carry out His plans.  There is a reason why Christ tells us not to boast of the help we give to those in need.  Of course, now that you know who helped you, then naturally you start praising the names of men such as Blockley or Monsignor James.  However, all praise and thanks should be given to God who worked through these men.  Despite that you were not covered by health insurance, God provides for with God all things are possible.  Yet, you look to the Archbishop to provide for you?  Did it not occur to you that perhaps God allowed these events to take place in your life so you could learn to lean on Him and praise Him rather than men?   

      Unfortunately, I see now in the jungle that they are encouraging Blockley to ask for reimbursement for your medical expenses.  I guess they forgot that when one freely and without complaint give aid to those in need, they would be rewarded in Heaven.  In assisting the poor and needy, we are to build treasures in Heaven, not treasures on earth with reimbursements.  

      Matthew 6:2-4  “So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.  But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.
      The Archbishop did not take his persecution public.  How can he?  He remained silent while you speak about him behind his back through a blog.  You claimed your life was easy when you were a seminarian?  We have mission families and itinerants who gave up everything, surviving on only their faith alone. They understood that God never promised an easy life on earth. Nevertheless, they rejoice in their struggle because it brought them closer to Christ.    
      With all due respect, father, is money really all that important to you? You worry about the money the parishioners give?  As a priest, should you not be more worried about their souls?  After all, all the money you have in the parish is not going to bring you or any of the parishioners into Heaven. 

      It was God who gave that authority to the Archbishop.  If you have a problem with that authority, take it up with God.  As for the financial report, that will come in time. 
      On the contrary, it was God who chose you and who called you; therefore, you are there to serve God by leading the flock to His Son, Jesus Christ.  It was God who called you to be a priest....not the people.  Your last comment "Kool Aid or not" is very unchristian.   
      If you want to serve the people, then by all means, please step down from the priesthood and become a politician.  You can run for Governor, Senator, or Congressman.  However, I will not be voting for you.  If you cannot keep your oath to be obedient to the Archbishop, then you certainly cannot keep any political promise you make to your constituents who would elect you. 

    6. I let the above idiocy be posted as an example of the idiocy that is the kiko's. But let's stop referring to this as Diana. This is Edivaldo (I can't call him Father) and Holly Leon Guerrero, and probably a few others mixed in. From now on reference anything from that blog as coming from Edivaldo and Holly.

    7. This made me mad.

      So this is what I learned from this excerpt (I'll go by paragraph):

      Paragraph 1: I learned that the priests are supposed to be thankful to God for his works (that's a given), but look like an ingrates to the instruments through which God has worked.
      Paragraph 2: It's frowned upon for a priest to even consider requesting reimbursement. Never mind that he was footing a bill that should have been footed by the very archdiocese in which he was serving.
      Paragraph 3: One's words are always justified when you throw in a couple of New Testament verses (This is coming from people who disregard the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church that houses them).
      Paragraph 4: This one made me laugh because these guys just turned a blind eye to the fact that the archbishop told the boys at FD, and the co-eds at ND (I'm not too sure about AOLG), in so many words that he was being persecuted. To add insult to injury, they're telling a man who PROBABLY WOULD HAVE DIED of sob stories of their itinerants (who are probably getting the hospitality and compassion from the archbishop that Our priests fully and sincerely deserve)

      Paragraph 5: I've never met this man, but based on what I've read and heard of him, this wise and virtuous priest was just reduced to a greedy, selfish man in the eyes of "her" readers.

      "Paragraph 6": I didn't learn anything from this one that I shouldn't, but let me just say that the archbishop, though in title, had forfeited the entitlement of the people's respect, and he had tarnished the position when he CHOSE A SIDE

      I'm saving paragraph 7's response for last.

      Paragraph 8: (This is more a comment than a "lesson learned") You are telling a man of God to step down from the priesthood for not selling out on his beliefs, and speaking what he feels in his heart to be right.

      Paragraph 7: God called him to serve His people, yes, and I believe that he is doing a great job in doing so, but I should consider the source because that entire passage was VERY "unchristian."

      I wasn't about to comment on this, but it broke my heart that anyone would belittle a person's situation along with the people who help him.

      I hope God can forgive me if I was completely out of line.

    8. The real issue is not whether or not Fr. Efren has a right to reimbursement - he is not asking for it. The real issue is that Archbishop Apuron violated his episcopal duty to see to the material welfare of his priests. But never mind the matter of temporal justice or material welfare, in the Church, no one is held to a higher standard of eternal judgement than a bishop.

  5. Tim, I wish you or someone would tell us when priests need practical help. I'm sure many of us would have donated to Fr. Efren or (now Fr.) Richard Kidd when he was in the seminary. You tell us when Fr. Paul needs help. Please tell us if Msgr. Benavente needs donations for a lawyer.

