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Tuesday, 09 December 2014

Group Forms to Challenge Archbishop, Says Church Could Crumble Under his Leadership,-says-church-could-crumble-under-his-leadership

Tuesday, 09 December 2014

Police Tell Toves he Could Get Arrested for Harassing Archbishop

Concerned Catholics want transparency, audit of Church money

Catholics form group to investigate church

John Toves tries to get police escort to chancery

Concerned Catholics organize to investigate archdiocese


  1. Well, as promised things are picking up, glad to know that Tim is no longer alone to take the punches from Pius attack dogs.
    One thing is certain so: the Chancery has truly deserved their nickname of the three Stooges.
    What a display of ineptitude, self-contradiction, and desperation.
    This is the advent of their downfall

  2. To the organizational leadership of Concerned Catholics Inc. and the many nameless individuals who are supporting this effort to renew the face of our Archdiocese: Thank you for your courage and effort in leading this important charge. We are a small community and actions to spark even the slightest movement for truth and change can either bring us true healing or further drive a deeper wedge into our already divided church. In any case, this is our time and we must trust that Divine Providence will bring about the truth and healing that we so desperately need.

    To Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron (or anyone close enough to pass the message), what happened to your moral compass and ability to lead your flock in the way of the Good Shepherd? While there exists disagreements in your handling of the Neo-Catechumenal Way Movement on Guam, I'm of the opinion that there's a fight in you that says you can fix this. You cannot turn back the wheels of time, but there is still room to heal, to forgive and to ask for forgiveness, to be a father to your priests (diocesan, religious, and those ordained from the RMS), to be a heroic witness of faith in this very challenging world, to be a steward of peace, to rediscover God's gift of grace to lead and reconcile our hurting church on Guam.

    There are countless who have stepped away from everything to allow the Holy Spirit to work within you. We constantly pray for you when you are chastised and attacked. We continue to assist you financially directly and indirectly. We continue to be stewards of the church in word, deed, and gift. We turn the other cheek when they speak ill of you. But we also rise to the occasion to stand for the truth, to defend you, to protect our church with there sincere and certain hope you would do them same for yourself and for the church. However, as the days pass, it is becoming easier to believe that that there are forces controlling your moral compass and stability. You don't need to tell us. The signs are in your timid voice and in your weakening health. Your charism and love for people has faded. This didn’t just happen today, or the day you threatened those Filipino priests to return to their home diocese, or the day you removed Fr. Paul and kicked him to the curb, or the day you dished Fr. Kidd to Tamuning to be filtered out (while you gave other RMS priests immediate parish assignments), or the day you misled seminarian Junee, or the day you lied to Aaron, or the day Fr. James was hastily removed to get your agenda in order as per the higher-ups.

    The people in your community aren’t the only ones who know you. Your people know you. We know you as well. And you aren’t the same.

    Remember the old Korean man, the one with white gloves and suspenders after Christmas whose smile could be seen from the North Pole as he anxiously waited for you to pass by him at Midnight Mass years ago? Remember how as waved down your attention and as you approached him he bowed to you and he wanted to kiss not only your ring, but both your hands in homage and respect? And you quickly moved your hand and padded him on the shoulder and ran off quickly because your seminarians were waiting to go to celebration.

    What you failed to notice was that he had a few rubber duck flashlights that he wanted to give you as Christmas gifts. He bowed three more times as you rushed away. He shed a tear and gave the gifts to those around him. Two flashlights didn’t work. One did.


  3. continued...

    Maybe you didn’t know this. But there are a few people very close to you at the Chancery who have shed more tears that you can imagine, particularly for you and the trials you go through every day. One is in The Way. The other two aren’t. But they are equally in pain as they see the people you call into your office and the people who beg to be called into your office. You see, Archbishop, not everyone is out to hurt you. Fr. David, Fr. Adrian, Fr. Pius, and Harold will tell you that. And that’s what you’ll believe. But if you step out beyond that circle you’ll eventually realize you had nothing to lose, except that you lost everything because of it.

    We have come close one too many times to the breaking point of our church, but I’m certain that this time is a little different. If you don’t fix this…If we don’t fix this…we have so much to lose – including you. There are many wish that upon you. But not all of us do.

    This isn’t only the time for Concerned Catholics. This is a time for all of us.

    1. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaDecember 11, 2014 at 11:48 AM

      Anonymous (December 10, 2014 at 10:53 AM), thank you for articulating what so many of us feel — and have felt! — since AAA began his Public Persecution of Fr. Paul Gofigan on 16 July 2013. As my initial anger transformed into pain I have continued to pray for AAA, per Fr. Paul's request, even as I expressed my anger and disdain for his ways in the early days of JungleWatch.

      As I read your comment, it was clear that you have observed much over the years. Your account of AAA's disregard for the old Korean man — I know I've seen him, having read your vivid description! — is indicative of how AAA only has eyes for his NCW brethren. The old man wanted to pay homage to AAA and present him with a gift but AAA had no time for him. AAA has no time for anyone but his NCW brethren and Kikos/Kikobots. Your acknowledgement that people at the Chancery weep for AAA over how he has allowed himself to act under the direction of his four "advisors" — Pius, Adrian, Harold and David — also indicates that AAA has relinquished his authority to them, that he only acts on their word.

      I hope you take the time to add your name to the Concerned Catholics Of Guam by emailing them at to join the effort in healing the division in our Archdiocese. As you said in closing, "This is a time for all of us."

  4. Fr. Matthew Blockley.December 10, 2014 at 7:14 PM

    This is the time to heal a divided pacific church. the entire region will only heal when the pain of the past is healed . it is time for all of us to heal the shocking past of the Archdiocese and the diocese of Chalan Kanoa.