Thursday, September 4, 2014


Fr.Matthew Blockley has left a new comment on your post "NEW FACTS FOR "NO DOUBT ABOUT IT"": 

Dear Mr. Rohr.

Further to reading the post today on Filipino priests and in particular Father Efren Adversario, please allow me to comment.

My personal staff and I were present at the time when Fr. Efren Adversaio was admitted to the Makati Medical center. Unknown to many, Fr. Efren was not well for some time and I had opened up the guest rooms in my private residence for him. I had also asked the household staff to take care of him, as I would do for any priest who was not well. 

As some informed people know I had also offered to take in a Guam deacon who was sick here in Manila and avail of the same help. As a priest who had experienced difficult situations in the past I did not wish to see any ordained priest without medical aid. I remember the event regarding Fr. Efren very well. 

The staff entered his room to bring dinner and found him laying on the floor in serious condition. Immediately, the staff and I rushed him to Makati Medical Center. It is true that at that point in time he had no medical coverage here in Philippines. He had been in contact with Dominic Kim who seemed to have no interest in assisting him to place him on the insurance of the Archdiocese of Agana, Guam. 

As you can imagine the medical bills were substantial, at least in our money of the Philippine peso. To the archdiocese it would only have been a small cost had he have been on the insurance of the archdiocese. In all,honesty, I paid for those hospital bills. I did so because I believe when you help a priest who is down you ultimately serve Our Lord Jesus Christ in that priest. 

I never expect anything in life, just the Blessings of the Lord are enough for me. On January 7th this year on Father Efren's 25th anniversary, in thanksgiving for helping him, he donated a small altar to my prayer room. 

After Fr. Efren was taken out of hospital for aortic complications, it was Monsignor James Benavente in October 2013 who immediately called Mr. Jerry Calvo to have Fr. Efren placed on the insurance of the Archdiocese of Agana. Msgr. James achieved something in two days which Archbishop Apuron and Dominic Kim were unable to achieve in nine months. 

To further give the facts Tim, I would never accept money from any priest and so Fr. Efren was able to stay here at some ease. But in my quiet times, I would often ask myself what kind of an archbishop leaves a priest with no money, no health insurance, and now very sick? Is this what a bishop does to the priests he has ordained? 

On a further note and in reference to what is true, I also know that Fr. Mike Crisostomo had also given financial help to Fr. Efren. Efren never asked. Fr. Mike just did that because he saw the need. 

No one wants thanks or praise, but God who sees these small acts, rewards in his time. But it seems sometimes, for the common good of all, we do have to let facts be known. So your post is correct.

Providing that a person in need has honesty, trust, and integrity, my staff and I would willingly assist any priest who found himself in the situation Fr. Efren did. 

Sincerely, Matthew

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