    1. I am deeply saddened by what I have read this morning. I normally am very quick to throw jabs, but what is needed is not scorn but compassion at this moment.
      My dear friend Agnes brought up some important sentiments. If we had known, we would be so very happy to help.
      While it is true that a bishop normally has this responsibility to insure his priests are well provided for with spiritual as well as temporal necessities, we obviously have a situation where our priests on Guam are not being loved and cared for to the standard expected of all bishops. Therefore, what can be done?
      We cannot expect our priests to let us know when there is a need. They are far too humble to express their hurts and injustices to others. I am quite literally left speechless at the thought of our Archbishop abandoning our priests in the way that he has. All I can suggest at this point is that we storm the heavens with our prayers, that God will help our Archbishop to change, or to bring change to our Church for a bishop who will fulfill his responsibilities to his priests. I am literally dumbfounded at this revelation.
      I better stop because I am not making sense of this senseless situation.
      God, help our priests.

  6. God bless you all for speaking the truth and taking a stand for justice and equality. We should all do the same and take back our Church that is being mislead by a few leaders. These same "Leaders" really do not appear to put our people as well as their own priest who serve them first. This is the first rule of a true leader. Lead from the front and not the back. Set the examples for others to follow. Yet again, our infamous Archbishop chooses to take the LESSOR ROAD!

  7. Our Archbishop had really gone too far. Next he will state, "I don't remember that far back" ???? He has really lost it and those NCW puppet masters are pulling the strings. Lord Have Mercy.

  8. I am still waiting for him to hold a real press conference and discuss these matters, since he has already gone to our kids at the Catholic Schools.

    1. Don't hold your breath, Archbishop Apuron would never allow himself to be subject to the scrutiny of the media. He uses the media for his own purposes but would never permit himself to be directly questioned without setting the parameters of what would and would not be allowed to be covered. When has he ever initiated an open press conference? NEVER. He would never allow himself to be placed in a vulnerable position. Instead, he always has someone speak for him.

    2. Agree with Mary Lou. Years ago he had the late Deacon Jeff speaking for him and taking all the fire even knowing how sick Deacon Jeff was. Sad!!!!

    3. New spokesperson DEACON HAROLD!!!! Get used to messages shouted at you in a Spanish accent! Doesn't need a mike! Plucked Chicken Alberto was Chancellor as soon as he was ordained. Then Adrian will have nothing to do except be Auxiliary! Clap, clap, clap! And Father Mike J for Rector, I mean he has experience. What is a Chancellor anyhow? A chief record keeper! A notary who certifies documents! He has NO jurisdictional authority! May be a priest, deacon or layperson. Msgr David can hide and rest. He deserves it. Archie can get back on the plane in Business First and start ordering up those bloody mary's and racking up those miles. Life is a beach. Clap, clap, c l a p. : ((

  9. Sorry to say that it isn't part of our culture to leave our children high and dry. As parents no matter how old they are if help is needed, be it for medical, food, clothing or shelter we fork it out.

    For the Archbishop to hang his priests out to dry by giving "shit" is low blow!

  10. Mabuhay ka, Fr. Efren! God bless you!

  11. this story is so sad and troubling. it also makes me angry--or angrier.

    this is no way to treat anyone, let alone a good priest who's served the Church, his island, his country. it's un-guamanian, un-chamorro, un-filipino, un-Christian. the archbishop shows that he really has forgotten who he once was and where he came from.

    worse than that, this is no mere sin of omission. it speaks of deliberate non-action. what evil strategy do i see here? elimination of diocesan, non-ncw clergy by attrition. let them die out, is the strategy that i see. and who is it that ultimately wants this kind of outcome? hint: he's not human. the humans here are just tools in his plan of attack.

    but i'm thankful and grateful that this story had a good outcome, despite all the wrongs, and that fr efren is in better health thanks to the support and generosity of people. that is the Christian story, the joy and mystery of salvific suffering. for that, we need to pray in thanksgiving.

  12. Perhaps Rome could consider rewarding the archbishop's performance by promoting him to archbishop of another archdiocese in greater need of evangelization - Syria maybe? Perhaps he can learn the value of mercy there. And take your entourage with you on mission since you can't stand being without them.

    1. Yes! I hope Rome will consider it!

    2. Perhaps if they sent him to his titular diocese to evangelize there.

    3. A priest who used to minister on Guam said bishops are rarely demoted. He said that most of the time they are given a nice position and title in Rome in the Vatican.

    4. When he preached about himself during the Mass where the Rector Magnificent was con-celebrating with ARCHIE and Diana (she's a concelebrant) he said he can go to the CAPS to retire anytime he wants. Even to NY! That's the other side of the world. Sounds good. Near Neo Caps Chaput and O'Malley...break out the pizza and wine in NY. Bye.


  13. As tears stream down my face, and my stomach has a sick feeling, I can hear the echo of my mother words "We have to take care of the priests".

    As a child growing up where we experienced cold winters, my parents would go to the priest's house on Sundays to light the fire, The priest then would come home to a warm house, after being out in the cold and saying four masses in our parish and at the near by villages. The few times I would protest about going with them to do that, when I wanted to do something else, I was told not to be selfish, the priest is here to do God's work, we are here to help him.

    I never want to believe evil about anyone. So It is with great sadness in my heart. that I find even myself, having to admit, these actions are horrible evil acts upon another human being.

    In my wildest dreams I cannot conceive how a man of the cloth could be such a sadist to ignore someone in need, let alone one of your own. What kind of a person would ignore their staff experiencing ill health and financial challenges? What kind of inhumane person could allow another to suffer? Only An Absolute Despicable One. Not a kind loving one who has a personal relationship with God. That is for sure.

  14. Apuron is enough "to make the dead get up of their graves and walk", as the Irish would say.
    Plain and simple I think his persecution towards all the priests needs to documented and sent to Rome, accompanied by Tim's laundry list and a list of parishioners names with signatures in protest of apuron' s actions and abuse.

    All the accounts of such uncivilized treatment towards priests and others has to be reported and stopped. Rome can not condone such behavior.

    I am not an attorney, but wondering if a class action suit can be filed because of multiple grievances.

    Something needs to be done. Something has to be done.

  15. The fact of the matter is that the Archbishop and his neo entourage consider us Catholics ( I do not consider the neo to be catholic, and I believe it will soon be revealed) and anyone who opposes the neo to be "heathen" and not deserving of their kindness, much less God's mercy. They think that they have "cornered the market" of the Holy Spirit.
    And doesn't it sound familiar though? Very JW or Iglesias ni Christo in thier thinking.

  16. How dare you! !! Curb your tonguev and Do not speak so ill of Archbishop Apuron!

    The Archbishop is the kindest and most loving of his priests and seminarians. He cares for them as a loving father should! !! He provides them EVERYTHING!

    If and only if, they ARE NEOCANCERS, of course!!!

    Shame on you Apuron and Dominic Kim!!!

    1. The AAA is not father...what father feeds some children and not the other. In the words of Monsignor David....a father must do things that are painful to his family.

  17. In time, Apuron will be kelaguen and Kim will be kimchee.

  18. Adrian will be lechon.

  19. Dominic Kim should be held responsible for neglect of his duties.

  20. This is an invitation to come celebrate Father Adrian's anniversary as either a priest or his baptism into the Neocatechumenal way....all are invited to this event...don't forget to give your envelops. He is following Apuron's tratdition!!!!!!!!! Barrigada community is going all out.

  21. After much prayer this afternoon about how the Archbishop completely abandoned Fr Efren, a few questions came to mind. Oh how I wish I had the answers, but my heart tells me the answers are already known. Here are some questions:
    Deacon Dominic Kim said the reason why Fr Efren could not be covered was because he was off-island.
    If that is true, how about Fr Miguel studying in Rome, is he without medical coverage?
    How about Fr Egivaldo when he was studying in Rome, was he also without coverage?
    How about Fr John Wadeson when he was ministering in San Francisco, was he without coverage?
    How about Fr Adrian when he was in Denver, was he without coverage?
    How about Fr Fabio and Fr Aurelius now assigned to China, are they without coverage?
    How about Fr Santiago now assigned to Japan, is he without coverage?
    How about Fr Edwin now assigned to Kenya, is he without coverage?
    How about Fr Jason now assigned to Saipan, is he without coverage?

    Oops, these are all neo priests, of course they are well taken care of.

    Another question: if the reason is that Fr Efren was off-island and couldn't be covered, how was Monsignor James able to get him covered after just a single call?

    Last question. Since Tony Baloney is "father" to all his priests, with or without coverage, isn't he responsible for their medical expenses? Therefore, since medical insurance was the Arch-villian's choice to have or have not, isn't he legally responsible for the medical expenses of any priest? It only seems logical to me that he is responsible. Maybe our crack canon lawyer, David the JCD can answer this very important question. Oops, first he is not so bright, second he can only defend the boss, so we will never get a straight answer.

    I think Fr Efren should get a lawyer to push for immediate reimbursement of any and all expenses not covered by insurance. Just one more case for Rome to see how messed up things are on Guam. I'm sure at some point they will have to notice.

    Is Deacon Dominic also kiko? Must be.

  22. Dear Janet.
    Thank you for the comment. The questions you asked are valid . The important point out of all this is very simple. At no point in time must any incardinated priest of any diocese be left without health insurance. This case is concerned above all with a canonical responsibility of a bishop to his priests.
    As I recall Mr. Gerry Calvo is a part of the select health care here in St.Lukes Hospital. Once Momsignor James contacted Mr. Calvo, and the medical rep here in Manila it was all arrange . Dominic Kim had just said it was not possible to have health coverage off island. I knew this was not correct information and really Dominic Kim had no interest at all in arranging medical care for a priest of the archdiocese. So the questions you ask are valid for today. I would hope that at this point in time there is no priest incardinated into Guam, who is without insurance on island of off island. It is the responsibility of Archbishop Apuron to see all of his incardinated priests, and any guest priest working on Guam to be covered by health insurance. If anyone is not then simply correct the situation. Thank you Janet for your kind words but above all for the concern you have the Priests of Guam.
    Fr Matthew.

  23. Let's be fair all around. According to Di, Father Efren should be grateful that the Lord provided for him, even with out the help from the Archdiocese.

    Let the Archdiocese cut all health insurance to all. I am sure that the locals will take care of our priests needs and help them pay for medical insurance. Let the seminarians fend for themselves because the Lord will also provide for their medical needs. I am sure that the 1,200 neocats can provide ALL their medical insurance. Maybe Eusebio can do Pro Bono!

    FAIR IS FAIR.....

  24. Diana is full of herself, himself, whatever it is! What we're grateful for is that the evil archbishop is one of their own.... so people can really see the great fruits of the NCW !!

  25. I just read Diana's comments on this. She really is a piece of work!!

    "My question has still not been answered. Since Father Efren praised Monsignor James for providing this health insurance from the Archdiocese of Agana, I would like to know how he managed to do that without the Archbishop's signature and approval.
    God gives and God takes away. There is a reason why God took away from Father Efren. Obviously, Father Efren was unable to see the hand of God in it."

    Diana, the answer is that God made Msgr James approve it without the archbishop's consent. Obviously, YOU are unable to see the hand of God in it.

    Two can play that game.

  26. NASA reports a small asteroid will safely pass “very close” to Earth on Sept. 7. AAA better pull the pointy green hat that grows and grows with every big fat fib down over his eyes. Might get knocked off his bald head when the asteroid zoooms by! Lies, lies and yet more lies. And the mouthpiece too.

  27. That was pretty funny about the "pro-bono", Anonymous, but sadly I can't allow myself to publish it. Thanks for sharing the laugh though.

  28. Father Michael Blockley, who do you follow? Seems Diana, whom I think is Heather, thinks you follow no one but yourself.

    AnonymousFebruary 13, 2015 at 11:10 PM

    Commenter Journalist Fr.Matthew Blockley written on conscience obedience .Father Blockley believes bishops are appointed by God through the pope .As bishop's are appointed by God the Holy Spirit works through the bishop. Fr. Blockley writes that when a bishop has lost moral capacity to lead the priest must respond to his own conscience and be directly obedient to the voice of God in the conscience following natural law.
    Father Blockley repeated at several dinner meetings that Monsignor James and Fr. Paul are good examples of priestly obedience because they remained obedient to conscience which is above obedience to any bishop.
    Father Blockley is very well known for his thinking on important concerns of the church today.


    DianaFebruary 14, 2015 at 8:12 AM

    Dear Anonymous at 11:10 pm,

    Father Blockley does not know what is morally right from wrong. He became a priest only because he wanted to become one, not because God called him to be one. He follows only himself.

  29. Fr. Matthew Blockley.February 14, 2015 at 6:24 PM

    I follow the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ as manifested in sacred Scripture and through the living Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church in conformity with our Holy Father Pope Francis the successor of Peter.

    I follow the traditions of Catholic spirituality that I grew up with as a child traditions that sustain me to this day.

    I follow my family and close friends all who share in the common vision of manifesting what is true good and beautiful in our world.

    I strive to live by the values of the Gospel and do believe I can distinguish between what is morally right from wrong.

    God called me to be a priest and that is what I am . Man does not chose to become a priest . After spending years in an established approved seminary a bishop calls a man to priesthood.

    You have a lot to learn girl and perhaps you should shut your mouth and get a life.


  30. Heatther on her page claims Fr. Matthew Blockley called himself to Holy Orders.

    Calling self to Holy Orders makes no sense in our catholic understanding.

    But heather raised the question of calling self to orders.

    Is it possible that the NCW concerned with money and numbers practices allows men to call self to priesthood. This may be the reason rms is churning out second rated men as priests wh are not priests at all. Notice the poor standard of men being ordained in our church.

    Rms men call themself to priesthood- Tony Apuron ordains -